Character type: Dragonrider
Rank: Wingrider
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Bisexual


K'pen looks like what you'd expect a bronzerider to look like from those romantic tales about riders. He's tall, around six foot, with broad shoulders and well built. He's not a muscled hulk but he's definitely not slender by any standards either. He has smooth olive skin, large capable hands and thick dark slightly curling hair. He's grown it out from the close cropped style it was when he was younger but its neat and well kept.

His face is very handsome, kind of rugged but very attractive with expressive dark eyes, a strong jaw and features and a sensitive mouth that is curled up in a small crooked smile most of the time.

In essence he is the epitome of the tall dark and handsome stereotype….which he doesn't object to at all, in fact he plays it to his advantage.


As the son of a former Weyrleader K'pen has placed expectations on himself from the very beginning and he isn’t going to let anyone get in his way. He always told himself he was going to Impress bronze, continue his fathers legacy. When he was younger he wanted to be Weyrleader himself, but the long years in Candidacy have taught him things about himself that he never expected. He likes training people, likes teaching and guiding them through learning. Thus his plans shifted slightly to include training with the WeyrlingMasters or CandidateMasters after he has some turns under his belt. This is what he believes his future is and no one and nothing will change that.

A natural leader, Kaipen gathers supporters with ease, but only lets a select few come close to him personally. He believes strongly in loyalty and he is fiercely protective of those he cares about. They are his and if anyone messes with them then they will have him to answer to. He is easy to trust, but once that trust is broken, winning it back will be an almost impossible endeavor. He is nothing if not stubborn.

Being attractive as he is, he does have the tendency to be a little arrogant. He couches it behind charm, and dry wit, but deep down he thrives on attention and adoration. He loves being the pillar of strength for someone and will sometimes go out of his way to charm someone into paying him some attention.


Birthplace Ista Weyr, 8.427.2.22

Born the son of a bronzerider and a lower caverns worker, Kaipen grew up as any child of a Weyr did: In the Creche with the horde of other Weyrbrats. His childhood was unremarkable, happy, full of games with the other children, learnings of lessons, and collecting minions to help him storm the Hold….which was, in child world, the kitchen.

When he reached the age of 12 he elected to become a Candidate, and thrived under the program. Many people expected him to Impress well…and early but hatching after Hatching happened and Kaipen was left on the Sands. To the boys he presented a calm facade of unflappable determination. He was going to Impress well, and he was sure of it. But inside the anxiety built until it came time for one of his final chances at Impression.

Finally Sefrith found him on the sands, the brooding little bronze making his life complete and all the years of Candidacy worth it in a single moment of his presence.

Together the two made their way through Weyrlinghood, and was part of the disasterous First Fall. The Weyrlings were used for firestone carrying, but now, with the Weyr so decimated and the Outsiders coming in, they have been tapped into the Wings.

Shaken by what they'd seen of Threadfall so far, especially with the death of his father, K'pen and Sefrith wait to see what being a fully fledged dragonrider is going to entail.



Father: V'kairn, rider of bronze Birinth
Mother: Kaleski.

Half Siblings: 5 brothers and 4 sisters




Tairedora, rider of green Astemiath



K'pen's Dragon: Bronze Sefrith


Dragon Name: Sefrith
Colour: Bronze
Age: 1
Weyr of Origin: Ista Weyr.
Weyrling Class: 8.449.8.11
Wing: Stormriders


It would be easy to overlook Sefrith next to his bronze peers, if one didn't really bother to give him more than a glance. He's small, for one thing — he hatches small, and he'll grow up small, with a slender body and fine-boned structure. He's not loud. His mindvoice is deeper than one might expect, dark velvet and especially pleasant to listen to, but it's not the type of voice that people automatically associate with command because it doesn't *bark*. His hide, at first glance, is a simple, even coloring of true bronze, and while he has enough of a metallic gleam to mark his color properly, he'll not be one to glitter in the sun.

A second glance, though, always reveals something new about Sefrith. That plain bronze hide actually has markings — quite lovely ones, in fact — that are paler than the rest of his hide, long script-like lines that start at his chin and wind down over his throat, down his chest and back, wrap around his limbs. When freshly-oiled, they'll catch the light better than the rest of his hide and be more prominent when the light hits them just-so. Small he may be, but the proof of his bronze heritage will be revealed in his carriage — in the keen way his eyes take in everything around him, in the smooth, deliberate way he stalks from one place to another, in the clear purpose with which he moves. He is a fast dragon, and that much will be obvious from the first time he takes to the air, but he never seems to be in a hurry, precisely.


If Sefrith is overlooked, though, it only bothers him a little bit. He's confident in his own abilities, after all. He has a certain duality to him that only his rider may ever truly understand. He is a savage gentleman, a quiet-voiced dragon of logic and reason and good manners… who can and will turn to furious action in an instant when required. He will watch, and learn, and plan, but don't mistake his restraint for cowardice or reluctance to act. He's just exceptionally talented at unleashing himself in the precise moment when it will make the most impact, whether that be physically or verbally. And he *will* hurt you if he has to. Sefrith has some rage inside, lurking beneath the surface. To those who don't know him well, it seems to come out of nowhere when he unleashes it. He loves his Weyr, and loves being a bronze defender of it, and is well aware of what his duties are and what most needs to be done. Anything that gets in the way of that duty, anything that threatens his home — especially those things that threaten to rot it from the inside out, to corrupt it into something unrecognizeable — *will* be dealt with, swiftly and brutally. Some may misunderstand his brutality, label him a tyrant, and that will hurt him more than he'll ever be able to express even if he *was* inclined to show his emotions. He dislikes oppression simply for the sake of oppression, hates that too, in fact, and would never punish someone whom he didn't honestly believe deserved it. In doing his duty, he walks a fine line, and will sometimes worry that he's in danger of becoming one of the very things he hates.

While Sefrith's professional command will never truly be in doubt after the first time he comes down hard on someone, he'll tend to keep his distance on a personal level. His sense of humor is exceptionally dry and not terribly sympathetic — if you don't get it, he doesn't care. If it hurts your feelings, he doesn't care. In fact, his wit may bruise the egos of some of his more sensitive clutchmates, but Sefrith will forever be a dragon to tell it like it is, and it won't make him many friends. He doesn't trust easily and dislikes being touched by anyone other than his rider. He'll never be fully comfortable being treated by healers, or by mind-speaking strangers, but he's professional enough to deal with it when he has to. He's a dragon who will develop best when he has stability — a steady group of wingmates he can get to know, learn to trust, and gradually begin to relax around.

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