Character type: Dragonrider

Rank: Wingrider

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Sexual Preference: Bisexual


K’nai is a hair over 6’ tall with constantly messy light brown hair, and bright hazel eyes. He’s rather wiry built, though dragonriding keeps him muscular rather than scrawny. In general he’s not an exceptionally handsome man, but he has a sort of swaggering confidence that can be very attractive. He can be devilishly charming when he puts his mind to it, which is pretty much all the time. He has a smile that’s hard not to return, and an almost constant hint of mischief in his expression.


Simply put, K’nai thinks he’s king of the world. Not in the arrogant ‘I’m better than you’ sense, but rather it’s that he’s pretty sure the world is here for his amusement, and he’s going to enjoy every last bit of it. And he’s going to pull other people along for the ride if at all possible. It usually is. He’s very charismatic, and good and convincing others to join in his latest crazy idea. It helps that when his ideas work, they are amazingly fun, though when they don’t (or if they do, and they get caught) people get in trouble. But isn’t fun worth a little risk?

K’nai is a firm believer that life is to be lived and enjoyed. Rules are to be obeyed only until they get in the way of having fun, and then cheerfully broken. If he gets in trouble, he does his best to weasel out of it, and if he can’t he’ll take his punishment with an annoying cheerfulness, just to tweak whomever’s trying to punish him. He’s not completely without responsibility however. He knows how important it is to take care of Yuzurith and to fight Thread of course. But past that, why shouldn’t he have fun? If he and Yuzurith are in fighting shape and know what they’re doing, why should he listen to what someone else says he should do with his free time?

This sort of carefree attitude extends to his personal life. Sure he’s not the type to be ‘best friends’ with anyone, but he makes more casual friends with an almost unconscious ease. He picks up enemies almost as easily, since he can’t resist teasing and taunting folk he finds too ‘stuffy’. He is also an unrepentant flirt, and feels no need to restrict his attentions (or his bed) to a particular gender.


Birthplace : Telgar Hold, 8.427.5.27

K’nai was born Kuranai, the eldest son of Telgar Hold’s Steward, who happened to also be the brother of the Lord Holder. The Lord had no sons of his own when Kuranai was born, and there had been some talk of Kuranai being named Heir. But even at a very young age, it was obvious that Kuranai preferred to turn his natural intelligence and cleverness to having fun and getting into trouble than anything even remotely resembling responsibility. Fortunately, the Lord’s wife gave birth to a healthy baby boy when Kuranai was six and then another boy a Turn later, and all talk of Kuranai as Heir was dropped. Still, as a child his parents despaired of what to do with him. He was bright, that much was obvious, but from the moment he started schooling the Harpers were constantly commenting, “He’s very bright but he needs to focus and apply himself”. It didn’t help that he didn’t show any particular talent towards any of the Crafts – he was content to do just enough to get by and little more.

Just as his parents were beginning to really panic about their son ever having direction in his life, he was Searched for Telgar Weyr. Thinking the military-esqu discipline of the Weyr might be good for his son, Kuranai’s father quickly packed the now fourteen-year-old boy off to the Weyr. This… might not have been the best solution. Kuranai was Searched very close to the Hatching, and managed to stay out of bad enough trouble just long enough to Stand and Impress to bronze Yuzurith.

To say that weyrling training and K’nai didn’t get along would be an understatement. Too many rules and restrictions for his tastes, but he made the unfortunate realization early on that since he’d Impressed, they couldn’t just kick him out. It didn’t help that puberty hit him in a mad rush that was over as quickly as it begun, leaving the Weyrlingstaff with a young, charismatic, feckless bronzerider on their hands who now also had the libido of a cat in heat. Yuzurith was some help in keeping K’nai in check, but the bronze’s own glory hound tendencies fed K’nai’s recklessness, and the pair were held back twice before finally graduating into the Fighting Wings.

Even there, he didn’t settle down. He was late for drills almost constantly; though once he was there he worked as hard as anyone. It was just that no one seemed able to pound responsibility beyond that of him to his dragon into his head. He’s been transferred around to all of Telgar’s Wings in the past few Turns, including the Queens’ Wing. When Ista sent out the call that they needed transfers, Telgar was all too happy to shove K’nai onto them. Make him someone else’s problem.



Father - Koran, Steward of Telgar Hold, brother to the Lord Holder
Mother - Yeina
Three younger siblings

K'nai's Dragon: Bronze Yuzurith

Dragon Name: Yuzurith

Colour: Bronze

Age: 10

Weyr of Origin: Telgar
Wing: Windraiders


Yuzurith is a medium sized bronze, pretty much built as you’d expect a bronze to be with a wide barrel chest and wide, powerful wings. He’s a dark, almost brassy bronze color, his hide broken only by some faint, slightly lighter striping on his neck and tail. He’s most certainly built for power and stamina rather than agility, though in flight he still manages to look graceful. On the ground he’s markedly less so, something K’nai teases him about a lot.


Yuzurith is first of all a glory hound. He harbors great ambitions of pulling off some amazing stunt that automatically draws the attention and admiration of everyone. Combined with a natural lack of care for his own mortality, and frighteningly enough, it’d K’nai who’s the responsible one of the pair.

Yuzurith is also firmly convinced that he’s the most handsome bronze on all of Pern, and loves to show off. Even when just sitting around, he likes to make sure the light will reflect on his hide ‘just so’. He’ll flirt with any green or gold who looks his way, though he can be a bit heavy-handed with the flirting some times. He will also chase any dragon he can, and has won a decent number of greenflights, which only feeds his ego. That he’s not caught a gold yet is a bit of a sore spot with him, but he figures it’s just a matter of time until one realizes his perfection. He’s a strong flyer with enough stamina to fly a full ‘Fall and still chase a green or two afterward. No, he’s not the most agile thing in the air, but that’s what greens and blues are for, right? He also has a strong, steady flame, which is good for wiping out large swaths of Thread.

Yuzurith’s biggest weakness is his recklessness and his desire to look ‘cool’ often make him attempt maneuvers that are dangerous not just for him, but for the dragons around him.

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