Character Type: Dragonrider
Rank: Wingrider
Age: 29
Gender: Male

Basic Information

K'heral has, until now, lived at High Reaches Weyr his whole life, with a loving family and the best friend he could hope for. Since thread began to fall however his life has turned upside down. First his entire family, died in the first few Falls of the pass; brother in the first fall, uncle and father in the second, his mother in the third and then his two sisters in the fourth and fifth, one of whom died in the infirmary from terrible burns inflicted by wild flaming. He's lost everyone, apart from Q'rai and Calath, his best friend and former Weyrling classmate.

Since the deaths of his family he's been a lot quieter, more brooding, prone to snap at people and growl them away from him. He's never had much patience for idiots, or people who waste his time, and that has only been exacerbated by his his losses. He's a bit better with a bit of water under the bridge, more relaxed and more willing to snark, and smirk and give people his best 'bitch please' face.

K'heral tends to deal with things by glaring. He's an expert in giving people a heavy, weighty look that makes them shuffle and duck off to ask someone else the annoying question, and it goes upwards from there until you reach ' I'm going to kill you' levels of glare. He rarely actually intends bodily harm however, he's just always found it an effective method of making people leave him alone.

He's always been a big fan of reading, even of poetry. He likes the way the words sound together, like music for his eyes and mind, and so he incorporates that into his nightly routine. He also loves training and doing fighting skills, and often drags Q'rai to do so in the morning.

The main problem with K'heral is that he does not trust people easily. In fact he's always waiting for someone to stab him in the back. He pushes people away first, so they don't hurt him, be they friends or lovers, and in a tiwsted way he almost feels like he's saving them from him. Especially since the deaths of his family he thinks that everyone around him is going to end up dead, so getting attached is just asking for trouble. However once you are under his skin, like Q'rai…you will not find a more loyal or protective friend.

His humour, like Q'rai's, is bent towards epic levels of sass and snark. Sarcasm and dry delivery as well as subtle barbs are his way of communicating. And threats of violence…if you annoy him.

Recent History

Hearing about Ista's terrible losses K'heral couldn't help but empathise with them, and even feel a strange kinship with the riders in the south who had lost friends and family like he had. So when Q'rai was nominated for transfer he felt no real concern about volunteering. No way was he letting him go alone, and Ista didn't sound so bad. After all…they needed him, right?



H'reral, father, deceased
Kalalia, mother, deceased
K'lalan, uncle, deceased
K'leha, brother, deceased
Halra, sister, deceased
Halora, sister, deceased


Q'rai, rider of green Calath, best bro/little bro for life. Platonic life partner of bro'dom

K'heral's dragon: Brown Serekith

Dragon name: Serekith
Colour: Brown
Age: 12
Weyr of Origin: High Reaches


For the first few turns of his life Serekith was spindly legged and awkward, but then…something happened, and now he's much more in proportion. He's always going to be a long dragon, long of body and of limb, and as he tends to bounce a little he always looks like he's moving. His hide is a wonderful amber colour, rather shiny for a brown, which he's rather proud off, although the splashes of dark brown, that don't shine as much, across his hide look like imperfections or something inside in the amber. He's always moving, but has this approachability and playful wickedness about him that endears people to him.


Serekith is a dragon whose mind is a million places at once. He's an incredibly smart dragon, but his ability to focus is a problem. He tries so hard to make sure he focuses on really important things, and as he's gotten older and with K'heral's steady presence he's improved greatly. He's not the greatest threadfighter, in fact he's kind of abysmal at the physicality of it, but he's smart enough to always think his way out of sticky situations. He's the plan guy. the tactic dragon, always finding a solution to a problem and backing up those above him. He's a loyal dragon to his friends, showering them with effusive love and attention and enthusiastic declarations of playful adoration. That along with his terrible tendency to trip, and fall, make him an entertaining dragon to hang around with. Especially when he's giving broody K'heral a hard time.

Calath is his best ladybro. He adores her and would do anything for her, although his rider's familial feelings towards Calath's rider means he's never tempted to chase. Still he always wants the best for her, and would do anything to make her happy.

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