Character type: Dragonrider
Rank: Wingleader
Age: 71
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Eh.


The only reason K’goro is still kicking as well as he is is because he worked his fool ass off for it. He’s a man who made sure his body was always working perfectly, kept in top form, because he *needed* it to be useful. Abstaining from any poor quality food and dedicating a couple hours every day to look after himself is what’s kept him ticking so now as a man of seventy-one he can keep up reasonably well with those much younger.

He’s stocky and burly with muscles that aren’t quite what they used to be, but are still impressive enough for an aging fellow. Though his face has lost that handsome charm and is heavily lined, there’s a sparkle of youth in his brown eyes that sometimes makes you forget he’s as old as he is. There isn’t a ton of hair left on his head so he keeps it cropped close to his skull so as to avoid any embarrassment of how much he’s gone bald. Doing hair is just a waste of time anyway! It wants to go, well then he’ll help it out. There’s a gruffness to him that’s settled in over the turns and he can have one hell of a frightening scowl, something that’s more common than a smile as if his face has just formed that way after all this time. Not that he *can’t* smile. It happens, but its not an overly pretty expression on his weathered face and often its just too much damn work. If anything neutral is his default expression, followed by varying degrees of frown.


K’goro has always been a good leader and so far, still is. Not necessarily likeable at all times and he’s more of a hard-ass than some would like, but he gets the job done and he does it well. He’s a man that put in the work to earn the respect he has of his Weyr now and if he can be a bit arrogant and demanding about it, its usually forgiven because he *is* good. What makes him a desirable man to follow (other than the fact that he’s probably actually saved your ass at least once and he’s very obviously willing to die for a fellow rider) is that despite running his riders hard he can read them well enough to know when they’ve had it or when they need to be given a break. A well-timed and well earned reward can go much further than coddling someone all the time and K’goro has gotten this down to an art. He might give less than other wingleaders, but the way he does it makes it *seem* like far more. He can yell himself hoarse at a man but still make him feel good about himself. And in return his riders will work hard for him and if those Outsiders have anything to say about this old dickhead they’ll have something to say back. He's *their* old dickhead.

There’s an intense pride in this man for his home. He comes from a family of Istans that goes back many generations and with this comes an almost unreasonable loyalty to the Island. Istans *are* the best. They are the strongest and most able flyers and are tough beyond anything else with the shit they have to deal with that comes naturally with their location. This isn’t a disputable opinion, this is fact and K’goro lives up to the stereotype of stubborn, ornery old man when it comes to this. You just do *not* mess with his people. Now with all of these intruders coming into his Weyr K’goro has found himself even more protective of the local family of riders. He has no problem showing blatant and often pointed favouritism to the Istan riders and can be unfairly harsh on any Outsiders. You don’t want to be caught looking the wrong way at any of the natives, *especially* any of his own riders.

Its a shame that Thread came past his prime, because K’goro could have been a far greater asset to Ista as a younger man. Not that he doesn’t take his wing into battle very well, but age has made the difference between a great leader and an excellent leader; he’s just not quite what he’s used to be. He still commands the respect that he had when he was a dashing hot-shot, but its slowly becoming apparent that his turns as a leader, as a fighter are numbered. All the talent in the world won’t make up for failing eyes and tired bones. K’goro refuses to believe this, of course. If something goes wrong its not *his* fault. Its the idiot Outsider in their wing, obviously. He’s not one to try and make excuses even, he just truly can’t see where he’s starting to lack.

Part of him must realize this as lately as he’s been scouting the local youth for likely men to take up his legacy. He’s sure he’ll go out with a bang taking down all the Thread with him and he doesn’t want to leave the Weyr bereft of good riders, so he’s always got his eye out for someone (or someones) to instil many turns worth of knowledge on. Anyone who wants to work with him and has earned themselves the honour has better be prepared to work their asses off. Its no less than he would expect from himself, so he had better not catch them complaining.


Birthdate : 11.02

Khalgoro was always one of those kids that stood out and went where folk generally expected. He was a natural, if somewhat heavy-handed, leader and not one soul was surprised when he walked away with a bronze dragon at his heels at his very first hatching. There was plenty of head-butting with him and the other bronzerider in the class, especially as the other was six turns older that him, and he struggled with some of the lessons because reading and writing was never his strong point, but he did alright and moved into the wings to start his career as soon as he was old enough.

K’goro and Falgruth didn’t move up as quickly as they would have liked, but their flying didn’t go without notice. Perhaps the leadership wanted to make sure any decent talent was well cultivated. The next Pass was coming up and though K’goro would be fairly well on in his years by the time Thread hit, it was important to make sure good skills were passed on. K’goro did a stint as Weyrlingmaster for fifteen some-odd turn;. after all teaching the things you knew was the best way to cement the knowledge, right? Eventually he was stationed as a wingleader and stayed there right up until Thread fell. He got his riders through reasonably well, proving that even as an old man he was still a force to be reckoned with. After just over a turn of flying he was taken out by Thread and it wasn’t certain if he’d return or not. Except that what did some nancy healers know? They weren’t riders and didn’t know the stuff a dragonman was made of! Though he heeded their wishes to rest for a good long while, K’goro is finally ready to take charge of his wing again and to fix whatever fuck-ups the interim leader made.



Grandson: Greenrider R'kharo

K'goro's Dragon: Bronze Falgruth

Colour: Bronze
Age: 59
Weyr of Origin: Ista
Wing: Stormriders


Falgruth is a beastly creature, huge and dominating in his presence. And yet, he’s somehow impressively quiet in how he moves. Even with old and often sore joints he can sneak up behind someone and just suddenly *be* there sitting and waiting to be noticed. (Or until he can’t keep in whatever criticism he has for you any longer.)

He was once the deepest shade, almost as if a bronze statue was held over a fire to darken it and had the sort of polished gleam to him that was blinding in the sunlight. Now though, even with a fresh bath and oil, his hide is dull and faded. There’s an obvious greying around his muzzle and eyeridges, these exaggerated by deep lines from turns of draconic frowning.


Falgruth is a dragon that is very literally in *everyone’s* business. He is the looming shadow that is looking over you and criticizing every inch of you and what you’re doing. There was a time when he was simply a willing and enthusiastic mentor that would be there to guide and shape the young, but the older he got the less useful advice he had to offer and the more nitpicky and often *annoying* he became. Not that he doesn’t occasionally have something quite clever to share, but this tends to be more because statistically speaking at some point his opinion has to be right if he comments on *everything*.

He was always a serious dragon, focused on his work and urging everyone else to also. Now he’s gotten to the point that any form of not working is supreme laziness and he makes a habit of nagging anyone he sees doing less than he think he should. Or anything that seems excessive or too much fun. Or really just anything. “Should you really be doing that? Why are you lazing about like that? Didn’t you *just* rise?! You’ll wear yourself out for Thread you silly green! That beast looks entirely too fatty for you and you’re looking a little round in the middle.” He's even been seen nagging at new hatchlings after thoroughly checking into the rider they'd chosen, *especially* if its a clutch he sired.

There’s always something to say and though it can be irritating there are some dragons that seem willing to humour an old fellow. Perhaps its because even though he’s possibly the oldest bronze left in the Weyr he’s still fighting and flying well. He looks after his wing. Maybe a little *too* closely, but no one could ever complain to flying with him and His, not with the record they’ve built through their career. His closer friends tolerate him, though they’re careful not to let him realize this. It would break the bronze’s heart to realize he really *wasn’t* helping when he was trying to dictate the outcome of his wingmate’s flight. (“No really, he is clearly not suitable! And that one was rolling in the mud yesterday, don’t pick him!”)

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