Character Type: Dragonrider
Rank: Wingrider
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Sexual Preferences:


K'doc is a big burly young man who will reach full growth within the next turn or so. That's not to say he's any kind of shrimp now. He's a big man, with wide shoulders and strong arms, a product of a small sea hold and many generations of fishermen. He's gruff, a bit grumpy, and sparing with his affection, but you can be sure that there is no one that K'doc loves more than his green. He doesn't care a whit about her colour, or what people assume about him because of it. To him she's the best friend he's ever had and he'd do anything to make sure she remains as happy as she can be.

After losing his beloved ship and crew to the sea K'doc took to the bottle in a serious way, only cleaning up his act when the Searchrider came by and reluctantly informed him of his potential. He stayed away from drink throughout his Weyrlinghood, but now he's graduated he allows himself a drink now and then. Every so often he might go too far, and be exceedingly drunk, but with Nimitith's support he's unlikely to fall completely off the wagon again. He's a pretty good drunk as far as they go, rambunctious but uncharacteristicly happy as well.

He does have a problem with his temper however, sober or drunk. If something sets him off he will bellow about it at the top of his lungs, slam doors, stomp about and usually flail his arms in frustration too. Thankfully, like most hot tempers, such spurts of pique are brief, like an Istan storm, furious in the moment but over soon enough. Quite often he feels sheepish about his outbursts afterwards and will gruffly apologise.

's Dragon: Green Nimitith

Dragon Name: Nimitith
Colour: Green
Age: 2
Weyrling Class: HurricaneHeroes


How many different shades of pastel green are there? Well to answer that question you need only look at Nimitith’s hide. She is a smooth mix of all those different shades, all blended together smoothly so it’s hard to see where one ends and another begins, despite them being different colours. She will always be a small green, slender and athletic. She holds herself very erect, but those moments when she is still are few and far between. She’s always moving, investigating and nosing around. She is in complete proportion, a perfect little green, apart from one small quirk; her headknobs have a bit of a curl to them.


Ah the spirit of adventure! Nimitith has it, and has it in spades. From the moment she hatches she will be curious and investigative, nosing around the other eggs and hatchlings. The thing is, this little dragon is a smart one, just not in that bookish sense. No she’s street smart, savvy about people and just what their intentions are. She’s quick to realise just when someone is pulling the wool over her eyes, and has good instincts to know just when something isn’t quite right.

She is a naturally happy dragon, generally leaning towards positivity. You’d be unlikely to ever find her indulging in maudlin thoughts, or bemoaning anything. No Nimitith would take the situation at hand and look for a positive, a way to turn the negatives going on into good things, things to work for her. She greets everyone cheerfully, be they rider, dragon or candidate alike, and she enthusiastically loves to swim.

Nimitith is also a very social dragon, and will be drawn to the strangest personalities. You might expect her to stick to the safer people, chill out with the normal dragons, but you would be wrong. She loves the broken people, the people with scars and quirks and odd behaviours. She loves people who aren’t perfect, who others see as odd, and she showers them with her loyalty and affection. Once Nimitith is your friend, you can be sure, you’ll never be alone again.

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