Character Type: Dragonrider
Rank: Wingrider
Age: 26
Gender: Female

Basic Information

Juila didn’t start out quite so nervous. Oh, she was never the bravest among her fellows, always a bit quieter, always a bit more thoughtful and hesitant to dive into things, but she was a nice, obedient, hard-working girl with a positive attitude (at least about everything but herself), and those qualities held her in good stead. “Juila has a good head on her shoulders,” the creche-mums would say. “She just needs a bit more confidence and she’ll be right as rain!” Impression, they all said, would give her that last little boost she’d need. Everyone got a bit of a confidence boost with Impression!

Except…. Juila Impressed Zuluth young, and things only went downhill from there. Any self-confidence granted her by Impression was quickly overshadowed by the strident demands of her harsh, dominating dragon, and Juila, still too young and having yet to develop a strong sense of self on her own, couldn’t cope. Every moment of weyrlinghood was a struggle as she attempted to rein in her stubborn dragon, who seemed intent on doing things wrong just to prove that she didn’t have to do what people told her to do, and the more she struggled, the more frazzled she became. The more frazzled she became, the more mistakes she made, and the more mistakes she made, the more her self-esteem plummeted, and the more her self-esteem plummeted, the more she sought Zuluth’s approval because as people became more exasperated with her it increasingly seemed that only her dragon would always love her. The vicious cycle resulted in a pair completely dominated by the dragon, who is physically very capable but doesn’t always exercise good judgment, and a rider who meekly goes along for the ride. Their mistakes in ‘Fall are frequent but thankfully, thus far, minor, but it has driven a wedge between Juila and many of her wingmates who, to be fair, have overlooked a lot simply because she’s just so /nice/ — and she’s /Istan/, after all, which makes them more likely to side with her over the intruders. Still, Juila quietly resents the Outsiders because she’s well aware that she’s a sub-par rider among the proud Istan wings, and part of her is terrified that these strangers will somehow ingratiate themselves to her wingmates and take her place.

Lately, she has attracted the eye of a young brownrider named T'koa, and she’s not quite sure how to respond to his determined attentions. Or rather, how she /would/ respond, if only Zuluth would allow her to.

Dragon: Green Zuluth

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