Character type: Candidate
Rank: Candidate
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Heteroflexible


Standing out in a crowd of his peers, Jovirlyn deserves a second or third glance, gazes caught on the good humor and contentment warming his youthful features, and lingering on the firm set of his jaw and the thoughtful cast of his brow that suggest an unanticipated maturity. While describing him as a ‘young man’ might be perfectly true, there is something so solidly steadfast about him, something strong and warm and nurturing, that ages him in a very flattering way, and often finds him looking more at home with those five or ten turns older than his own age group.

Everything about Jovirlyn could accurately be described as ‘golden’. He shines in the Istan sunshine, with clear, tanned skin and darker hair that warms to a soft, aged gold in the sun. His jaw is flawlessly cut, his nose is straight and strong, and his lips full and perfectly shaped for wide, shining smiles. Jovirlyn is the picture of fine Istan health, an example of what the island life has to offer, and more than that, he is an example of what a life of dedication and hard work can provide. His genes blessed him with considerable height, but he has been the one to carve and tone and shape the hard muscle onto his medium frame. He stands straight-backed and true, broad shoulders proud and strong and capable. Whether lounging on the beach after a long day of youthful antics, hefting bags of firestone in the weyrbowl, or gathering a crying brat close in his arms to soothe them, he looks effortless and natural and in his element.


Jovirlyn has always been known as a stand-up young man — someone with a noble heart and an exceptionally good head on his shoulders, especially for someone his age. He was raised to follow and listen to both, to know his duty and to live with honor, which for a young man of proud Istan Weyr, and particularly a young man from his family line, meant forging himself into a man worthy of an Istan dragon, and preparing himself to take to the skies against the ancient enemy, and accepting that one day he would very likely give his life in that battle in order for others to continue theirs in peace. For Jovirlyn in particular that also meant being a friend to his weyr-neighbors, to help them when he had the means, to be worthy of his friends, and family, and lovers, to one day be a father and raise his children to be as proud and true as the rest of their family.

He's always made it seem effortless, like goodness ran through his veins as much as blood. He's always been the kind of man others thought blessed — lucky enough to find real joy and contentment in honoring his duty, putting in a hard day's work, and accepting life's simple pleasures. Hard times are borne with stalwart patience and determination, a certainty that he never questions burning within him that he can work through anything and weather any storm. He has no guarantees that circumstances will always be good, or people good to him, but he knows with a surprising surety for someone so young that come what may, as long as he's still breathing, he can do right by his Weyr and his family.

For Jovirlyn nothing shy of perfection is acceptable when it comes to preparing himself to be a rider. While this often leads him to emerge at the forefront of the candidate classes, his focus is not on being better than any of his peers, but on being better than his own limitations. He's always working harder to move forward, to meet the standards set for him, and then reset them even higher and meet them again. He chases after perfection, and he loves the chase, finds a soothing joy in it, for every time he pushes himself further and discovers how much more he's capable of.

For as hard as he works, he plays just as hard. Jovirlyn understands that this is possibly the last time in his life before Impressing that he has the time and energy to enjoy being young and rowdy and free. Once he has a dragon his life has to be dedicated to his work fully, surely, so he's determined to eke out every bit of fun now while he can. He's the man who throws rolicking beach parties, or puts together a celebration for a friend's success. As a child he was a bit of a terror, and there are some who still marvel that he never cracked his head open during one of his daring stunts.

At his core, Jovirlyn is a caregiver — a provider and protector. It's always been natural for him to look after others, and in that he has always been known to be a very good friend to have, and even moreso since his parents and much of his extended family fell to Thread, his caregiving instincts have awakened a hundredfold. He has stepped into the position of family patriarch, because someone had to continue looking after his younger brothers and sisters, to make sure they continued to grow up learning the same lessons and hearing the same stories that his parents always made sure he had. There is something purely paternal about him, like he was always meant to be a father one way or another.


Birthplace: Ista Weyr, 8.432.7.13

Ista Weyr has always boasted a number of large families whose lines stretch back through passes and intervals - veritable dynasties of riding folk who have taken to the skies and defended their home. Jovirlyn was born to one of the better known families, a tight-knit clan with traditions they devoted themselves to, passing them on for generations. Though he grew up spending much of his childhood in the creche like many other weyrbrats, he enjoyed more than usual attention from his parents, a weyrmated pair who took great pains as the interval wound down to raise their three boys to carry on the family way.

You'll impress one day, Jovirlyn was told like a bedtime story, as oft repeated as any harper teaching song. You'll impress one day, and you'll rise to fly Fall, and Ista will hardly know a better rider than you. You'll save lives, brave J'vir, and nothing will keep you from it until the day you go /between/ for good.

For in this family, there was never any question that was how they'd die. Anything less suggested they hadn't given their all. And so Jovirlyn grew up, never once doubting how his life would turn out. He'd enter candidacy, he'd become a dragonrider of legend, and he would give his life to it one day. It was a good future. A proud future. And somehow it let him enjoy the rest of his life all the more for never having to doubt or wonder. The future was nothing to fear, but something to welcome like a long-awaited gift.

When the first Thread of the new pass fell, he lost so much of his family. In some ways, he took their loss easier than many of the others in the Weyr, as he'd been raised his entire life to expect it. But growing up hearing the tales were one thing, and actually seeing his parents and grandparents and aunts and uncles going up to their deaths was another. He looked to the friends at his side, and the friends who had already found their dragons and moved on, and he thought that it wasn't quite right that they might die so early too. That was his and his family's roles, not /theirs/, and for the first time in his life he began to look toward the future, and at the limited number of clutches between then and when he'd be too old to stand, and he knew fear.

He threw himself further into being there for his younger brothers and sister. They'd lost their parents, but Jovirlyn could still see to it that the youngsters were raised as he had been, to ensure that the family would continue as it always had, so that those other Istans wouldn't fall so quickly. There were so few of them left, and now these riders from the outside began to fill the Weyr. Surprisingly, he hated the transfers far less. They were there to hold the spots in the Wings until he and his family and his friends could fill them. And honestly, better that they fall to Thread than more Istans. It was the young men and women who entered the barracks and began to take good Istan dragons from the natives that he despised more than anything.



Living Relatives

Brother: Candidate Jirvory (younger)
Brother: Candidate Joravys (younger)
(Half) Sister: Candidate Jenasha (younger) adoptable
Grandfather: Brownrider R’mora NPC
Grandmother: Crechemother Nashala NPC
Uncle: Bluerider J’vora NPC/adoptable
Uncle: Greenrider R’neesh adoptable
Uncle: Herdsman Roeshan adoptable
Aunt: Lower Caverns worker Aranashi NPC/adoptable
Cousin: Bluerider J’voss adoptable
Cousin: Candidate Narashel adoptable

Dead Relatives

Father: Brownrider J’viron (dead in recent Fall)
Mother: Greenrider Raenasha (dead in first Fall)
Great Grandfather: Bluerider J’vorn (dead in first Fall)
Grandfather: Bronzerider J’vire (dead in first Fall)
Grandmother: Bluerider Iralyn (dead in first Fall)
Uncle: Greenrider J’vonri (dead in first Fall)
Cousin: Brownrider N’kash (dead in recent Fall)

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