Character type: Dragonrider/Healer/Guard/PROFESSIONAL HERO
Rank: Journeywoman
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference: Bisexual


Jossri is a pretty woman, if often too serious looking. Its not that she doesn’t smile, or appear happy, but there’s always a hint of severity in there somewhere. Perhaps its just because her features are a little sharper, especially after comparing her to her sister, but its also pretty clear in her dark brown eyes that she’s not interested in putting up with any shit.

She’s strong, very much able to look after herself and anyone in her care. Someone in her position has to be, so even though she doesn’t have the regular duties of a rider she keeps herself in shape. Her brown hair hangs down to the middle of her back and despite her every effort to get some of those lovely sun-kissed highlights to show, it stays stubbornly a uniform shade of mahogany.


Jossri is a healer through and through, though she’s not really the nurturing type of woman. Sure, she’ll allow for a bit of sympathy and compassion, but it only goes so far and there’s no room for coddling. Its not doing anyone any favours to let them mope and she strongly believes that the quickest way for someone to get better is to just suck it up and move on. The longer someone spends feeling sorry for themselves the worst off they’ll be and she’ll happily be there to give them a nudge or two in a more appropriate direction. Generally she won’t be cruel about it, but she really doesn’t have the patience for anyone who doesn’t put an instant effort into helping themselves get better. She’s definitely not suited for long-term care, not by any means. Where she thrives is in emergency situations. In the middle of chaos she is level-headed and rational, able to make quick decisions and deal with whatever is thrown at her efficiently.

Nothing really phases her, or has so far. She can be up to her elbows with blood and guts and be able to carry on a casual conversation as if she wasn’t covered in gore. Its really no big deal though, its just another day, just another part of her job. Where she gets uncomfortable is anything past the initial patch-job that patients need right away and trying to deal with the finer, more delicate parts of healing. She *can* sew a wound up, but the stress of the finishing work gets to her more than any first-aid mayhem.

The other problem is the longer you spend with a patient then the more you have to deal with on a more personal level. Its not that she doesn’t like people, in fact she cares greatly about the human race in general, thus why she does what she does. She’s just… not that great with all of them. She can bond with and rehab a strong person who has that spark to live ad succeed, but she’s not very compatible with those that need a bit more of a gentle approach. She also struggles with dealing with any family and friends. She’s just a little too blunt, a little too impatient and as her best coping mechanism for the things she deals with is falling to some dark and often distasteful humour… really its just better to leave these situations in the hands of more sensitive folk.

Jossri is a bit of a workaholic, often feeling guilty if she’s not doing *something*, though alot of this may come from her green who isn’t exactly a relaxed dragon and there’s definitely some influence from her firelizard as well. There are times when she would really like to chill out with her friends and have a drink and she just can’t because Kolth needs her. The green sometimes pushes her to her limits with the amount of anxiety that she sometimes has to deal with. Jossri understands, of course, she gets it, but if Kolth is having a panic attack when Jos is already frazzled or over-tired sometimes it can be a little too much. She wasn’t built to deal with long-term patients, especially the sort of the psychological variety and here she is, saddled with a dragon that needs just that.

But she loves her green with all her heart and despite their struggles will run herself ragged for Kolth. Will, and does quite often. Kolth needs regular stimulation and distraction and Jossri will always be there to provide whatever she needs. If the healer ever lets herself have the time to get close with people then she’d do the same for anyone she grew to care about. There are certain family members and friends she’ll do anything for, but they’re few simply because there are only so many hours in the day.


Birthplace: Ista Weyr, 8.426.2.21

Jossri grew up at Ista Weyr knowing very well what she wanted to do when she grew up. Unlike most Weyrbrats, she wasn’t entirely interested in riding a dragon. There was always that ‘ooh’ factor, because they were *dragons* and they were cool and beautiful and all of those things. But Jossri knew she didn’t want to be a fighter. There was no desire to throw herself into the sky when things were falling around her and trying to kill her. No, she wanted to be the one to put people back together, so as soon as she was twelve she threw herself at the mercy of the Weyrhealer and started her apprenticeship.

It was her parents that coaxed her into standing for at least one hatching, one where a gold egg was laid on the sands. Riding a gold wasn’t the same as a fighting dragon, they told her, you should give it a shot. Though not entirely convinced, Jos went ahead, standing with her half-sister. There was perhaps a little bit of jealousy when the little gold hatched and chose Sirasri, but Joss didn’t have much time to be disappointed because moments after a sturdy little green had pushed her way through the candidates to her. After a moment of panic, Jossri accepted this new life and ventured into weyrlinghood with more than a little trepidation.

Perhaps fate realized that she didn’t want to fight thread and in its cruel way took Kolth out of the ranks. They were into their eleventh month when a bunch of the weyrling dragons were really just having fun. Rough-housing, chasing each other through the skies, skipping in and out of between… the sort of things young dragons did. Only one of the blues in the class misjudged and came out of between right in the middle of his classmates and everything went wrong with Kolth taking the brunt of the giant clusterfuck that was the result.

No one could really make sense of what exactly happened, but from the damage to Kolth’s face it was apparently she’d gotten the bad end of some claws. Her left eye had been torn to shreds with the other taking partial damage, and her left cheekbone was badly broken. There was also some trauma taken to her throat area and vocal chords. It could have been alot worse of course and Jos had a part of her that was very secretly alright with the injuries. After Kolth recovered they went through as much of their weyrling training as possible before Jossri went back to her studies with the healers.

It didn’t take long for Jossri to realize that Kolth wasn’t alright with this new lifestyle. The green needed to be DOING and when thread fell she wouldn’t cope so well. Jossri was determined to finish out her apprenticeship, but she took the time to find some work that she and Kolth could do together. They hired themselves out as transports whenever possible, anything to keep her poor dragon from going crazy. It was a few turns later that they found their calling.

With thread coming up in a couple of turns the riders would be busy doing what they were meant to do, which meant that there would be less of them available when the common folk needed help. Ista Island and its surrounding areas weren’t exactly the safest of places. There was always someone out getting lost or ships being wrecked, people that needed saving and there was a detachment of the guard for this purpose, of course, but it was a whole lot easier with a dragon. This was where they fit in perfectly. A trained healer with a dragon that couldn’t fight thread was more than welcomed by the guards as their own personal transport. As soon as Jossri walked the tables at twenty-one, she moved over to do some training with the Weyrguard, becoming a part of the search and rescue crew.

This was where she acquired a little blue fire-lizard. After a disastrous attempt at training up a wild green she’d come upon, with the thing causing its own silly demise, Jos invested in an egg from an actual breeder. Scout, as she called him, was just that. He would go out ahead on missions, relaying any important information back to the crew. He also served as secondary sight for Kolth, helping her whenever she needed to navigate anything a bit more tricky.

Thread falling was an even darker time for the pair than Kolth’s injury. It took several months for the green to get past not being able to join the wings. This was her *duty* and they weren’t letting her. Jossri didn’t have the luxury at first to take time off to deal with her dragon (and certainly not to mourn the lost); there were people dying left right and center and all the healers were needed. This set back the success they’d had since the accident and Jossri was completely overwhelmed with her various duties pulling at her.

But finally they’ve settled into a bit of a rhythm, found a bit more of a comfortable place in their troubles. And with all of the reinforcements from around Pern gradually fleshing out the wings, life can return to a bit less of a hectic pace. Its not perfect, but its something. They’re at war after all, its not as though they can expect sunshine and rainbows all the time.



Father: Bluerider J’varas (deceased - First Fall)
Mother: Greenrider Aisri,
Sister: Goldrider Sirasri

Father-like/mentor-thing: Guard Captain Gillander



Jossri's Dragon : Green Kolth

Dragon Name: Kolth
Colour: Green
Age: 11
Weyr of Origin: Ista
Weyrling Class: 8.439.3.2


Kolth is a solid and very large green. She’s not quite stocky, but she’s a compact and muscular lady. She’s not feminine, but not really masculine either she’s just a sturdy middle-ground. There are a myriad of different shades that make up her hide and all of them pretty. There’s no hint of any boring or dull or unpleasant colouring anywhere, everything is a mishmash of glittering or gleaming and all in all just very attractive.

Which is good because her face isn’t quite as pleasant after the accident. There is fair amount of scarring across the top of her face and down over her left eye, jaw. Her left cheekbone was broken badly and never healed quite right giving the left side of her face a sunken, misshapen look. Her left eye is completely missing, having been removed after the injury and her right is a bit milky, though there is still a bit of vision in it. There’s a darker area on her throat where she was kicked and her vocal chords haven’t been the same since.


Which is why she’s a very quiet dragon, rarely vocalizing if she can help it. She was left with a distinctive sort of croak that she’s terribly embarrassed about so she keeps her trap shut most of the time. She makes up for this with alot of mind-chatter. She’ll talk with anyone and has a bit of a regular dialogue going on with her rider. Or *at* her rider, since Jossri is often too busy to sit and chat, or sit and figure out just what the green is talking about. Kolth tends to be a little disjointed, her thoughts jumping around seemingly at random. They *do* make sense though, it just takes a bit to sort out as she doesn’t always finish her sentences, or interrupts herself with something new or finds away to link two things that seem wildly unrelated.

There’s alot of stored up anxiety in this green. Losing most of her sight and her ability to fight thread put her badly out of sorts and its a bit of a battle to keep her sanity sometimes. Some days she’ll be perfectly fine, just like normal, but then other days she’ll find herself unreasonably frightened or panicked or furious. It ranges in severity, sometimes manageable on her own or with the help of her dragon friends, but other times she’ll suffer a full-blown anxiety attack that only her rider can fix.

Having regular work and distraction helps keep her on track. There are times when she can just sit back an relax, but they’re not often. Even a task as simple as flying across the Weyrbowl for exercise can keep her happy for a few hours, especially with how much extra effort it takes for her with her limited vision. Having Scout around has also made a noticeable difference; the little blue is a regular source of entertainment as well as a useful tool in rehabilitation. The two are almost as close as Kolth and Jossri are, or in some ways closer because there is never tension or difficulties between the two.

Pet Firelizard: Blue Scout

Scout’s a handsome little fellow and very obvious a gentleman. His posture his perfect, his mannerisms very polite and dignified. There’s a poised sort of arch to his neck that somehow portrays confidence and humbleness all at the same time. His hide is a soothing shade of ocean blue, the same colour as the Istan sea when the sun hits it in the morning.

Everything is about being proper and courteous and following the rules with Scout. He’s a kind and gentle (if a bit pompous) soul, always determined to do the right thing and be the best little ally he can be. He takes his duties very seriously and works hard, sometimes to the point where he’ll look down a little on those who aren’t working. He doesn’t seem to believe that its appropriate to rest or relax, not when there’s things to be done. There’s an odd bit of arrogance (which is terribly contradictory to the rest of him) there, finding his job to Kolth and Jossri more important than anything else anyone could be doing. There’s a very good heart to him though. He truly just wants to help and if he didn’t have the work he did he would probably go completely nuts.

Jossri's Craft

Craft: Healer
Rank: Journeywoman

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