Location Ista Weyr
Position Candidate
Birthdate 08.435.02.14 (18yo)
Birthplace Ista Weyr
Played-By Arthur Sales
Player Panda

Among his peers he stands tall and carries himself proudly, the lean frame of his body toned through Turns of intense physical activity. His skin is slightly paler compared with the rest of his kin, with freckles peppered over his cheeks, shoulders, and back. He prefers to keep himself clean shaved and wears his hair in a haphazard, mussed up sort of way.

Because all he ever seems to wear is made of leather and hide, he's developed a taste for earthy tones, though that's as fashionable as one can expect him to be. Jewelery has never been big on his list of things to dress himself up with nor is he ever found in anything that would count as formal dress. Shirtlessness is a frequent state of being for him since he knows how good he looks and has no trouble flaunting it at every possible opportunity.


Jirvory is the kind of emotionally temperamental young man that would fit the unfortunate label of "misunderstood." Though he was raised in a place with no shortage of love, he has always suffered from a kind of middle child syndrome that makes him prone to acting out for attention. He believes in his heart that he is meant for greatness and wants the world to acknowledge that. People can't talk too long about someone else or laugh at the wrong moments around him without provoking some kind of overblown reaction. Humility is not one of his stronger points.

He doesn't strictly mean to take away from anyone else's accomplishments, knowing full well that a Weyr relies on the importance of togetherness and teamwork, but all too often he feels diminished by those around him, that the world is turning away from him, and he begins to feel impossibly invisible because of it. Regardless of being told all his life that he will Impress and that he will become a great dragonrider, deep down Jirvory fears that he'll never be anything more than just another face in the crowd. He'll never overcome the triumphs of his older brother nor earn endearment and praise like his younger brother. He'll always be just right, completely average in every way. It's a self-imposed weight that bears down on him.

It's the weight of that fear which drives him to succeed. With lessons he has something in common with his brother Jovirlyn: he will accept nothing less than complete perfection in his work, never taking the easy way out, but he has a tendency to overreach and overexert himself to the point that he could hurt himself or others. Things he does are never good enough and can always be better. What drives him the hardest is competition. He likes to make a challenge out of everything, including the trivial and absurd, lauding in his victories no matter how minimal. He needs those small moments to feel good about himself, to feel like he's truly accomplishing something.

Beyond that brash, competitive attitude is a young boy who truly cares for his family and has intense pride for his home. He wants nothing more than to see it pull through these recent disastrous Turns. In his own twisted way he believes that's what he does, that his aggressive work ethic and his desire for perfection directly contributes to the overall success of the Weyr and of those around him. When things go awry and end up completely counter-productive the disappointment hits him just as hard as his successes do. Mood swings are prevalent with Jirvory.

With the recent death of their father he finds himself both resentful of and desperate to have the company of his family — particularly his older brother, who serves as a constant, living reminder of who he is and where he came from, and what his life is all expected to amount to. Whether or not he realizes it, Jovirlyn keeps him grounded, though how grounded that is may be up for debate.

Common Knowledge


While some children grow up never knowing where their lives may lead them, Jirvory grew up immured in traditions that had outlined his life for him before he was old enough to block out his name on a tablet. His childhood was unremarkably average for a kid growing up in a Weyr among other Weyr kids, and when his parents could afford to give him and his brother the extra time they would spend hours together, growing ever closer as a family. He listened to their stories and stared in awe, though he wouldn't truly understand the words they spoke until Turns later. Their life was a temporary but glorious one, set on the backs of dragons and lit with the pillars of their flames. He would know agony and joy both, but most of all he would know pride. He would protect those who couldn't protect themselves and help bring happiness to Ista and its territory.

Jirvory grew up with an unwavering confidence that it was only a matter of time until he Impressed a dragon of his own and added to the list of good and honorable men who flew in the face of danger. Day in and day out he would watch his family and their dragons rise to practice drills, readying themselves for the Thread they knew would come. Tied in with the reckless antics of a youngster was the knowledge that one day he would be J'vor, and he would fight Thread like dragonriders did, and one day he would go [i]between[/i] never to be seen again. For him, that was a source of pride.

But while he did hold pride in himself and his destiny, his parents, as fair as they were to all their children, always seemed to favor Jovirlyn above him. It wasn't long before the shadow of his imagination became a real thing to him. His formerly good behavior quickly soured. He started stealing and bullying for attention; even negative attention was better than none at all. His rotten attitude peaked at 13 when he stood for his first clutch and was not given the dragon that his parents had convinced him he was due, but in Turns following it mellowed out into some brooding and sour boy who was growing ever more impatient over his so-called destiny. Whenever there wasn't a clutch of eggs waiting for him on the Sands he was often found carousing around the Weyr putting himself to use at other tasks, namely lending a hand lifting things around storerooms or kitchens.

Had it not been for the tragedy of the first Threadfall his attitude might have stayed soured forever, but the deaths of so many, particularly his mother and the others in his family, sobered him right to the core, setting him back on the path that he was meant to be on. Their deaths did not come as a shock — he had heard for years how the end was inevitable for all riders — but their losses were palpable to him. He grieved and shed his tears for them, and he promised to live up to their expectations. He would make them proud. The most recent death of his father cemented that belief and hardened him. If he couldn't Impress then his life would be for nothing and their deaths would be for nothing. It was imperative that he find his dragon.

The arrival of the transfer riders left a bitter taste in his mouth. To this day it's still difficult for him to look upon them with gratitude, especially knowing that some of them have already Impressed to Istan dragons meant for him and his kin. But he holds hope that one day he will be J'vor and he will rise with the others to fight Thread, and one day they'll no longer need those Outsiders at their side.


Brother: Candidate Jovirlyn (older)
Brother: Candidate Joravys (younger)
(Half) Sister: Candidate Jenasha (younger) adoptable
Grandfather: Brownrider R’mora NPC
Grandmother: Crechemother Nashala NPC
Uncle: Bluerider J’vora NPC/adoptable
Uncle: Greenrider R’neesh adoptable
Uncle: Herdsman Roeshan adoptable
Aunt: Lower Caverns worker Aranashi NPC/adoptable
Cousin: Bluerider J’voss adoptable
Cousin: Candidate Narashel adoptable

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