Location Ista Weyr
Position Wingrider
Birthdate 8.430.1.15 (23)
Birthplace Ista Weyr
Sexuality Heterosexual
Played-By Katie McGrath
Player Steph


Jahk is a pretty young girl but some wouldn't readily admit that. She's been a tomboy most of her life and calling her pretty isn't a adjective that any would have used. She hides a natural beauty behind a plain, homely, boyish, appearance. Her eyes are a bright blue. Her long wavy hair is a deep brown shade and usually tied back in a pony tail. She loves wearing riding leathers and is often found in tank tops but will never be caught dead in a dress!


A tomboy through and through, Jahk has trouble relating to other females. She would rather be considered one of the boys. Very blunt and quick to act she tends to be a bit rash at times but will quickly apologize for a mistake made upon a friend. She dreads causing enough trouble to be sent back to her family and married off. Now that she has Riddyth there is no way they can make her leave. The blue has instilled a survival instinct in her. She'll do anything for her beloved dragon and is most often the follower to his directions though she will stand firm on her own decisions quite often. Jahk is still pretty much a loner with Riddyth as her confidant. She finds it hard to make friends coming off too straightforward and pretty intimidating. She pretends she doesn't care about anything but every once in a while she will find something that strikes up the passion within. She is very reluctant to accept that fact that she is indeed a young woman and is catching the attention of some men. Jahk would prefer they didn't stare at her.


Birth Place: High Palisades Hold, 8.430.1.15

From early on Jahk was rough and tough, and why not she's grown up with seven brothers and only a father along with two uncles helping him out after her mother passed on with the birth of her last brother. Being the only girl she had little choice but to adapt to the ways of the boys around her and she did so by virtually becoming a boy. Tougher then most of her brothers Jahk had to be so she could hold her own.

When Jahk turned fourteen she hit puberty and hate every changing moment of it. She didn't want round hips and puffy breasts, no, she wanted to be like her brothers. Unfortunately the changes didn't stop just because she wanted them to stop. At sixteen her father pulled her aside he'd arranged a marriage for her. Kartohk meant well enough despite Jahk's protests that she wanted to go to the Weyr like a few of her brothers had. The dragon he paid to ferry his daughter to her new husband instead searched Jahk. She left on the green's back but didn't go to the main hold and a life she hated. Instead she went to Ista Weyr as a candidate and much to her delight, impressed a few sevendays later.

Riddyth and Jahk didn't make many friends as weyrlings but did well enough in their lessons. Thanks to the large blue's survival instincts they made it through the First Fall without a scratch, though the same can't be said for most of their wings.

Personal Timeline
Date Age Event Wing/Class
8.430.1.15 00 turns Jahk is born Holdbrat
8.439.xx.xx 09 turns Mother dies as little brother is born Holdbrat
8.446.7.xx 16 turns Enter candidacy Candidate
8.446.8.9 16 turns Impresses to blue Riddyth 8.446.8.9 Weyrling
8.448.2.9 18 turns Graduate into the Fighting Wings Seafury Wingrider 21 turns First Fall Disaster aka Shittiest Birthingday EVER! Seafury Wingrider
9.1.2.xx 21 turns Fight with Liles in the dining hall Seafury Wingrider
9.1.2.xx 21 turns Transferred to another wing Windraiders Wingrider



Mother: Jallia (deceased)
Father: Kartohk

K'lain, rider of blue Fancharth (-3 turns)
Kostya, candidate
5 other unnamed brothers




Ephena, rider of green Leobeth
K'nai, rider of bronze Yuzurith
T'berli, Weyrleader of brown Mondagarth
R'bor, Wingsecond of brown Hircoth
D'koi, rider of brown Yorvandth
R'fan, rider of bronze Ronageth
N'than, rider of brown Masiefth
I'lya, rider of blue Terith


Liles of green Nirrawth

Dragon: Blue Riddyth

Name Riddyth
Color Blue
Birthplace Ista Weyr
Birthdate 8.446.8.9 (7 turns)
Wing Windraiders
Artwork By Steph


A long, sleek and very solidly built blue, Riddyth grew to be very close to the size of a small brown. He has amazing stamina and skill of a fighting dragon that might make some envy him. His coloring is a dark shadowy midnight blue, so dark he practically fades away in the night. The only break to his coloring is a curved swipe of smoky blue under and behind each eye like the curved blade of a sickle. He's stunning to look at and when he's freshly oiled with his hide is gleaming he's a dragon many would be proud to paint.


Riddyth is as tough as nails straight from the shell and isn't concerned with anyone's feelings but his own and his lifemate's. He's as straight edged as a dragon can be, that old saying all talk and no action won't suit him at all. He's all action and should have been a bronze, really. He might have a little bit of compassion in him but he reserves it solely for Jahk. The politics of the Weyr really aren't of any interest to him and any newcomers are really just an annoyance to his daily activities. Aside from his wing, Riddyth is as much a loner as his rider is. He hates feeling crowded and if bothered too much he's quick to remind another dragon to 'respect' his personal space.

Survival is the main focus and reason Riddyth does anything. He's very much in tune with his rider and just what decisions need to be made so that they both fight to see another day. He sticks to the shadows when moving around (wherever possible) stalking around like he is in fact the top predator of Pern. Often times he is the voice of reason to his rider's occasional outburst of 'silly female emotions'. Greens very rarely interest Riddyth. He's simply too much of a loner and finds most females to be rather flighty.

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