Character type: Dragonrider
Rank: Wingrider
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Homosexual


J’vriel is one of those annoying men that is clearly good-looking but refuses to acknowledge it. Its obvious he thinks less of himself than he should, though that never deters him from trying hard to look his best at all times. On Earth he would be one of those guys that wears a suite every day and is scandalized by the people who were sweatpants in public. He is a clean man with his clothing always tailored to fit properly and hair done just so.

He’s an averagely tall man with broad shoulders and the potential to carry a fair amount of muscle, though he doesn’t really bother beyond what his lifestyle as a rider gives him. There’s truly no desire to be one of those hulking monsters; he’s quite happy with being lean and trim. He doesn’t quite look the part of the ‘traditional flamboyant’ greenrider, though he does toe the edge of being a little more pretty than handsome. He still has the face of a boy, looking a bit younger than he is (— especially when he uses his puppy-dog eyes —) though as he ages he’ll likely become more chiseled and masculine. Dirty blond hair, blue eyes, a northern pale complexion and very occasionally a bit of scruff when he feels its appropriate finish off this young man. There’s an infectious smile, but that’s not seen as often. Though a new life at Ista might help with that.


J’vriel is a gentleman, believing strongly in good manners and propriety. Though this comes from his own set of values or because its been so hammered into him that self-control and poise is the only way through life is unknown. Its likely that he would have been a very different person without the harsh, self-imposed restrictions and anyone who gets to know him closely can see that the up-tightness doesn’t quite sit comfortably on him all the time. Not that he would ever be much of a wild-child, but on the occasion he does get a little rowdy its obvious that he craves being free to have more of the inappropriate sorts of fun.

The problem with wanting to please his father so badly is that he takes the ideals G’vlier approves of too strongly to heart and it affects every aspect of his life. He shows a painful restraint in everything, right down to the way he is with partners in the furs. Everything needs to be precisely controlled, contained. The more he does that, the less likely it is he’ll do something to disappoint G’vlier.

Except that he’s not meant to be so tightly reigned in, especially with his emotions. He’s a sensitive man who should embrace this fact and would be much healthier for it, especially if he were actually accept how badly he needs the positive reinforcement of the people he loves. Cramming his feelings away and pretending they don’t exist only damages him and in the end they tend to burst out anyway. Its a cycle that only does the opposite of what he wants in regards to his father because every now and then he loses his hold on himself. Eventually he will have a complete melt down if he’s not careful.

And despite himself he does feel things quite strongly, especially when it comes to G’vriel, or the man’s little lost puppy of a protege who always seems to get everything he’d ever wanted. When he does finally earn approval he’s ecstatic and thoroughly despaired when its the opposite. He feels his resentment towards Breccan more strongly than anything else and his attitude towards her is nothing less than bitchy at the best of times. He has a bit of an unhealthy obsession with trying to outshine her or trying to make her look bad. At the very least he needs to prove himself better than her. Though on very rare occasions they’ve shared a moment or two in their shared disappointment when they’ve done something to fail G’vlier.

Things have been changing a little for J’vriel since he graduated though, especially since thread started falling. He’s finding himself a little less excited when he does something right by his father and a little less upset when the opposite happens. Its only very slightly so far though, and he still clings desperately to the hope that he’ll finally be the man his father wants. Its all he’s really ever known and he truly loves and idolizes the bronzerider. G’vlier is the standard to live by; if he doesn’t live up to that then what’s the point?

There is an odd sort of bit of confidence in there somewhere. J’vriel can accept that he’s an alright person, but its always just alright. He’ll never really acknowledge when he does really well, because that was probably just a fluke, but he’ll agree that he’s not bad. He knows he must be okay looking enough because he attracts the occasional man into his bed, but he’ll never say he’s handsome. Its as if there’s a cap set on his confidence; he can feel he’s decent, but never good. It can be frustrating for folk who are actually trying to compliment him when his humility is far more than necessary.


Birthplace: Telgar Weyr, 8.448.10.15

The greatest perk of living in a Weyr for a young boy of course was the right to claim candidacy and work towards impressing a dragon of his very own. Javriel knew from early on that the only thing that really mattered was getting a great bronze dragon and finally proving that he really could live up to his father’s standards. The problem was he was left for many hatchings with nothing. His friends went on to impress and Javriel felt with every hatching he was losing any hope of getting the attention he so desperately craved. And with G’vlier’s special little protege having impressed only a turn after arriving at the Weyr (and overshadowing his entry into the candidacy), Javriel knew he only looked like more of a failure.

Finally, after over seven turns of waiting, a little dragon claimed him and though J’vriel was so thoroughly overjoyed with his Ipgith, he couldn’t shake the feeling that somehow he’d screwed up. He’d always thought maybe that he was meant for a green, but he’d hoped that something more prestigious would find him. Not because he cared about rank, but because G’vlier did.

Working through weyrlinghood was a pleasant distraction and sorting through his relationship with his prickly green was more than enough to keep him occupied. He dreaded the day he they would graduate and be put back into the real world, where he’d probably only continue to be not good enough (and certainly never as good as Breccan).

He’d only been flying in the wings for about a turn when Thread fell and the inexperienced pair was scored within the first half-hour. It was a bit of a blessing perhaps, to have to leave the fighting to deal with the injury and it would take a few more time in the air at least for J’vriel and Ipgith to feel comfortable with their training and settle into their roles as soldiers. Then the decision to transfer to Ista was made and J’vriel obediently agreed, hoping there’d be something good to come out of this move.



Father: G’vlier,
Mother: Unknown (deceased),
Life Ruiner: Breccan

J'vriel's Dragon

Dragon Name: Ipgith
Colour: Green
Age: 3
Weyr of Origin: Telgar


Ipgith is a wee, cute little green with big eyes and a round face. There’s a definite teddy bear sort of sweet and cuddly look to her, almost to the point that she appears a bit chubby. Everything is soft curves with extremities that are a little short and even her tail ends in a cute, stumpy little spade. She’s a pleasant shade of pale grass green all over except for a slightly darker mask across her eyes that reaches up to her headknobs.



Pretty much any question, any suggestion… anything really is answered with a great big ugly no. Only J’vriel knows if his dragon really and truly hates everything with the sort of detached air that Ipgith puts out, but for anyone that’s tried to interact with her… well just don’t. She doesn’t really get angry or violent, only ever having been set off a few times in her life, everything is simply met with a wall of bland rejection. She doesn’t want to talk to you, or play with you or go hunting with you. Does she think you’re handsome? No. Does she want to hang out? No. Does she like any single thing at all about you? NO. She’s apathetic, disinterested and doesn’t need to really say much about it, you just know from the way she looks at you that she’d rather you just curl up and die somewhere. If she’s feeling extra chatty she’ll tell you just what she thinks of you and its never going to be pleasant.

There’s a very secret side to her that is for her rider and her rider alone. J’vriel is the very awesome thing that makes the world go ‘round and nothing can even come to close to comparing. Granted her enthusiasm for anything still isn’t exactly flouted around even in their bond, but when J’vriel really needs it she will show her affection and support. This, of course it quite private and if its ever anything that’s witnessed by anyone else she becomes mortally humiliated and will hide away until her rider can sooth this.

Occasionally she’ll find another being that could be considered tolerable, though these are generally only distinguished by the amount that she’ll bother to communicate with them. It might not be overly pleasant, but at least she doesn’t just tell them to feck off and then pointedly relocate.

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