Character type: Dragonrider
Rank: Bronzerider
Age: 31
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual


J'thaum has an overall rugged appearance. His brown eyes are unforgiving and sharp. If a smile ever graces his thin lips, it is one of calculating triumph. His oval face is framed by shaggy light brown hair with blonde highlights. He usually keeps himself well dressed, using his features to his advantage with ranking women. At 5'10, he is muscular enough to hold his own in a fight but more lithe than bulky. Well tanned from Turns of dragonriding, his arms are crisscrossed with scars and his left shoulder bears a long thin scar from a knife fight Turns ago. His voice is a dark tenor, matching the growling tone he uses when he's angry and the malicious laugh he has.


Ambitious and militaristic, J'thaum is not known for being nice or even pleasant. He is strict in his orders. He takes calculated risks, much like a game of chess, often thinking for days about the best solution. Failure is met with a swift, harsh punishments - but if J'thaum fails at something, he blames it on someone else. He is short-sighted, selfish and sometimes sadistic. There had better be a very good reason for him to hear the word "no" when he wants something because for him, it's all about what he can get. J'thaum sets out to win in everything - the ends justify the means. Those lucky to have him in their beds say he's a thorough, excruciatingly wonderful lover but he never comes back a second time. J'thaum's temper usually gets the better of him - steer clear if he's in a bad mood.

Deep down, J'thaum suffers from abandonment issues. He's afraid to get close to anyone after the loss of his parents and while in public he keeps his sister at arm's length, he very privately worries for her well-being and happiness. Maybe one day, one far away day, he'll break down and find someone to love but his thorny personality scares more people away than it does attract, and generally, J'thaum is fine with that. He can be an honorable man, if the reason is right, but most folks never give him the chance to make good because of all the times he's pissed someone else off. He prefers to spend "socialization time" reading a book with a glass of wine. Occasionally, he can be convinced to play a game of chess or two, but be prepared to lose.


Birthplace: Unknown Hold, Igen Protectorate, 8.420.11.16

J'thaum is the elder of two children born to Jaum and Anetha, who were fishers. Theirs was a difficult life, as his family struggled to make ends meet. One day, when Janethaum was eight, his parents left to go fishing, and never came back. He didn't understand death - for Turns he thought his parents had just abandoned him and his sister. So he grew angry, and tough. He fought for his and his sister's survival, stealing food if he needed to, working honestly when he could find it. They were constantly on the move, as eventually, the tides would turn against them again and they had to leave.

Eventually, these two children found their way to Igen Weyr, around when Janethaum was fifteen. Like all children, he was fascinated by the dragons and made it very clear that he wanted one too. He saw how well the Weyr ate and dressed and decided that this was his next goal. He Stood for clutch after clutch until finally, bronze Orlunth picked him out when he was eighteen. After that, it was pretty simple. The pair wanted to be the best and they were - at just about any cost. They were the top of their class and on the fast track to leading their own Wing. If they could keep their ambitions in check.

Orlunth caught every gold he could and preened over each clutch he fathered. J'thaum worked his way up the hierarchy until he was Wingsecond, in line to get his own Wing soon. When the time came for his promotion (or so he thought), he was astonished to discover that another, less successful (in J'thaum's opinion) bronzerider was being promoted instead! It became a sore subject for months, until the disastrous Threadfall over Ista, and J'thaum saw his chance to get not only Wingleader, but Weyrleader! He put in for a transfer, ready to finally show Pern what an orphan who Impressed a bronze could do!



parents Jaum and Anetha, both deceased;
sister Janetha

J'thaum's Dragon: Bronze Orlunth

Dragon Name: Orlunth
Colour: bronze
Age: 13
Weyr of Origin: Igen


Orlunth is a medium to large size bronze, with a skin that is nearly olive green in the shadows and a pale bronze in the highlights. The webbing of his wings have that pale bronze coloring but the tips have an olive tinge to them. He is sleek in his musculature - not burly or bulky like some dragons are. The only scarring to his perfect hide is on his tail - and he usually downplays or tries to hide it.


Vain and demanding, Orlunth is easily as thorny as his rider, though he tends to be a bit more saucy when it comes to wooing female dragons. He must be washed daily, sometimes twice, and he eats with such delicacy so as not to dirty himself again. Orlunth loves to point out the faults of other dragons and tends to tell chatty dragons to shut up.

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