Location Ista Weyr
Position Weyrling
Birthdate 8.433.2.20 (22)
Birthplace White Sickle Hold, Nerat
Sexuality Bisexualish
Played-By n/a
Player Siarna

Coming from a small Holder family, J’tasin had all the cards- from heir to the farm and handsome to boot. The more frivolous of Ista’s inhabitants will say that J’tasin is certainly handsome. They can all agree, albeit sarcastically, that they especially love his smile. J’tasin’s face is strong, obviously masculine, with a square chin and a strong, Roman nose. His eyes are dark brown, nearly black and almond shaped. They are naturally intense and focused on his serious face. His lips are almost always set in a firm line that is generally either neutral or a frown. A smile from J’tasin is rare, though genuine.

Working in the fields back home did well for him as a teen. The hard work developed muscles that helped him blend in with a Weyr full of athletic dragon riders. He still works hard, if only out of some sense of duty to earn his keep among the Weyr. As a candidate, one was most likely to catch him wherever the Lower Caverns staff directed him, whether it be scrubbing pots in the Kitchens or mucking out herdbeast stalls. He is the opposite of his younger, prettier brother with Q’tasin’s golden skin and sun-bleached hair. J’tasin, in contrast, has browned dark in the sun, with black hair that’s cut short in a typical Holder style. Perhaps that’s why he’s taken a name so similar to his brother; because otherwise they hardly look related, with Q’tasin being light and happy and expressive while J’tasin is dark, silent, and serious.

J’tasin looks hilariously awkward in regular finery. The work clothes of a farmer- the constantly dirty or dusty, patched and threadbare clothes of his childhood is what he’s most comfortable in. While most of the clothes he’s obtained at the Weyr are of similar condition- mostly threadbare, old from turns of wear and hand-me-downs- his one full set of gather clothes makes him look wholly out of place and strange. He doesn’t know what to do in such finery, scared that he’ll make it dirty or ruin it. He moves stiffly, and feels as if all the attention is set on him.


Steady and calm, J’tasin isn’t one that moves too quickly or makes decisions too fast. He much prefers to bide his time and think on choices and consequences. A logical mind, he’d much prefer to sit and think and reflect before moving towards any one goal or course of action. It’s been more than once that K’vrett, with his impeccable tact, has said that he might have Impressed Nezenth instead. He doesn’t often speak unless he has something pressing to say, and until he’s decided that it’s the right thing to say.

Being the eldest child brought J’tasin a lot of responsibility from a young age. He was the greatest peer to his younger siblings, the role model for his brothers to aspire. This shaped him as well, giving him a public ‘face’ from a young age that was everything his parents wanted from a son. He is responsible and a sturdy personality in the Weyr. While some in the Weyr might consider him dull (or even stupid), he’s a solid, salt-of-the-earth type of man. He doesn’t play games and means what little he says.

A lot of talking irritates him. He’s gotten better with the chatter from living in the candidate barracks. Living with a large family like his, it was strangely easier for him to get away, to enjoy the silence and the solitude of the fields. He’s learned that some people just need to talk, have to babble, and because of this he mostly dismisses what other people say as posturing. As such, J’tasin will not be aware- or necessarily care- about the inner political machinations of the Weyr. He has a duty to uphold and work to do, and let all the golds and bronzes worry about the more complicated workings of the Weyr. This makes him a little awkward to be around, as he’s naturally very stony and serious.

The Weyr has made him more outgoing, more willing to voice his opinion or listen to the chatter of the Weyr. After his arrival at the Weyr, it was as if a great weight had been lifted off his shoulders. There was still his duty, self-imposed or not, to be that older brother, that role model, if only for Q’tasin. But the responsibility has been lifted off him somewhat, and it shows. While he is still very much a Holder, even after his turns at the Weyr, and he is always learning something new about Weyr life or Weyr culture that just fascinates him.

Part of this weight involves his confusion about sexuality. He expected that he would become the next holder of his farmhold, married to a solid woman and have many farmcraft children. He never thought much about that aspect of his life. The Weyr’s freeness in sexaulity makes him both embarrassed and excited all at the same time. While he would NEVER publicly admit it, he wants to be one of those flirts at the Weyr, but he has no idea how to go about it. On the other hand, another part of his does want to settle down. He does want that stability, to settle down with a nice girl (a nice someone) and have a family.

J’tasin often prefers the sound of music over human voices. Whether it’s strumming or a full piece, listening to music brings J’tasin a certain calm (besides, nobody wants to talk over good music). Music makes him nostalgic and a little homesick- of nights in the Hold’s Hall, of a roaring hearth fire, with a harper playing music for everyone to sing and the stamping of feet and hands to the beat.


Jalertasin was born to a small farming hold at the tip of the Neratian Peninsula. His parents were both farmers, as had been their fathers and mothers before them for as long as anyone could remember. Jalertasin never really thought about leaving home- not that anyone did- people never actually left. They married, they farmed, they lived, as their parents and their ancestors once did. As the eldest son, a lot was expected of him at home. He was to be the next holder, to marry a sturdy wife, produce a lot of able-bodied children to help with the farm. His childhood was full of responsibility, but he took it like a dutiful child. His parents expected him to be the role model for his younger brothers and he took it in stride, often becoming the patriarch for his group of peers as well. It was a simple life, being a farmer, but he delighted in the peace it gave him. It was good, solid work, and it gave him the freedom to speak only when needed. He was a good, dutiful son, and he never dreamt of more out of his life.

Jaler took particular care after his brother Quertasin, who was always a little different, with his sensitivity and his Harpering and constant daydreaming. Rumors started to spread through the Hold that he might be one of ‘those’ people (one of those men that preferred other men). It became quite the local scandal in the Hold, although Jaler took it upon himself to make sure most of the rumors never made it to his brother’s ears. Whether or not the rumors made it to Quertasin’s ears, the boy never seemed any worse for wear over it.

Then a green dragon and her rider appeared at his Hold on Search. A big clutch, with a great gold egg on the Sands. He and his parents introduced themselves to the rider, as proper holders did. Once he got the chance, he pulled the rider aside and hinted about his brother, that Quertasin might be more suited to Weyr life than the typical holder-folk. Whether or not that actually made a difference, his brother was Searched and his parents were obligated to send him. What they didn’t expect was that the green would also take a liking to Jalertasin as well. While their parents were disappointed to lose both sons, his parents knew well enough not to dishonor the Weyr by declining their offer. Jalertasin took it as an opportunity to look after his brother while they were away from home.

The Weyr was a difficult place for the two of them. A pair of oddballs, neither were really sure how to act around these strange yet fascinating Weyrfolk. Jaler spent a good deal of his time watching, silently marvelling at how different this place was compared to the familiarity of home. He was so excited when Q’tasin Impressed, and while he felt a little jealous (the green had ACTUALLY Searched Jalertasin, after all), he decided to stay and stand for other clutches. HE couldn’t imagine going home, going back to being a plain farmer and marrying a plain woman. He wanted more. ESPECIALLY after he saw the love and support that Q’tasin and Pheradith share. He stood for one more clutch before finally Impressing bronze Dumacth. His family will be proud (he hopes) that he finally Impressed such a dutiful dragon.

Common Knowledge

While he still feels like he has an expectation to his brother, to be that upstanding and responsible man, he has another mind that his weyrling class might see- and tease him endlessly about the turnaround where his brother is involved.
he’s got a dry, deadpan sense of humor. Most of the candidates understand that, but the newer ones….might not. might get offended. heehee
he’s a little envious of people like Zeff, B’salen, L’fer, etc, that he knows, that seem to be confident in their sexuality. He wishes he had that kind of confidence.


Brother: Q'tasin of blue Pheradith



Color Bronze
Birthplace Ista Weyr
Birthdate (Dreamchasers)
Wing Weyrling

Dumacth is a short bronze, squat and stocky, not much larger than his brown brothers. He doesn’t have bulging muscles or anything so impressive, he’s just solid, densely-built — a lean mid-size bronze squished down to fit into a small bronze package. His head is broad, his wings rather short — short enough, even, that he may be the butt of “stubby wings” jokes as he grows, though his lack of speed and agility in the air is due more to the way his entire package is constructed, not just because of his wings. Physically, he is not well-equipped to be a particularly impressive performer in the air: he’s not fast, he’s not particularly maneuverable, and his staying power is merely average. However, he’s a smart enough dragon to realize his own shortcomings and learn to work around them and leverage his other strengths in ‘Fall, and is more than capable of outperforming plenty of more physically-gifted dragons through this adaptability and determination alone. His hide is a medium shade of bronze, deep and rich, with a darker overlay dusted across his back from about mid-neck to mid-tail. He has two darker markings on his face, as well, one on either cheek, beginning and each corner of his mouth and starbursting outward towards the back of his jaw.


The only “entitlement” that Dumacth believes in is the just rewards earned by those who work harder and smarter than everyone else. He couldn’t care less that his hide happens to be bronze — that doesn’t give him any more rights to anything than anyone else. He couldn’t care less that his neighbor’s hide is green — that doesn’t give her any less rights to anything than anyone else, but it also doesn’t excuse her from the obligation to work for what she wants. In fact, he may have trouble understanding why others expect greatness out of him (or worse, want to confer special privileges or status upon him) just because he’s bronze. The circumstances of his birth don’t make him who he is, his work ethic does, and it’s positively insulting to downplay his deeds in favor of something he and everyone else have no control over.
Make no mistake, though: Dumacth is ambitious. It’s less about proving something or outdoing someone else than it is about just being the best Dumacth that he can be. He will go as far as he can possibly take himself, and he’s willing to work as hard and learn as much as he has to in order to get there. He’s good at examining problems, connecting the pieces, and making the plans required to get what he wants — and, most importantly, he always follows through, and he always follows through honestly. He’s not out to use others, or manipulate them. He won’t hesitate to outsmart them, but he’s no cheater! It’s not really pushing himself and winning on his own merits if he feels like he has to handicap someone else, after all.
This is a dragon who doesn’t do anything halfway. He’s unbelievably stubborn, and refuses to give up on his goals once he has them in his sights — sometimes to the point of having tunnel vision, and losing sight of other important things that may be going on around him. He’s so driven, so competitive, and so focused that he may also not realize what his ambitions are doing to himself, or those around him, and he can often be temperamental and unpleasant when he’s dug his heels in and is working towards a goal. He’s impatient with anyone who slows him down, or shows a lack of motivation or effort, though he doesn’t feel any particular responsibility to correct those people when they’re not impeding him or actively hurting anyone. They want to be losers? Fine, that’s their choice — it just means there’s more slices of pie for him, and he’s not about to waste his valuable time on bailing out a sinking ship (though he may grumble about them excessively).
When he’s not overly-focused on something, he can be a perfectly fine, nice fellow, even a bit playful. What good is all that work if you never take the time to celebrate your accomplishments and enjoy the fruits of your labor, after all? He does care a lot about those under his charge, but he’s not always the best at showing it. They’re not going to get any special treatment, and he’s not likely to slip and admit he cares except perhaps when he’s in an unusually good mood. His fuse is short, and his temper explosive, and the only thing that he enjoys almost as much as succeeding at his goals is seeing those who have impeded him, or outright wronged him, get their just desserts. In the heat of competition he can be downright spiteful, and though he’s a dragon who believes strongly that hard work pays off and that cheaters never prosper, he won’t hesitate to indulge his mischievous side in order to help karma along a little bit for those scoundrels whom he feels deserve it.

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