Character type: Dragonrider
Rank: Weyrling
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Homosexual


(Played-by: Jeremy Rosado) J'ren is a rather fluffy young man, though he's lost some of the weight he came to the Weyr with through the physical activity of weyrling training. Though he's likely to lose more of his size over time, he's still rather big-boned, and will never be the skinniest rider around. He won't worry about it, though, nor does he now— he is perfectly happy with who he is, and whoever he will become in the future, with Elleth by his side.

His dark hair is cropped fairly short, a style he wore even before he Impressed. It makes his ears appear to stick out a bit, but their shape suits his round face well. His nose is just this side of too large, his eyes and lips the opposite. Or perhaps it's more the size of his nose making the other features appear too small— it's hard to tell. Whichever the case, his wide, friendly smile crinkles his eyes even further and brightens his entire face, drawing attention away from his specific features. And when he's not smiling, whatever else he's feeling is usually plain to see, whether it's sadness, frustration, anger, or anything else. He doesn't really have a poker face, and likely wouldn't try to utilize it if he had one.

All in all, J'ren is a great huggable teddy bear of a young man, a trait which will likely remain unchanged with time. For now, he moves slowly, at times huffing and puffing when other classmates are barely breaking a sweat. But he'll develop more muscle and endurance with continued training, and hopefully not hold anyone else back in the process.


J'ren's lovable, happy personality goes well with his shape. He greets almost everyone with a welcoming smile, no matter where they are from. It's not in him to worry about such things— people are people, and he's accepting of them all, no matter what. His opinion on this matter will remain unswayed by peer pressure, gossip, or authority, though that's not to say he won't develop a dislike for other personality traits.

In fact, he doesn't like bullies, though it's not in him to fight them physically. He's the sort to try to get everyone to calm down and talk things through. He's willing to restrain those trying to fight, or put himself in the way, but he won't be the one raising his fists in another person's direction. No matter how angry he gets, which occurs rarely enough as it is, J'ren would sooner walk away than cause another person harm.

Further contributing to his probable role as his weyrling class's teddy bear, he's also the type who will comfort someone else who is obviously in need of a friend, no matter what he's currently going through. Hugs are freely given when they seem to be needed, even to virtual strangers, and his own tears readily fall in sympathy, commiseration, or happiness. Treats are likely obtained to make others feel better, too— especially sweets, since J'ren firmly believes there's a reason 'stressed' spelled backwards is 'desserts.'

It's possible some people consider him to be weak, but J'ren sees his ability to understand and help people as a strength— everyone needs a friend at some point, even if they loudly proclaim otherwise. He's willing to be that friend, do anything for them to make them feel better, and then hopefully send them on their way with a little bit brighter of an outlook than when he first saw them.

Birthdate: (March 24), a cothold beholden to Ista


Jenaeren's parents had tried for so long to have children before he was born that they'd nearly given up. As it was, he was a complete surprise at the time, which is likely why his conception occurred. Once he was able to be held in his mother's arms, she rarely let him out of her sight. And when she did, it was only to perform her own household tasks, for the small cothold his parents lived in wouldn't run itself in their absence, after all.

His maternal grandmother watched over him in his mother's absence, while she did most of the cooking. She often used him as a taste-tester, and frequently gave him snacks because he was such a good, sweet boy, and liked to help her, especially with the baking.

He was such a joy to have around that none of his family members lamented (much) that he was their only child. He had cousins, of course, who visited often, and that was enough. He never lacked for social skills, and was always well-mannered, rarely throwing a tantrum when he didn't get what he wanted. He was always willing to share with anyone, whether it be a hug, or his toys and food. And if someone took without asking, or did it just to be mean, he pouted a little, but it didn't keep him down for long.

Nothing ever really kept him down as he grew up, though he had little cause to complain. He helped his grandmother out in the kitchens, and with other minor household chores, while his parents were out working in the field. They never pushed him to join them, seeing how much he enjoyed cooking, nor did they really encourage him to take up some particular craft. They were each content with their lot in life, and had no desire or need to change it.

At least, until a Searchrider came by and expressed his desire to claim Jenaeren for the Weyr. Torn between letting their baby go, and encouraging him along a potentially new path, his family left it up to him to decide. He, of course, took a good amount of time to consider it, finally arriving at the conclusion that he should try it, at least for one hatching, to meet the people of the Weyr and expand his horizons.

While he was at the Weyr, however, everything changed. His family's home was destroyed in that disastrous first Threadfall. His father was killed trying to protect his mother and grandmother. The rest of his family was scattered as they sought shelter from the menace that fell from the sky.

When word came of all that had happened, Jenaeren wanted to return to his mother and grandmother. But they, instead, came to him at the Weyr, and found places among the lower caverns workers, as so many refugees were doing, believing it safer there than in any of the Holds due to the presence of the dragons.

Through it all, the young man kept up a brave face, trying to help keep the other candidates in good spirits. He brought them treats, offered hugs, let himself cry in sympathy with the others who had lost even more than he had. While he mourned his father, he knew the man had been brave, from the story his mother told him, and only regretted that he hadn't Impressed before the event that claimed Jeneal's life.

In time, things grew a little calmer and happier at the Weyr, with the influx of new people from the other Weyrs. Jenaeren cared not for those who cast the 'Outsiders,' as they were called, in a bad light, for many of them had either chosen to come out of a sense of brotherhood, or had not been given the choice at all, yet were making the most of it. And not only dragonriders— candidates came with them, as well, and Jenaeren hoped he made them feel welcome, even if no one else did.

Time passed, and he started to consider his own options when no dragon claimed him. He could work in the kitchens with his grandmother, or he could possibly see about apprenticing to the healers, if for nothing other than he liked visiting those stuck in the infirmary, hoping to brighten their dreary days. But he enjoyed the other candidates too much, and so continued to Stand instead.

The effort eventually paid off, for one fine morning of the best day (regardless of how the weather had actually turned out) he was chosen by a bright little green whose personality matched her coloring. Elleth clearly thought hugs were best shared with everyone, a trait that delighted him from the first. Especially when she immediately believed he'd give the greatest ones of all. happy tears streaming down his face, Jenaeren— J'ren— led the perky little green off the Sands and into the beginning of their lives together.



Father: Jeneal, cotholder/ farmer, deceased
Mother: Aeravalin, cotholder/ farmer's wife/ lower caverns worker now at Ista Weyr
Siblings: None
Grandmother: Ravali, cotholder/ farmer's wife/ kitchen worker now at Ista Weyr
Various cousins and other relatives


Dragon Name: Elleth
Colour: Green
Age: Hatchling,
Weyr of Origin: Ista Weyr


There will never be any mistaking when Elleth is around. She's as bright and vivacious as her personality, with her bright green hide and her bouncy, full of life body language. When she walks she does so with a spring in her step; this is a dragon that will constantly be in motion. The front of her muzzle has a spattering of darker green freckles, and along her back runs a darker stripe of green that begins at the base of her head and stops at the tip of her tail. Her wingsails are a paler shade of spring green.


Some realize that morale is just as important as strategy, and Elleth will be one of those minds. Her heart is filled to the brim with hopeless optimism from the very moment she bounces forth out of her egg and into the world. Nothing will seem out of reach for this darling little green. When things turn out at their worst, she'll be the one to encourage everyone to put their best foot forward and just keep going — her motto, in fact. There's always a calm at the end of the storm. Even her mating flights will be events of happiness and endurance as she encourages her suitors to try their hardest. She'll never choose a winner, however. She'll always be caught.

That doesn't mean she's particularly good at rallying anyone into action or realizing when it's best to be her quirky, optimistic self. Stereotypically "green" in nature, she'll never really understand when things are irreparably bad nor will she ever grasp the severity of situations. Why can't injuries be laughed off? Laughter is the best medicine! It also comes as more difficult for her to remember things, suffering from a memory loss worse than most dragons have. Her rider will have to keep close tabs on her to make sure that she's not only paying attention to her lessons but that they stick, because without the proper guidance she'll find it more apt to abandon Threadfall to perform a cheerful song and dance number for the Wing, or she'll just forget altogether what to do.

With the right direction, Elleth will grow into a reliable, if not mildly grating dragon to have in a wing, one who can flame as well as the rest of them while cheering everyone on. At her core she's the most loyal and kind friend that anyone could ever have, the kind you would want to have at your back, even if all she'll do there is cheer you on and wish you the best of luck.

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