Character type: Dragonrider

Rank: Wingleader

Age: 40

Gender: Male

Sexual Preference: Heterosexual


J’reh is, much to his private dismay, not a tall man, nor a strongly built one. An uncharitable person might even dare call him a bit feminine. Privately. Still, he has more than enough force of personality to make up for his lack of height and build, and enough women find him attractive enough that he’s never lacked for bed partners. He keeps his dark brown hair slicked back most of the time - nothing is more annoying than strands of hair falling in your face when you’re trying to talk to people. He’s a vain man, though he justifies it as just another way to make sure he makes an impression on people.


At J’reh’s very core his is greedy. He always wants more. When he gets what he wants, he just adjusts his expectations to want something more. He doesn’t know when to stop, and nothing has ever proven to him that he should. He’ll just take and take and take. In all honesty, he loves his life. He wants power and glory, and while he doesn’t have it all (yet), he’s got a good amount and that’s awesome.

His relationships to others are generally marked by a distanced kind of disinterest. He doesn’t mind small-talking and is somewhat extroverted, but he’s only ever superficially polite if he can be bothered. Still, many people rarely look beyond the superficial, and he can be nice when he thinks there’s an advantage in it. However, in the end, other people just don’t matter to him much at all. They are tools to be used mostly, and if they’re weak enough to let themselves be used by him, well, they deserve what he gives them. He knows how to be subtle when he must, playing people off of each other and manipulating situations to get the results he wants.

In general, J’reh is suspicious and often skeptical of others’ intentions, to the point of paranoia. He assumes people would betray him if given the chance, and thus works to make sure no one has that chance. He trusts no one except for C’pon, and that’s only because they’ve known each other since before they were dragonriders.

Control, to J’reh, is imperative. He works to keep it, both with regards to himself and his surroundings. He’ll always aim to introduce structure and organization where it’s lacking, though it’s important to note that as a character, he’s pretty chaotic. He’d rather make mistakes and fix them than spend a lot of time, perfecting his plans. In that, you could probably say that his impatience makes him sloppy while his temper makes him prone to rashness. Still, he’s used to things panning out the way he wants them to. He doesn’t tolerate powerlessness or hardship very well - if something bad happens, he usually blames it or takes it out on others, resulting in him never having to actually deal with the consequences of his actions.


Birthplace: Unnamed Hold, 8.410.11.23

Joreh was the oldest of what would be three children, born to a very happy and loving holder couple. From the start he was a difficult child. While he was polite towards adults of authority, he was a bit of a bully towards children of his own age, rather dominating and manipulative. He was also very distanced and dismissive of his mother’s (admittedly awkward) affections towards him, to the point that she eventually stopped really trying. Instead she focused on her husband, and later her other children, more or less leaving Joreh to his own devices.

Mostly ignored by his parents, and bored with the routine of his minor hold life, he ran away at age ten. Though a series of fortunate coincidences he made his way to Ista Sea Hold and met Cerpon, a seacrafter’s brat on the docks of the Hold. The two formed a fast friendship/alliance, and Joreh moved in with Cerpon and his father for several Turns. His parents eventually tracked him down, but he successfully convinced both them and the Harpers that he was happier and better off at the Hold. He neglected to mention that this was mostly because Cerpon’s father was often away at sea which left both boys to their own devices, Cerpon’s mother having died nearly eight Turns earlier. As long as they didn't land in any official trouble, Cerpon’s father didn't care much what they did.

It was probably only the arrival of Search dragons from Ista that kept Joreh and Cerpon’s youthful indiscretions from turning in to actual delinquency and crime. But Searched they were and taken to Ista Weyr, where they both Impressed - Joreh to bronze Rantoth.

Weyrling training was an… interesting experience for J’reh. A whole new world of power and control had been opened up to him, but here he was stuck at the bottom of it all. And worst, he kept getting in trouble for bossing his classmates around, even though he was a bronzerider and they weren't. They should listen to him! He learned eventually though, or at least, he learned to be more subtle in his interactions, how to work through C’pon usually when he needed to put someone in their place. This continued when they graduated into the Wings and J’reh set his sights on eventual Wingleadership.

His chance for that came in that disastrous First Fall. Stormriders Wing was hit very hard and lost many riders to Thread, including their Wingleader. As the seniormost bronzeriding Wingsecond, J’reh was field promoted to Wingleader, and then confirmed days later. Some might have seen having to rebuild a Wing as an issue, but J’reh sees it as a challenge. He doesn't even mind that it means he gets more than his share of transfers. As long as they know how to follow orders, that’s what matters. And if being friendly towards them when the rest of the Weyr is so hostile makes them a bit more loyal, well, that’s all good.

Besides. He’s angling for Weyrleadership now.



All back at the hold. He doesn't think about them much.


C’pon, Rider of ? ?

J'reh's Dragon: Bronze Rantoth

Colour: Bronze

Age: 25

Weyr of Origin: Ista
Weyrling Class: 8.425.5.13
Wing: Stormriders


Rantoth is a very angular bronze, all hard lines and sharp angles. He’s not the most attractive bronze, though it’s hard to exactly pin down what is not ‘right’ about him. His color is certainly almost a perfect artist’s rendition of what a bronze’s hide should look like. But between his angularity and the fact that he’s built very lean and long there’s just something slightly wrong looking about his proportions. Not that J’reh cares. Rantoth is a strong bronze, with a good balance of agility and stamina in the air, and that’s what matters.


J’reh is very much the dominant member of the pairing, a state of affairs that makes both rider and dragon perfectly content. It’s not that Rantoth is stupid or foolish, he just prefers to let others make decisions for him. In general he’s lazy, and if left to his own devices, would probably be content to just lay around in the sun and watch the world pass him by. But J’reh says they have more to do than that, and it’s easier to just go along with his rider than to fight it.

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