Character type: Weyrborn
Rank: Candidate
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Bisexual


Jalnahvi’s parentage may be a murky matter, but his genetics have suffered little in the confusion, the contributions of his unknown sire blending well under his dam’s strong influence. Jaln has Nala’s dark eyes, though his are long where hers are wide they brew the same intensity and light under the lash. He even grins the same dimples, creasing sharply below broad cheekbones, above the angles of a lantern jaw— but the loose curls of his hair are lighter than her inky black. A deep, gingery brown, they share some of the warmth found in the tone and tan of his skin.

Jaln has long since filled out into the man he’s going to be, hinting obliquely at some paternal legacy with a build that can only be called ‘tall and strapping.’ The coltishness of adolescence has long since welled into a sturdy musculature, more fleshed than wiry, that he’s quietly proud of.


He has the soul of a poet… not in a namby pamby sort of way, but in that he’s harbors the same fierce blend of keen observation and cold judgement that makes the pen far mightier than the sword.

Of course, you’d be hard pressed to find Jaln putting pen to paper or hide. Writing is for harpers and stewards, he is a weyrman through-and-through so his thoughts are regulated to to the spoken word and he is free enough with that since he’s enormously, astoundingly, self assured.

Maybe he’s too stubborn for doubt, to self-absorbed for shame, but the long and the short of it is that Jalnahvi has already grown quite comfortable in his skin and his position. Strong and active, competitive and bold, his culture has never served him any great measure of disapproval or disappointment and so he’s matured with a thought-less pride and easy arrogance.

But he is care-less.

Some people have love and curiosity enough for the whole world and all its inhabitants, Jaln does not. He has his loves, his hobbies and interests, but he tends to do or feel a thing completely or not at all.


Birthdate: 6.21
Birthplace: Ista Weyr

Shortly after graduating from weyrlinghood, Greenrider Jalnala came down with an acute case of pregnancy, most likely contracted during some picnic or beach party as she aggressively set out to Enjoy Life. After a short confinement, her condition resolved itself with the weyrhealers extracting a baby boy at full term and she soon returned to health and was able to return to the wings (and Enjoying Life).

To say his mother didn’t care much for him would be a monumental understatement. Her lack of maternal interest can’t be blamed on her youth, but rather on her own disposition and… the weyr itself. She was a dragonrider, one of the soldiers, the destined heroes of Pern. The weyr divvied up the duties of life and no amount of nurturing or childrearing was asked of those that fought on green. Jalnala, well suited for the profession and glad for the freedom, was more than happy to hand over the boy to be wet nursed while she herself returned to the wings and her own life.

Jalnala doesn’t dislike him, that would be much more care and thought than she bothers to exert over what is, to her, the byproduct of a mundane and increasingly remote time in her life. She belongs to herself, her dragon, her wing and her knots— and Jalnahvi belongs to the weyr.

And Jaln believes this too.

His upbringing was a happy, normal one was far as he is concerned. Yes, he doesn’t know his sire. Yes, he was wetnursed. Yes, he was fostered— but the same could be said of countless children in the weyr, countless children of dragonriders, and he feels no shame or angst to be in their company. He was nursed by Sambra, fostered by Flamma in the company of Sarza and Dakaren, and he was happy.

Together with his fostersiblings he had a boisterous, contented childhood. Getting in and out of scrapes, spatting with the other children of the weyr and each other, they whiled away the turns in the weyr. Jaln finally joined the candidate barracks when the Pass became imminent and has settled in to wait for his draconic lifemate.



Sire: They suppose it must have been someone…
Dam: Greenrider Jalnala, ‘Nala
Mother: Mum/Ma/Flamma
Aunt: Tavayna
Brother: Whatshisface (-2)
Cousins: B'ziah, B'fadi, Kuvoka, Tayva, Vayari, B'nurlos, T'vren, Many…


A few.






Dragon Name: Ardolanth
Color: Brown
Age: 0
Weyr of Origin: Ista
Weyrling Class: Date


He may be a bit gangly at hatching, but never fear: Ardolanth will grow into a proud-looking beast soon enough. He’s a large brown, though more height than bulk, with a long, graceful neck and tail and broad, draping wings. He’ll fill out admirably as he grows, so that he’s no longer gangly but tall and strong, a lean and fit athlete with a noble bearing. His head is broad, with a rather blunt muzzle, flaring nostrils, and narrow eyes with prominent ridges. His hide is predominantly chestnut, with a lighter fawn underbelly from chin to the base of his tail, and darker brown wingsails.


Ardolanth is here! How did you know? Because he’s almost impossible to ignore, that’s why.

It isn’t so much that he’s loud (okay, he is), but more that he’s a definite larger-than-life presence, and that presence is in the middle of every damn thing he can get in the middle of. He’s an impatient sort of dragon, and both very gung-ho about getting things done (when he believes there’s something to be done, anyway) and full of ideas about how to do things, and all that combined makes him prone to rushing in. He genuinely enjoys doing things: he enjoys training, and will someday approach Threadfighting with an almost malicious sort of glee. Fighting is great! It doesn’t matter the odds, it just gets his ichor running hot, and he’ll love the adrenaline, the challenge, and even the exhausted ache of accomplishment and survival afterward. Competitiveness is a big part of who he is, and while destroying his ancient enemy who can’t ever really be fully defeated excites him, he also likes proving his strength against his peers (or even dragons much older and larger than he is — the more ridiculous the odds, the more fun it is). He’ll wrestle, race, and even shove his rider into doing the same just to prove J’nahvi’s superiority over other humans, if he can manage it. Beware, though: while he’s a gracious winner and is happy to give encouragement and appreciation to those he defeats (he prefers a real challenge rather than a steamroll, after all), he’s incredibly stubborn and not always the best of losers. That loss? Pfft, that was a fluke. Give him a rematch!

Part of his competitiveness stems from being very social in addition to being very active. He’s not a dragon to wait by the wall for recognition, or to pout by himself in the dark. No, he loves the company of his fellow dragons, which can be both a very good and a very bad thing. When he’s happy he’s enthusiastic and encouraging, and he can be a lot of fun, but he also has a mischievous streak that may land him in trouble and a temper that can flare quick and hot and may lead him to say some pretty mean things. He’s not afraid to speak to any dragon, or even the occasional human (if the mood strikes him), but he also lacks a filter and can be incredibly tactless and insensitive to an almost obnoxious degree. He’ll boss and bully other dragons if they let him — he never pauses to think that he might be wrong, and he’s not the type to wait for someone else to lead instead. He does often have good split-second ideas, and he excels at acting quickly and leading by example, but he’s not so great at planning ahead or being sensitive to the limitations of some of his peers, or even himself. (What do you mean it’s time to rest? WE’RE FINE!)

Ardolanth claims not to care what others think of him, but that’s really only partially true. There’s a part of him that wants to be admired and respected; he’s just far too stubborn to compromise who he is just to win people over. Though he can be difficult to get along with sometimes (well okay, he’s an outright asshole sometimes), there’s no doubting that he’s a very principled dragon in his own weird way, very plain and very honest and very hard-working.

…And then there’s his rider, who is the one person whose opinion he truly values. With his peers it’s more of a desire to be special among them — a thing he wants but can ultimately live without — but with J’nahvi, it’s a sincere desire to be not only acceptable to the most important creature in his life, but to absolutely floor him. He thinks the world of his rider, and really wants to be the best possible other half: dependable, encouraging, everything that can show the world how great J’nahvi can be. When he’s young this desire will be exceptionally strong, and he’ll be much more prone to having his feelings hurt if/when J’nahvi doesn’t react to him the way he wants him to, or if he doesn’t show enough enthusiasm for life to match his brown. Ultimately, though, Ardolanth has a strong enough sense of self to push back and try to force what he wants if he isn’t getting it willingly, and he will not be cowed or silenced.


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