Character Name: Isyrra (Isi)
Character type: Candidate
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference:Hetero


Isyrra has dark hair that falls in waves down past her shoulders to her mid-back. Her hair is thick but soft; it often falls around her face despite being pulled back. The hair frames a lean face with dimpled freckled cheeks that fill out when she smiles. Her eyes are a startling clear blue, with long dark eyelashes that sweep upwards. She's got an innocence about her that hides her more inquisitive nature. She's got a lithe frame, slender hips, and small pert breasts. She's constantly got some scrape or bruise on her, from some adventure (that she probably shouldn't have been on) and having a tendency towards reckless clumsiness.

She got mauled by a Hatchling her first time on the Stands. It wasn't horrible or life-threatening, but it's left her with several scars running down her right side, from her shoulder to her hip.


If Rysyrra is practical, Isyrra is as far from that as she can get. Isi is impetuous, spontaneous, adventurous, and fun-loving. She tends to rush into thinks before thinking them through and deal with the consequences. She loves that rush that goes up and down the spine in the face of danger. Isi isn't lazy or stupid; she's intelligent, and she uses that intelligence to get herself out of all the tight spots she gets herself into. She hates being told what she can and can't do, and will often do the opposite just to be unpredictable or prove a point.

Isi isn't quite as free-spirited and overtly sexual as her half-sister Zeff, but she's certainly more so than Rys. She loves men, and certainly has had her fair share of relationships. She tends to fall hard and fast, being intense in the beginning of relationships, so that they fizzle quickly. She likes men who are either 1) dangerous, 2) funny, 3) devastatingly handsome, 4) charming, or 5) crazy adventurous. A combination of those characteristics is even more irresistable to Isi. A nice, simple guy? Boooooorrring.

She's also not easily deterred or frightened. Obviously, there are things like Thread which deserve a healthy dose of fear and respect. But she's not going to be swayed from her goals by irrational fears and unlikely coincidences. This is evidenced by her still being a Candidate despite the mauling.


Birthday: 07.02

Isyrra was born in the Weyr to Bronzerider R'fan and a greenrider, Lysyrra. She grew up with her older half-sister Zeffaryn and her oldder full sister Rsyrra. Isyrra and Zeffaryn were more alike than Rys ever was to her. She certainly seemed take after her easy-going father. Even as a young child, it was obvious how different she was than Lysyrra's other child.
Growing up in the Creche, she was always surrounded by others. She played well with others, alternating between being the center of attention and being in the background. Yet she liked being off by herself too, often just moving away from the group as they tended to slow her down in some adventure. Her older sis, Rys, though, always seemed to be n the outside. Isi never understood why her sister couldn't just make an effort to get along and make friends, and while she constantly irked her, she was Isi's big sister and she would always stick up for her.

As her sisters grew, she had conflicting relationships with them. She thinks Zeff is awesome and fun, and she's worried that Rysyrra is going to never get laid or learn to have fun. Yet, she'll always have Rys' back, and Zeff's too. She will always be there when she needs her, even if she thinks Rys could use some trouble or something.

Isi otherwise had a happy childhood. She enjoyed the freedoms that growing up in a Weyr afforded her. She weighed her options in a Craft, opting to be a Candidate, which she still is, despite her mauling. That happened when she was just old enough to go on the Stands. A green dragon tripped and fell, her talons rakking down Isi's side. She was saved from being ripped open by her own quick intinct, leaped away as the dragon fell, so that the talons didn't rip past the muscular layers. She still had a lot of stitches and blood loss, and few months or so of rehab, but at the end, nothing more permanent than scars. She's been on the Stands 3 times now, with one Hatching missed due to her recovery.



Father: Bronzerider R'fan
Mother: Greenrider Lysyrra
Sister: Rysyrra
Halfbrothers: Rathriel (13)
Halfsister: Zeffaryn (21), Annaca (17)

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