Is It Really A Man S World

The little green from the Danger is Always Here egg, wailed as she hit the sands and instantly Fancharth darted forward, wings fluttering slightly in anxiety.

((Vondruth!)) he scolded, shocked at his brothers callous treatment, ((You could have hurt her! That is no way to go about your investigations.))

((It taught me what I needed to know.)) The blue sniffed haughtily as he looked down at the whimpering green, ((Oh do pull yourself together! It was hardly a bump.))

((A BUMP?)) The green shrieked and even Fancharth took a step back at the piercing tone, ((You great blue footed….BOOBY!)) she lunged to her feet and at Vondruth before Fancharth could blink, ((YOU ARE MAKING THIS A VERY BAD DAY!))

Vondruth stumbled back a pace, shocked and unwittingly knocked into the Do Something Fruity Egg.

Slowly it toppled and rolled down the slope to land by Fancharth’s feet. A small part of the shell cracked open and a lovely green head blinked out at him.

((Well hello there,)) the young green’s voice was husky, ((You think you could…ah…give me a hand here handsome?))

((YOU DID IT AGAIN!)) The first green shrieked at Vondruth again and started wildly beating him with her little fists and wings, ((You ruined someone else's day too!))

((That was unintentional!)) Vondruth barked, trying to duck away from her, ((Fancharth, you useless lout! Help me!))

((Uh…)) the blue looked helplessly from his brother and then back down to the green lady, ((I am sorry Vondruth but…ladies first…)) He then leaned down and started chipping away at the existing hole, helped by the green inside as much as she could, ((You’ll be out in no time miss. I consider myself reasonably knowledgeable about eggs at this point.))

((Well then I’m so glad that I’m in such capable hands then,)) The green murmured and then gave a throaty chuckle, ((Perhaps we should save our brother from our feisty little sister, once I get out of course.))

Fancharth glanced over at the green blue and bit down a chuckle at the sight of the slender green belaboring the much larger blue, ((I’m sorry…that was unkind. Poor Vondruth.))

He cracked a bit of the other greens egg and then admitted quietly, ((….even if he kind of deserves it.))

The green chuckled and slid from her egg and spread her wings, curving her sensual figure, ((Ah, that is so much better. And I’m Ivaripeth…what’s your name handsome?)) she brushed her tail against Fancharth as she slid over towards Vondruth and his attacker, ((And what is your name sister?))

The little green paused and then seemed to forget all about making Vondruth pay, zooming over to Ivaripeth, ((I’m Quinharth, but you can call me Quin, everyone does.))

((Who is everyone?)) Vondruth seethed, ((The invisible friends in your egg?))

((Now now puddin’ don’t be sore.)) Quinharth giggled, and flicked some sand at him. Apparently she’d put the argument behind her, even as Vondruth continued to send both her and Fancharth glares.

((Yeah ‘pudding’.)) Ivaripeth chuckled throatily but moved over to give the blue a gentle, conspiratorial nudge. Despite himself he found his ruffled feathers soothing at the attention of the beautiful green, ((Let’s not fight…mmm?))

The blue considered. Yes the little hellion deserved to get a thrashing, how dare she attack him! But was the time to exact that revenge against her and Fancharth now? When he might alienate this lovely green? And besides…how much better would his vengeance be if he could turn everyone against them.

((I’m not sore…)) he muttered, deciding to pretend to let it go.

((Wonderful,)) Ivaripeth crooned and turned back to Fancharth, winking smoothly, ((So…what should we do instead?))

((Vondruth and I were studying eggs!)) Fancharth supplied eagerly, ((The shells mostly and how they may or may not pertain to the occupant, and variations between them.))

((Ooh!)) Quinharth bounced eagerly, ((Tell me about this one! Tell me about this one!)) And she zipped off across the sands to jump up and down next to the Time For A Sweet Adventure egg.

Ivaripeth sashayed off after her, and after a moment, and a silent shared look, the two blues followed, curious despite themselves.

Vondruth ran his claws over the egg and tapped on it lightly. But instead of the usual egg sound, it made a strange almost hollow noise, and the blue frowned, tapping again.

((Sounds like a dud.)) he mused, turning away from it, ((Typical that you’d pick that one.)) he muttered at Quinharth, who looked a little crestfallen.

((Never mind sweet thing,)) Ivaripeth murmured, nuzzling the green, ((Choose another one perhaps mm?))

Fancharth meanwhile had slowly made his way around to the back of the egg and found the reason for the hollowness. The egg had hatched already, opening up at the back, and the little dragon was nowhere to be seen.

((It’s already hatched!)) he exclaimed, fascinated, ((My the little dragon who was in here was quite the escape artist. How fascinating…))

((Not as fascinating as you.)) A little voice chirped in his ear and Fancharth yelped, almost falling into the vacated egg in his shock. Wheeling around he stared at yet another green, but this one was very pale pastel and alert, almost grinning at him in that draconic way as she laughed, ((I’m sorry I didn’t mean to scare you. I’m Nimitith, and I just couldn’t help myself. The opportunity was too good.))

((Ooh I like her!)) Quinharth beamed, bounding forward even as Vondruth sulked, furious that his assertation had not only been wrong, but had been proven wrong by another…and another who was Fancharth. And if that wasn’t adding insult to injury he didn’t know what was.

((I don’t.)) he muttered, even as he moved forward, ((What kind of name is Nimitith anyway.))

((Just my name.)) Nimitith smiled at him, ((And you are?))

((He’s Vondruth!)) Quinharth burst in eagerly, interrupting Vondruth who glared at her, ((And that’s Ivaripeth…she’s nice…and that’s Fancharth…and I’m Quinharth, but call me Quin, everyone does.))

((There is no everyone.)) Vondruth insisted, ((The everyone does not exist except for in her weird little head.))

((There could be everyone.)) Nimitith swayed slightly tapping her claw against her small teeth, ((Sometimes there are facts that don’t add up and then you have to follow the clues through to the end.))

((I do like her.)) Quinharth said wistfully, leaning into Ivaripeth who nuzzled her.

And just like that Vondruth had had enough.

((I’m leaving.)) he said abruptly, and turned on his heel, stalking off, leaving a bemused Fancharth, Quinharth, Ivaripeth and Nimitith behind.

((But!)) Quinharth began, but Ivaripeth hushed her.

((Let him go.)) she murmured, and turned her attention onto Fancharth, ((It’s just you and the ladies now Fancharth.))

The blue eyed the small smirk on the greens face, Quinharth’s eager experssion and Nimitith’s own inquisitive look, and decided that right now, discretion was the better part of valour.

((I…will see you ladies later.)) he said, and took off after the rapidly stalking Vondruth, ((Wait for me!))

((No!)) Vondruth snapped back, ((Go away! This is MY moment! MY MOMENT!))

((You can share!)) Fancharth barrelled up beside him and then overtook him as he realised just who was waiting for him, ((Kellain! Together we shall explore the infinite vastness of the world. There are so many things that cannot be explained! Together we shall unravel them!))

((THAT WAS MY MOMENT!)) Vondruth roared, furious as he watched the other blue find his partner, ((Stealing my glory.)) He seethed, little fists clenching, ((You shall pay. ALL WHO CROSS ME SHALL PAY! Dallen! We start now!))

((Males are such…strange creatures, are they not sisters?)) Ivaripeth murmured, and Quinharth laughed, ((So easily threatened.))

((We weren’t threatening them though,)) Nimitith reassured herself, ((I wouldn’t want harm on anyone.))

((Of course not…)) Ivaripeth swayed off back towards the eggs, (( observation.))

((Do you think I could move like that?)) Quinharth asked wistfully, watching the lovely curvy green sashay, ((I wish I could move like that.))

((Try,)) Nimitith coaxed, ((I shall try with you, and I guarantee I’ll be worse at it than you.))


The two attempted to copy Ivaripeth’s walk, and the attempts were…well they weren’t very good. Quinharth kept bouncing a little too much in her walk, and Nimitith didn’t have the rhythm.

But it made Ivaripeth laugh, and the three young greens played amongst the eggs, unaware that they were being watched from one of the eggs beside them.

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