I Know Who I Am

((Hey! Hey, whatcha looking at?))

The new mind voice was bright and airy, perfectly matching the mottled green that flopped companionably down beside the brown sentinel, craning her neck to follow his gaze. Amid the commotion of the Hatching’s first impressions and injuries, it was impossible to know exactly when she’d appeared on the scene, but a few shards of the Much to Learn egg still clung damply to her hide.

If Lurzanth was startled by the new arrival, he did an admirable job of keeping his composure. He did, however, take a moment to give the new green a critical once-over glance.

((You either weren't here or you weren't paying attention,)) he said, sniffing. ((I am selecting one of these for myself. Or I would be, anyway, if the riff-raff didn't keep interrupting me.)) He glanced beyond the green, where several other eggs were already in frantic motion, soon to hatch for sure. ((Ugh. Why don't you be a good little rank-and-file dragon and go settle those things down?))

The green regarded Lurzanth for a moment. Whirling eyes oddly solemn on her young face, she reached out and— whapped him with a wing. ((Cheer up, grumpy-guts! It’s just our siblings coming to play!))

She sprang away with surprising grace and — bounding and sliding — raced back over the sands and into the cluster of eggs. ((Hurry, hurry! There are so many things to do!))

((Calm yourself down Chuckle-cheeks.)) The Meaning of Stone egg gave an extra vigorous wobble before a blue fist came smashing out of the side of it, followed by the head of a small but strong looking blue as he shouldered his way out in a shower of eggshell, ((If you don’t slow down you’re going to miss half the cool stuff going on.)) he gave himself a shake and yawned, big and wide and loud, ((Be cool lady, damn.))

He peered over Haevath’s shoulder towards the brown form sitting on the sands, ((Who’s Lord Grumblegoose over there?))

((Lurzanth,)) the brown replied, glancing back over his shoulder and surveying the scene with a sigh. ((And, for the record, you can keep your own names to yourself, because I don’t care.))

((Well, I care! Who are you, brother? I’m Haevath!)) The green circled the newest arrival excitedly. Her steps were a bit clumsy still, but her motion was sure. With a side long glance towards the irritable brown, Haevath leaned in towards blue as if to whisper— though her mind voice was just as loud as ever. ((Don’t worry about grumpy-guts, he’s just cranky ‘cause he’s got to make a big decision.))

((Yes I can see why that would make someone grumpy…)) the blue stretched and watched the green moving all about, ((Especially since I can practically hear his brain cells frying as he tries to be super serious. I'm Ollovuth by the way…))

He waited til Haevath was around his side before his tail swished out playfully , with the intent of knocking her into the nearby soft sand dune, ((Think fast!))

((Ha!)) Haevath sprang away, oddly nimble in a childish way, the tail swiping lightly against her flank— and then she was springing back again to tackle the blue, laughing. ((Yes! Yes, no frying! Decisions later!))

The Go My Own Way egg, which had been rocking frantically, fell off its mound of sand and began rolling erratically in circles around the Seeking Tranquility egg as its occupant struggled to free itself. ((Is there a fight out there?)) a loud mindvoice demanded from inside the pink splotchy egg. ((Wait for me! I can fight, too!))

Lurzanth sighed again and stood up. ((“Tries”?)) he repeated, turning to fix his gaze on Ollovuth and ignoring the egg rolling around just to his right. ((Why would you think that being serious requires any sort of effort at all? Why would you think anything requires any special effort from me? Oh, that’s right — it’s because you’re all idiots, and you have to “try” hard just to be able to pick yourself up off of the ground after a nap. Let me tell you something, blue: I do not “try” to do anything. I do, I am.))

Ollovuth was having too much fun with the pouncing green to really pay that much attention to the browns sourness, ((Yeah, yeah we know you're bitchin, geeeeeeeeze')) he used his strong stocky little legs to crouch and then push up at the right moment, so that Haevath ended up sprawled across his back, at which point he threw both of them, him and Haevath, into the sand dune near the furiously rolling egg, ((Fun now, serious shit later!))

((Do what you like,)) Lurzanth said with a dismissive flick of his wing. ((Just don’t involve me in it. I don’t really have any reason to destroy you, so don’t force me to do so. I’d like to think, pathetic though you are, you all have some sort of salvageable purpose. That’s me being charitable, by the way.))

The Go My Own Way egg gave an angry little hop as it rolled. ((Well don’t you sound like a big tough guy! Lucky for you I’m still stuck in here — I’d hate to have to embarrass you in front of your friends! That’s me being charitable, by the way!))

The brown paused to consider the meandering egg. ((Oh really? It seems to me that you can’t even get out of your own egg.))

((Details!)) the dragon inside the egg scoffed. ((I told you — I’m being charitable!))

((Is that so?)) Lurzanth glanced at the tussling blue and green rolling around in the sand, then back at the egg, which was coming back his way. ((Well, I don’t need your charity. So,)) he crouched suddenly, muscles tensing, lips drawing back menacingly from his teeth, ((let’s see you back up those boasts!))

He lunged suddenly, pouncing on the Go My Own Way egg, bringing both hands and the front of his skull down on the shell at the same time, smashing it savagely. The egg lurched from the sudden stop, half of it shattering beneath the force of the blow, and a thick blue tail attached to a rather large blue rear-end sagged out of the resulting opening, and was still.

((Y-you can’t do that!)) There was a stutter of shock in Haevath’s mindvoice as she looked up from her tussle, mouth falling open around Ollovuth’s headknob. She squirmed out from under Ollovuth and rushed to the shattered egg, speechless, but radiating shock and fright and outrage at the brown’s ferocity. It was one thing when she was newly hatched and thought only to see the best in the world. She had tried to turn the other cheek, to be understanding, but she couldn’t understand this. Haevath nudged the prone blue rump with her nose before turning accusingly to Lurzanth, eyes whirling a rapid, anxious orange. ((You! You broke him!))

Lurzanth tilted his head a little, eyeing the slumped blue. ((Hrm. I’d hoped he would be hardier than that.))

((Wow…)) Ollovuth said, shaking his head as he moved forward to poke one claw at the rather prodigious rump displayed so…ungracefully before them, ((You brown? You’re kind of an asshole.))

((He can’t be injured,)) Lurzanth protested. ((I wasn’t trying to injure him, so he can’t possibly be.))

((That's not how it works!)) retorted the green, agitation and an increasing dislike for the brown’s attitude making her snappish.

The blue still half inside his egg twitched a little at the poke, as it was a little sharper than Haevath’s nose-nudge had been. ((Guh,)) he groaned. ((No fair attacking a guy in his egg! I was gonna give you a handicap so it’d be a fair fight, but now you’ve gone and blown your free shot!))

Lurzanth laughed, his mindvoice smooth. ((Oh please, do come out here and show me the error of my ways!))

The blue got to his feet and, with a bit of awkward bumping around, managed to get his wobbly baby legs to coordinate and take his first steps into the world backwards, backing his way out of his broken egg. He tried to raise his head too soon and smashed the top of it into the edge of the egg, breaking through and getting a couple of pieces of sticky shell stuck to the top of his head at the same time that he stumbled backwards and fell on his rump, blinking up at the world around him.

((I’m still behind you, you fat buffoon,)) the brown reminded him.

((I’ll get to you when I get to you!)) the blue grumped impatiently, swiveling his whole body around awkwardly with his legs without picking his rump up from the sand, settling down to face Lurzanth and the other two dragons. ((Ahh, oh, that takes care of that butt itch. Wait…!)) He rubbed his rear and the underside of his tail against the sand a couple more times. ((No wait, there. Okay, better.))

Ollovuth snickered, the blue choosing to plonk himself down on the sands to watch the fun, with a shit eating smirky grin on his cute little face, ((Oh he’s just your type Grumbles, he’s classy as hell.)) he grinned and looked between them, ((Go on then…let’s see it? Personally I think both of you are just full of hot air.))

((Hey, now… there’s no need to fight!)) Haevath’s fright for the prone blue had abated slightly, trading off for apprehension over all the rumbling talk. True, she had tussled with Ollovuth, but that was in fun! ((Can’t we all just…)) Play. Couldn’t they all just play? That’s what she wanted to say, but it seemed so hollow now.

((He said I’m just full of hot air!)) the new blue whined, puffing himself up indignantly. ((They both did, more or less! Now I have to do something about it! And I’m not going to take it easy on him, either!))

((I’m still waiting, Fluffeth,)) Lurzanth said, tapping his claws on the sand. ((All the constitution, brain, and follow-through of a pastry-puff, rolled into a single dragon!))

The blue gathered himself up to his full height. He was a reasonably large blue (mostly in width, to be fair) and Lurzanth was small for a brown, but Lurzanth was still a little taller than he was, though probably not as strong or as heavy. ((The name’s Murumbith!)) he corrected. ((And I already heard your name, Lose-ith!))

Lurzanth scoffed. ((Oh please, you think that’s clever? That’s not even—))

Without warning, Murumbith charged.

It almost — almost — caught Lurzanth by surprise. It might have worked better if the blue had been less heavy-footed and just generally more sure on his feet… or if he hadn’t bellowed partway through the motion… but as it was, the brown recovered just in time, slipping aside quickly, just as Murumbith stumbled and fell flat on his face in the sand where Lurzanth had been standing an instant before.

((You know trying doesn’t really count, right?)) Lurzanth asked. ((Only winning.)) He looked up at Ollovuth and Haevath. ((Are you going to accuse me of assaulting the moron this time, too?))

((Stop it!)) Haevath lurched and pawed the sands, swinging her head desperately from one combatant to the other. This wasn’t what she wanted at all. ((Stop fighting, stop being mean to each other! Why can’t you all just be happy?))

((I’m happy!)) Murumbith protested obstinately from the ground.

((Simple minds amused by simple things,)) Lurzanth sighed.

Murumbith reached out with one foot to try to squish the end of the brown’s twitching tail, but didn’t seem quite able to pin it down.

((You guys are the worst…)) Ollovuth remarked, shaking his head with mock sadness, ((Seriously Ma-rum-pum-pum, if you’re going to fight, for the love of crap do it right? Kick his arse. He’s haughty enough to need a good butt whooping. And you need to de-fret Chuckles. They aren’t hurting each other. If Grumbles decides to tear him apart, that’s when we step in.)) He smirked at them, ((And as for you Grumbles…what happened to your important business with the flappy people over there? Looks like you got distracted….bit simple of you really.))

((I never said it was urgent,)) Lurzanth corrected. ((Look at them. Watching me, rapt and wanting. They aren’t going anywhere. I am not here for them, they are here for me.))

Murumbith was still busy trying to trap Lurzanth’s tail, slapping his foot down and missing the limb again. ((Hey, I am kicking his ass! Just, unh,)) his foot came down on bare sand again, ((trying to lull him into a false sense of security! Besides, if you’re so great, why don’t you do it?)) He eyed Ollovuth’s tail speculatively. ((Or are you still too busy getting your tail handed to you by your sister? Ha!))

((Uh huh.)) Ollovuth rolled his eyes at his brothers and shook his head, ((Everyone has the right to self delude I suppose. Still….you two are pretty deluded. Rum-Pum-Pum….you’re not getting anywhere with that tail. How about a new strategy eh? Before Grumbles goes and chooses whatever crackbrained nutter-butter who’ll have him mm?))

Haevath had settled again now that she was certain no one was in immediate harm, and watched Murumbith trying to trap Lurzanth’s tail with curiousity, ((Is that fun?)) She asked the blue dubiously, getting a little tired of the persistent feeling of negativity happening. Fighting was fun only if it was play fighting. And this wasn’t fun. Her head turned longingly towards the figures on the sands, ((I think there are some games to play over there….))

((It’d be more fun if Master Knows-It-All over here would stop acting like he’s bigger than he is,)) Murumbith grumbled, looking pointedly at Ollovuth. ((Like I said: if you’re so great, Olly… Ollo… well, whatever your name’s dumb enough to be funny just the way it is… then why don’t you show Lose-ith what-for?))

((I’m not the one proclaiming that I need to kick his arse!)) Ollovuth pointed out, a trifle smug, ((YOU are the one who was all like ‘Grargh I can kick your butt’. I’m just pointing out that it hasn’t happened yet.))

((More fun than here…)) Haevath mused, tuning out the squabbling of her brothers, ((This is too serious.)) she looked around at Ollovuth, Lurzanth and Murumbith and made up her mind. ((Toodlepip!)) She called, and leapt into action, whizzing around her siblings in a surprisingly speedy run to sprint at a bound for the candidates, ((Ned! Ned! Nedarav! Let’s go buddy! It’s party time! WAHOO!))

She didn’t look back and so failed to see that her speedy retreat had left the figures of all three of her brothers covered in a spray of sand.

Murumbith didn’t even seem to notice. ((You said ‘he’s haughty enough to need a good butt-whooping’! And anyway, it doesn’t matter — if you can’t do it yourself, then you don’t get to… critique, or whatever!))

And with that, he switched suddenly from Lurzanth’s tail to Ollovuth’s, making a grab for it.

Ollovuth growled and sharply whapped the other blue on the nose with his strong tail, ((Boom. Schooled.))

((Ow!)) Murumbith clamped both front feet over his nose, eyes watering. ((Oh, you’re in for it now!)) He shook himself off and leapt for the other blue.

Lurzanth, still brushing the sand of Haevath’s sudden departure off of himself, watched for a moment more, lip curling in disgust. ((Well. This is hardly amusing anymore.))

The brown looked back at the candidates, surveying Haevath with her new partner. As expected, she hadn’t taken one that was of any worth as far as he was concerned, but his attention was drawn instead to another. His need, greater now than it had been earlier, made his consideration of the candidates sharper, and abruptly he knew exactly who he wanted.

((Here,)) he said, reaching out to tip over the Seeking Tranquility egg, which rolled in the general direction of the feuding blues. ((That should keep you all occupied long enough for me to claim what I want and get the best of the food for myself. Have fun!))

Without another glance back, he strode smoothly towards the candidates, ignoring all their hopeful faces as they watched him pass by directly for the one he wanted. ((Urvalen, you are the only worthwhile match for me! Let’s don’t dally — I’m bored with all of this, and I expect you know better than to let these fools waste our time?))

((Bring it Puddly!)) Ollovuth was completely focused on Murumbith, so Lurzanth’s departure was only briefly noticed before the other blue was pouncing. The two blues scrapped across the sand, tails and wings flailing, little baby teeth gnawing and ferocious growling accompanying it.

That was until the Seeking Tranquility egg rolled ponderously into them and someone’s, who knew whose, but someone’s tail or little fist came flailing out to hit the egg, punching a small hole into it.

((Ah!)) said the egg’s occupant. ((Do you mind? I am trying to concentrate here!))

((Picked a bad place for that,)) Murumbith pointed out, his mouth latched around Ollovuth’s back foot.

((Well, I didn’t really choose it myself, but I suppose we take what we’re given,)) said the dragon in the egg. An eye appeared against the hole. ((What in the world are you doing out there, and does it have to be so rowdy?))

((We’re brawling.)) Ollovuth informed the voice, his feet thumping against Murumbith’s rather padded tummy like a drumline, ((It’s fun! You should try it!))

((I’d rather not, thanks. And for that matter, neither should you — you already broke my egg. Who knows what else might get broken?))

Murumbith laughed, swiping at Ollovuth even as he spoke to the dragon in the Seeking Tranquility egg. ((Aw, lighten up, buddy! What’s wrong, afraid of a little rough-housing? Heh heh…)) He reached out with his back foot and kicked at the egg lightly, jostling it. ((Scared of that? Huh? Baby-dragon scared?))

((Stop that!)) the new dragon insisted. ((Stop that right this instant!))

((And what exactly are you going to do to make us.)) Ollovuth gnawed on Murumbith’s shoulder with his little blunt baby jaws and growled happily, tail waving to accidentally thwap the egg, ((Oops, I didn’t actually mean to do that. You should get out here! It’s awesome!))

Murumbith pushed at Ollovuth with one arm and kicked at the egg again with his back leg. ((Scaredy-baby come out, come on scaredy-baby!))

((I am not a scaredy-baby, I just wanted to come out in my own time, that’s all!)) the eye pressed against the hole in the egg disappeared as the dragon inside hunkered down against his shell.

((Whatsa matter, scaredy-baby? Gonna cry?)) Murumbith gave a few more kicks.

((No, it’s just the principle of the thing! It’s rude, stop it!))

Gleefully, Murumbith rolled over, flipping Ollovuth as he did so, and swung his thick tail around to smash into the side of the egg. It cracked horizontally, the top half of it sweeping right off with the tail, leaving half an egg sitting there with one stunned blue dragon peeking over the side of the remaining shell.

((You could have killed me!)) exclaimed the new blue.

((Unlikely…)) Ollovuth contributed, as he untangled himself from Murumbith, hopping up to peer at the new blue, ((Hey look, we’re all blue! The Blue Bunch. Blue Squad. Team Blue…Something like that.)) he peered at the newcomer again, ((Welcome to the world Stiff.))

The new blue shook a little, divesting himself of egg shards and goo, and climbed his way carefully out of the remains of his shell, somehow without actually breaking any of what was left. ((My name is Nezenth, thank you, not “Stiff”. Or “Scaredy-Baby”,)) he added, glaring pointedly at Murumbith.

Murumbith sat down hard on his rump, tail practically wagging, grinning as smugly as a dragon could grin. ((I’m a helper!))

((Yes, well. I’d have come out in my own time. But since I’m here, I suppose there’s no point arguing about it anymore.))

((Probably not.)) Ollovuth agreed with a snort rolling his eyes at Murumbith and then looking at Nezenth, ((Neat stripe by the way. Very stylish.)) he kept his eyes on the new blue even as he flicked sand onto Murumbith.

Nezenth stopped, craning his neck around to try to get a better look at himself. ((Do I have a stripe? I can’t say I’ve ever seen myself.))

Murumbith flicked sand back at Ollovuth petulantly — or he would have, if he had half the finesse that his brother had. As it was, his foot just chopped thickly into the sand and stayed there, barely kicking up any sand at all. Dismayed, he tried a few more times before finally managing to overdo his way into kicking up far too much sand, flinging it all over both of his brothers.

((Do you mind?)) Nezenth demanded, caught off-guard.

Ollovuth burst out laughing, a happy burbling chuckle, at the expressions on both of his brothers faces, ((You two are hilarious.)) He informed the pair, ((Relax Stiff, it’s just a bit of sand see?)) And he shook himself, sending the sand flying in all directions, ((Easily remedied.))

Nezenth immediately bristled, started to protest, then gritted his teeth and took a deep breath instead. ((Yes, of course. You’re right. Nothing to get worked up over. We are all mature.. er… mature-ish dragons here, after all.))

((You want something to get worked up over?)) Murumbith asked gleefully.

((No,)) said Nezenth firmly.

((Sure?)) Ollovuth asked, unable to help himself, ((Cause you look like you’ve got something unpleasant worked up your-))

((That is enough,)) Nezenth cut him off quickly. ((Isn’t there something else we should be doing, anyway? We aren’t just supposed to stand here, are we?))

((Nope!)) Murumbith walked past him, tail swinging back and forth, and examined a nearby egg. ((But what else are we supposed to do, if you won’t let us have any fun? Hey, you think the guy in here might be more fun?))

((Why can’t you have fun by yourself?)) Nezenth asked, sighing heavily.

((I can!)) Murumbith insisted. ((I just don’t want to! Olly understands, right?))

((Fun shared is twice the fun.)) Ollovuth concurred, head swinging towards the Candidates. Grumpy Lurzanth had gone that way, but so had fun little Haevath. ((The others went and chose one of those people…I suppose that’s the next step Stiff. Maybe Haevath was right you know…maybe they are fun to play with!))

Nezenth followed Ollovuth’s gaze, considering the candidates. ((You can’t just run off and make that sort of decision based on just fun,)) he said, the frown clear in his tone. ((Take some time to consider it — consider what is really important to you, what you really need. Surely the two of you have a bit of focus in you somewhere?))

Murumbith, who had been busy breathing on the shell of the Sleight of Hand egg and watching condensation bead up on it, blinked and looked back at him. ((Huh? What were we talking about? I wasn’t paying attention.))

((I have focus.)) Ollovuth looked a little peeved at the accusation, ((I just choose to enjoy myself when I’m in my down time, thank you very much Stiffy-Stool.)) he shrugged a little irritably, suddenly feeling prickly, ((You others might need a helping hand or two but I don’t need anything. Especially not help!)

((Ooh, I think somebody got his feelings hurt!)) Murumbith said, sidling over to Ollovuth. ((A little sensitive, huh?))

((Murumbith, stop that,)) Nezenth interjected. ((I wasn’t trying to criticize, Ollovuth. I only meant that we shouldn’t rush into anything, that’s all. Any of us.))

((Sensitive like a delicate little flower,)) Murumbith continued as if he hadn’t heard Nezenth at all, nudging Ollovuth roughly with his shoulder. ((I bet that bruised, you’re so sensitive!))

A low growl left Ollovuth’s throat and once again his tail whipped out, cracking sharply on Murumbith’s rather impressive backside, just as one of the short little blue’s feet kicked out to send him sprawling.

((Uber sensitive.)) the blue growled, ((So sensitive in fact that I kicked your arse. This isn’t fun anymore though….so I’m outta here. Toodles asswipes!))

And so saying the small blue strode off towards the Candidates with purpose.

Murumbith rolled himself back over onto his belly, shaking sand out of his eyes, and glared after Ollovuth. ((It’s like nobody around here’s got a sense of humor! What’d I ever do to anybody?))

((Well,)) Nezenth considered, stepping up beside his sprawled brother without an ounce of sympathy in his tone, ((You’re an obnoxious fool, for starters. Has it ever occurred to you that if you were just nice to others, then others might be nice to you in return?))

((I doubt it,)) Murumbith pouted bitterly.

Ollovuth came to a halt in front of the Candidates and stood for a moment perfectly still. There was something here…someone special….

He closed his eyes and just listened/, listened to the sound of the robes swishing as candidates fidgeted, to the people in the stands, and to his brothers…though he didn’t pay attention to the words they spoke as such.

This moment of stillness crystalised in his head, exactly what he wanted and he grinned as he reopened his eyes and barged through the ranks of boys and girls to knock over the one he wanted, giving him a big, long, dragon lick.

((Hullo Kashias.)) the small blue greeted, ((You and your fine ass are mine. Now…food? I could eat everything.))

Murumbith watched his brother Impress, longing and jealousy welling up within him. Maybe he could pick one? But if he did, how would he know which one? What if the one he thought was right for him didn’t think that he was right for them?

It took him a moment, but all at once he realized he had that little prickle at the back of his neck that told him someone was watching him, and when he whirled to look, he caught Nezenth’s eyes on him, whirling softly now, his gaze warm.

((Don’t be silly,)) Nezenth said gently. ((Of course you’re wanted. Any of those people would be glad to have a dragon like you.))

Murumbith drew himself up defensively, more upset by the fact that he had apparently shared his private thoughts out loud without realizing it than about anything Nezenth might have said, but he chose to take his embarrassment out on his brother even as, deep down, his heart swelled happily at the encouragement. ((I’m not silly!)) he protested. ((I’ll get the very best partner, you just watch!))

He harrumphed dramatically and spun on his heel — falling face-first, again, in his clumsiness — picked himself up, dusted himself off, and made a beeline for the candidates.

((That doesn’t mean you couldn’t still benefit by being less obnoxious!)) Nezenth called after him, rather hoping it might sink in this time, but there wasn’t much else he could do but wait and watch so that he could be there for Murumbith if things somehow went awry. Someone had to have a clear head for the ones who didn’t seem born with one, after all.

Murumbith looked back over his shoulder, sticking his tongue out at Nezenth, but he didn’t stop running. Predictably, he crashed right into a smaller candidate, sending the young girl sprawling, but he just staggered sideways like a pinball that hits the bumper at an odd angle, bumping into another candidate with his other hip. This boy managed to stay upright, hopping awkwardly aside and windmilling his arms in a frantic effort to maintain his balance. The other nearby candidates were smart enough, and quick enough, to move back and give the big awkward hatchling plenty of room to maneuver, though his thick tail did smack the first little girl right in the face as she tried to get back to her feet, sending her back into the sand again.

Murumbith, however, didn’t seem to notice the path of destruction he was leaving in his wake — his eyes were locked on a candidate before him who, meeting his gaze and understanding suddenly, stepped forward into the small cleared circle to approach him.

((Zeff!)) he said loudly, tail thumping hard against the sand. ((Take me home! My name is Murumbith, and I don’t eat too much or take up too much space… and I can do tricks! I could make a whole herdbeast disappear, if you find me one. I beat up a brown dragon once, too, so I’m good protection. I’m also way more fun than all these other dragons. What do you say, huh?))

Nezenth, still sitting back amongst the eggs, watched his brother Impress and sighed with relief. Well. That was one problem solved — just in time, too, because it looked as if a few more might hatch at any moment.

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