Character Type: Healer
Rank: Senior Apprentice
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference:


Hollach fell into healing simply through luck of the draw: a particularly virulent illness swept through some of Ista's rural farming communities a few turns back, and Hollach, as one of the few who didn't fall ill, wound up drafted to help tend the sick. Once the sickness had passed he just kept on working with the healers, and was eventually sent on to the Weyr to continue his apprenticeship in better facilities, and where he might be more useful.

He's a quiet, good-natured fellow, very down to earth but also very polite and very much a boy scout type. He doesn't understand a lot of Weyr customs, but it's just not polite to criticize perfectly nice people in their own house, so he tries to keep his personal feelings on a lot of matters close to his chest, and is distinctly uncomfortable when people try to pry an opinion out of him. He doesn't have any particular special talent for the craft, but he is responsible and dependable, he works hard, he studies hard, and sincerely wants to improve, and those traits combined have put him near (but not quite at) the top of the class. He is naturally patient and has a gentle manner that has made him popular with many patients, though he will overwork himself trying to help if the masters don't watch him.

He is unaware that he was tapped as Master Paskam's apprentice mostly because Daigrien, while a better student and more promising healer, was assigned to the more difficult-to-match Senior Journeyman Sarada instead. He is flattered and grateful to have been tapped to apprentice to the Weyrhealer, and works hard to try to live up to his master's faith in him. He worries a lot about Paskam — about his depression, his eating habits, and, he suspects, his fellis habit. Hollach tries to keep an eye on him and occasionally collaborates with Bucnar, Paskam's former apprentice, to these ends. He also tries to keep Paskam's daughter, Bristan, informed and in the loop — he admires her dedication to her family, something he doesn't feel he sees enough of in dragonriders and doesn't understand why.

Senior Journeyman Braughan and his wife Sooty are particularly fond of him, and he is uncomfortably aware that they're eyeballing him as a potential match for their daughter Ellou.

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