Ista is an island of proud and brave people, of enduring traditions, of strong community and of valued independence.

Since the last Pass of Thread, 400 turns ago, Ista has remained apart from the rest of Pern, with limited trading and contact. They are proudly self sufficient, and the Dragonriders of Ista Weyr are no different. Transferred riders and riders sent to the warm Weyr to recuperate were few and far between during the Interval and were often treated with wary suspicion. Ista Weyr did not need outsiders.

Then the Interval ended and the Ninth Pass of Thread began.

The first fall was above Ista island and Nerat peninsula and it was a disaster.

Everything that could have gone wrong did. Inexperienced riders, with no Fall experience fighting Thread, Thread that fell in difficult clumping patterns, a storm raging around the island and shores which, while difficult to fly in, was not wet enough to drown the Thread that fell, and strong turbulent winds that buffeted riders and Thread alike through the air.

The Wings were decimated, over half the Weyr’s fighting force killed or injured in a single Fall, including the Weyrwoman.

Shelving their pride, the Weyrleader and the new Weyrwoman reached out to the other Weyrs, forced to ask them for their aid, for any dragons they could spare.

To the Istans this was a blow to their pride, their belief that their riders were the best on Pern. They did not want these Outsiders, as they called them, but they knew that for now, they needed them.

To the Outsiders, riders from the other major Weyrs, they didn’t think much of Ista’s riders. After all, the other Weyrs didn’t lose half their riders in a single Fall.

Tensions are high…and the power games have begun.

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