Character Type: Candidate
Rank: Candidate
Age: 18


For as long as anyone can remember, Heslen’s family have been dragonriders. He’s rather proud of that fact, that his lineage is that long and has that proud a tradition. He’s also particularly fond of the fact that he has a safe niche in his world. He’s a candidate, he’s going to be a dragonrider, he refuses to even let a shred of doubt as to that fact cross his mind. Bermeri might doubt at times, at his most drunken and maudlin, but Heslen will never ever admit to any dark thoughts. He will be a dragonrider. It’s his birthright. It’s his destiny.

Unfortunately this legacy, and the family culture of Ista prior to the First Fall, shaped Heslen to become quite entitled in his attitude and behaviour. He has a habit of making rather cutting remarks about people, Outsiders in particular although from elsewhere in the protectorate counts too, if they are particularly bumpkin-like. He’s a firm believer in Ista Weyr being the pinnacle of everything, if you’re born Istan you’re just born a bit better, and he has no problem sharing this opinion with anyone who crosses his path.

He’s also attracted to men and/or women out of his league, be they slightly older, stunningly beautiful, or rank inappropriate. He sees such conquests as challenges and pursues them diligently. He never expects it to eventuate however, and will often content himself with someone more on his level, although such affairs do not last long. He’s a young man who gets bored very easily…he needs a challenge.

Heslen is quite an intelligent young man, with a great deal of potential. If only he used his brains and that sharp tongue to better use. But until he Impresses he's perfectly content to keep enjoying himself in every way he can think of…and damn the consequences. He'll just talk his way out of too much trouble. It's happened before.


Bermeri. Foster-brother and best friend, Candidate.

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