Heedless Of The Gift It Is To Be You

((Mhm!)) Elleth, still lying on her back with her wings spread, wriggled in the sand until she could get a good look at Lephiroth. ((I’m focused! Suuuper focused.))

((Yeah I believe that…)) The bronze sighed and looked down at the green, ((You should go follow Sour-sack and Broody-butt. They went that way…and there might be someone who needs a hug that way too.))

Over his shoulder the top of the All Too Fragile Egg popped open and a lovely green head lifted out and looked down at the two, the bronze crouching and green sprawled. The new green gave Elleth a broad grin and a little wave behind Lephiroth’s back and then disappeared back into the egg, looking for another way out.

((Mmmm…uh uh.)) Elleth shook her head, grinning at seemingly nothing, though she had spotted the other green and was waiting to see what antics were coming their way. ((Do you ever wonder why sand is so warm? It’s so good and scratchy, too. Auuuughh…)) She groaned in satisfaction, squirming some more.

((Remember the focus concept Elleth?)) Lephiroth sighed again clicking his claws together to try and get her attention back, ((It was a good concept yes? Lets-ARGH!)) And he squealed in shock as the green, who had managed to clamber out of the top of her egg, pounced on him, ((MURDER!))

Elleth’s giggling intensified at Lephiroth’s horrified scream. ((Play time!)) She announced, rolling over to her feet so she could run over and help tackle the bronze.

((Sorry brother.)) The new green curled up on him playfuly, tickling him slightly with her tail, ((I just couldn’t help myself. It was too perfect a chance to pass up. I’m Pykrioth by the way. No hard feelings I hope?))

((You broke me.)) Lephiroth whimpered, lying prone under the two greens…which really…could be considered a win.., ((You’re forgiven. Also I shall give you my name in return. Lephiroth. Remember it.))

((I don’t intend to forget anything.)) Pykrioth retorted smartly and turned to look at Elleth, grinning slightly, ((Thank you for your assistance sister, you’re Elleth right? That’s what he called you?))

((Yep, that’s me! Elleth! The best at … well, at everything? And nothing! The best at trying. Just keep putting your best foot forward, I say. Like this!)) Across the sands she went, one step at a time, humming some tune to herself. ((I’m going to help Lephiroth find someone who will give him all the hugs. You want to come?))

((Now now ladies, I know I’m amazing but let’s not fight over me like this.)) Lephiroth quickly chimed in, ((I don’t need a hug right now, dear, dear Elleth, truly, although now you mention it, it might be fun to go this way…)) and he rolled out from under Pykrioth and Elleth to begin sauntering his way towards the candidates, ((You know, Elleth, I don’t think Pykrioth has ever had a hug, ever. She’s lived her whole life…and no hug…))

((My life has been rather brief.)) Pykrioth reminded him, keeping pace, and even, competitively, making sure she was slightly ahead, ((But it’s true. No hug. Have you been hugged Lephiroth?))

((I’ve been pounced.))

((I don’t think that counts…)) Pykrioth, murmured, eyeing the candidates and Lephiroth, ((Is this a competition? Is there a best that is up for grabs?)) her bum wiggled at the exciting thought.

((Oh! That sounds fun! A hugging competition!)) Elleth squawked happily, tail wagging like an excited dog. ((Alright, you first, Pykrioth! And then I’ll go, and then we’ll let EVERYONE have a chance at hugging Lephiroth, okay? Best hug wins!))

((Oh no…I don’t hug…)) Lephiroth backed up slowly, as Pykrioth stalked forward, ((No, bad green, stay. Help…!)) And he turned to run for the Candidates only to have the agile green land on his back and wrap all her limbs, wings and tail around him. ((Nooooooo….))

((Shhh…)) Pykrioth chuckled softly, hugging him tight, ((Let it happen okay? It’s no big…))

Elleth encouraged Pykiroth on with a happy little chirp and watched, waiting, but it was only a matter of time before her attention had wandered elsewhere. Much to Lephiroth’s chagrin she had yet to learn anything about focus.

((Oh! Hey, you guys!)) Toward the candidates she strolled, looking at each of them. My, they were all wonderful looking. Loudly she broadcast toward them, unashamed, ((Do you know how to hug? Lephiroth is going to need a BIG ol’ —)) But then there was that /one/ person among them who just tickled her fancy, who was just perfect in every way, and the little green’s hearts practically leapt from her chest in excitement.

((I KNOW YOU!)) She squeaked, barrelling into their legs in excitement. ((Forget that! Show ME how you hug! I know you’ll be the bestest that there ever was!))

Pykrioth’s head lifted and a small frown crossed the pretty green’s face, ((Hey…)) she bristled, ((She got to pick first, who said she got to pick first?)) The green untangled herself from Lephiroth and stood, watching after the happy green. She couldn’t begrudge her sister her happiness but…she so wanted to be the best. And wasn’t best first? Not necessarily, best was best. And this wasn’t a race.

((I hate to break it to you sweetheart but she wasn’t the first, or even the second.)) Lephiroth straggled to his feet, feeling very victimised, ((See all those egg shells? They were first.))

((It’s not a race.)) she informed her brother primly, stalking past him huffily with a flick of her tail, ((I’ve decided this.))

((Oh really?)) and he rolled his eyes, eyeing the candidates, ((And who said that you’re the one to make that decision mmm?))

((I did not make it, it simply is.)) Pykrioth huffed, and contemplated the candidates herself, determined to choose the one who was the very, very best. ((Hmmm…))

Lephiroth eyed her out of the corner of his eye, and then scanned the candidates again, feeling something rising in him, hunger, want, and worry. He did not want to be the last dragon out here. Alone.

And then there he was, the one Lephiroth wanted, and knew was the best of all, ((Yes! There you are! Oh what adventures we’ll have!)) he bounced forward, capering around his new rider, ((Now, let’s go steal some food from another one of my siblings. Oh did I say steal? I mean borrow, and yes they can have it back after, Am I right!?))

Pykrioth watched her brother go, and then sighed, continuing her own contemplation.

((My siblings have all gone before me…and none of them chose the right one. How could they have been so blind?)) She got to her feet, and moved forward, bouncing but graceful, despite her newness to the world, ((You are the right one. And I know that in this at least, I chose best.))

Maybe some thought the Hatching was over. Maybe some, somewhat more observant, realized that there was still one remaining unhatched egg, sitting alone in the shadows off to one side, knocked aside at some point during the Hatching and discarded there, forgotten by its clutchmates. It hadn’t rocked for the longest time, instead sitting still and quiet as if to keep attention from itself. Surely some noticed, though — The Malevolent Sea egg had been a favorite of several candidates, after all, and its shell was hardly a drab or easily-forgotten one.

Only now, after all the other dragons had hatched and Impressed, did the lonely Malevolent Sea egg begin to rock. It moved tentatively at first, just enough to make those who were starting to whisper about a dud egg pause and watch. Then it began to rock harder, faster and faster, almost frantically — fighting for its right to exist, to live.

And then, all at once, the shell finally broke open, and one last blue dragon spilled out onto the Sands, rolling forward and landing sprawled on his back.

((Oof,)) he said, struggling to right himself. Baby dragon or no, it shouldn’t have been so hard for him to roll himself over and get back to his feet. He wiggled, little limbs pawing at the air, and then rocked himself to roll onto his side and then his belly, and finally pushed himself up, wet wings half-spread, where he could finally see the bright world — and it could finally see him.

There should not have been a dragon that looked like this one. His hide, pale blue-grey, was a bit of a sickly color — but blue it was, there was no challenging that. It wasn’t his color that drew the eye, though, it was his body — specifically, the large lump at the base of his neck that caused his shoulders to hunch awkwardly, and the enormous, deformed left eyeridge that gave him a lopsided appearance, and surely must interfere with his vision on that side. How could it not?

A wave of murmurs swept through the crowd.

((Hello?)) asked the dragon, looking around him tentatively. Empty shells, but no baby dragons. To one side Varaswith still stood, but she didn’t answer his call. The candidates seemed to stand frozen — most of them, anyway — as they watched him, and he was not so blind or stupid that he didn’t see the looks on their faces. Up in the Stands, hundreds more faces stared down at him, a sea of mouths open in gasps, or whispers to their neighbors. He couldn’t hear what they were saying, but he could see it, and he knew: something was dreadfully wrong with him.

((Hello?)) he asked again, suddenly self-conscious but desperate for someone to speak to, to confirm that he wasn’t as alone as he suddenly felt. ((Anyone? I heard your names, I thought, when I was in my egg. L-lephiroth? Pykrioth?)) He turned himself around, looking at the eggs. A couple were still mostly whole, and he moved towards them, hoping they were unbroken. His gait was funny, his feet dragged a little as the hump on his back interfered with normal movement, but he moved as swiftly and hopefully as he could… only to find that the eggs he thought were still whole were in fact cracked open on the other side, and as empty as their brethren.

((Elleth?)) he called out, searching for a hint of green hide. ((If you’re there…. I need a hug.))

His siblings, too far away and too occupied with the emotions of Impression and the scent of their food, did not reply.

((…I need a hug,)) he repeated softly.

For a moment, he sat down, feeling supremely sorry for himself. Had they forgotten him? How had they all left him behind? Weren’t there supposed to be more? Was he just too slow, too late, too useless?

But no. He was here. Hatching had been difficult, but he had managed it. And as his heart cried out for someone, something — he wasn’t quite sure what, but he had a powerful need — he thought: surely I have something to give. Surely someone… one of those robed candidates over there?… needed him.

He was nice, and good. If he could hatch out of that egg, then he could do anything… surely. Anything.

Determinedly, he got back to his feet, and looked at the candidates. Who needed him? He could help. He could love… surely that would be enough.

Some of the candidates recoiled as he approached. It hurt — he wondered again what it was that was wrong with him to make them react so — but not all of them. And even if they did, well… maybe even one of those would need him. He resolved not to think poorly of them for it… they couldn’t help it, truly.

Finally, one of the faces triggered something in him. This was it, this was the one he wanted — the one who needed him. He rushed forward, limping along as fast as his misshapen body allowed, to his chosen.

((Please don’t turn away!)) he pleaded. ((I am Simodoth, and I care about you… I need you, and you need me, and I swear I’ll show you what I can do! We’ll be so much better together…))

And that was it, the Hatching was completed. Up in the stands everyone began to get to their feet, voices murmuring and rising as conversations sprang up all around the grounds, about the new Impressee’s and the baby dragons themselves. Many spoke of the two bronzes, healthy and strong, while others whispered about the little oddly formed blue, wondering if it would survive, or even be of any use at all.

Slowly all the half dressed, sleep mussed Weyrfolk left the Hatching grounds, out into the bright sunshine, where a feast awaited them, and a day of celebration.

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