Hatching Questionnaire

Hatching Forms Close: 31/8/14

Hatching Date: 21/9/14

Please send your completed Questionnaires to moc.spuorgoohay|renwo-degrofeRatsI#moc.spuorgoohay|renwo-degrofeRatsI


Question 1)

List your candidates here and tell us whether you A) Want them to Impress, B) Don’t want them to Impress, C) Don’t mind whether they Impress or no.

Question 2)

Color preferences in order from most desired to least (if you absolutely DON'T want a certain color, leave it off the list entirely — an answer of "No preference!" or "Surprise me!" is acceptable!)

Question 3)

WHY? (Specifically, how do you feel each of these will impact your character, where do you think it might take them? Answers of "I just like <color>" are fair game. Think hard, but be honest!)

Question 4)

What specific traits are you looking for in a dragon partner for your candidate? These can be conflicting or compatible with your candidate it's up to you.

Question 5)

Additional thoughts or notes: this is the place to tell us ANYTHING! If you've had idle thoughts that a dragon of a specific personality type might be fun to play with this candidate, tell us! Would you prefer your candidate to be challenged hard, or to have a dragon who will help them excel? You don't have to put anything here, but it helps us to know what you're thinking. You can also put special requests, or plots you've come up with — please note, though, that you aren't guaranteed to get what you want.

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