Character type: Candidate
Rank: None
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: 100% heterosexual


The musculature carved across Harvan seems lean, however, it'll leave some noticeable broadness within certain (shoulders/chest) areas. They're less than one inch broader than average but firm, insuring that pale skin won't really give whenever anyone touches it. Not many consider him handsome despite that, nor unattractive once they ignore the ridiculous amount of freckles that're splattered everywhere. There is dark brunette hair, full-bodied and lively, atop his head seeming rather like the arrogant emerald green eyes.


Harvan will talk himself out of trouble…or, if you're someone attractive, talk himself into anything with you. That made him egotistical and overconfident, made him more smooth-spoken than many would believe possible. If you're not attractive, or ranking, he'll tease with condescending small-talk about recent events. He does like teasing the less fortunate but they're less fortunate, they're individuals that need watching over and need protecting.

Therefore he'll play the teasing big brother wherein no one other than himself can tease those people. Plus he'll launch himself to their defense without any thought about his own safety if they get into a life or death situation. It worked well until that goldrider's daughter tried surprising him and found him half-naked with some crafter's daughter. The one lesson he took from her getting him transferred was to not involve himself with another leader's child.

The Istan's hostility toward outsiders will go over his head.


Birthplace: Fort Weyr, 8.432.5.25

Harvan wasn't more than their firstborn son…still H'ral and Vannora went about spoiling him throughout his childhood. So, unsurprisingly, he grew into someone with a rather high opinion of himself. He rather eagerly became a Candidate and even later that opinion of himself grew bigger with each female he'd add onto his conquest list. His first, actual relationship started several months after he turned 17 and he flirted around with a goldrider's daughter. It turned into a Turn long relationship, during which he had several secret flings because it didn't seem right to not demonstration his 'appreciatiion' for those attractive females. Then after candidate chores one day with an attractive crafter's daughter, he was having a fling with her when the goldrider's daughter walked in.

It turned into an argument between him and the goldrider's daughter. He managed to settled her down but…she must've ended up telling her mother about it because the mother eventually got his parents transferred off to Ista Weyr after their Threadfall disaster, and made sure Harvan transferred too. She pretty much ignored Harvan's half-siblings. His parent weren't anyone skilled, or outstanding enough that Fort Leadership really cared much about keeping them.



Brownrider H'ral (father)
Greenrider Vannora (mother)


Fortian Goldrider's daughter

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