Character type: Dragonrider
Rank: Assistant Weyrling Master
Age: 34
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference: Bisexual


Gridgi was born of solid Islander stock and she’s quite proud of that fact. The greenrider is a tall woman. She treats her body like a weapon, honed to the edge of perfection. She views herself as a weapon to be used in Ista defense. Weapons are not flimsy or dull.

Gridgi prides herself on being able to do nearly any task a male dragonrider can do. She’s trained herself for years like any good weyrbred person should do. Years of hard work and training have turned her into a well muscled rider. “Soft” isn’t a term anyone would expect to be applied to her. She might be curved in the right places, but most people have trouble looking past her steely disposition. Not that she’d give you the time of day just because you did notice.

She doesn’t generally spare much time on her appearance. Her curly brown hair is kept short and rarely reaches even chin length. the shorter her hair is, the less time she needs to spend with it. Her smoky gray eyes don’t vary much in color. Her infrequent lovers might refer to it as smoky, but her students mostly refer to it as steely. Unless of course, they’re describing her as a horned, red eyed monster. Children will be children after all.


Gridgi never wanted to be anything other than a dragonrider. Much to the suprise of those around her, she excelled at it. She intensely loves being a dragonrider. She enjoys being sweaty and dirty as long as she knows she’s accomplished something.

The greenrider enjoys being around her few friends. It’s one of the few times she feels like she can relax and just let go. She never lets go completely of course. She’s an Istan dragonrider and she has to be ready for duty at all times. When she’s around her close friends, she has an easy humor and laughs often. If you try to joke with her when she’s on duty, she’s more likely to brush you off or stare you down until you feel as if you’ve said something horribly inappropriate. It’s possible she might relent with a small smile for her closest friend, but only under protest.

Gridgi’s a tough girl and sometimes her buddies seem to forget that she does in fact own a vagina. It might be rare, but every once in a while she does or says something that is so feminine that it throws them for a loop. For instance, at least one of them knows that her underthings are always made of the finest, softest materials. She has a small collection of nice clothes that she wears once in a great while. It’s been so long that her friends might not recognize her if she wore them.

She’s never been very maternal. She never formed the type of skills that tend to develop in a budding young woman soon to become a mother. Her maternal instincts always left something to be desired. Her children were always dropped off in the creche as soon as possible. Any weyrlings that come to her hoping for softer treatment because she’s a woman might well end up cleaning the privies “to toughen them up”.

Gridgi might not be very vocal of her opinions in public, but she can’t stand to see all the new transfers coming in. She doesn’t see the need for this newer, weak blood. They’re Istans and they have always solved their own problems. She hasn’t mentioned this to anyone yet and it’s very possible that the first person who talks to her about it might be on the wrong end of a rant.


Birthplace: Ista Weyr, 8.416.12.15

Winter babies are always a worry. There’s so many things that can kill a tender young baby. She surprised her mother by surviving to become a strong, healthy child. Her mother was an untalented young harper living at the weyr. She had a short fling with a male greenrider. Nine months later, Gridgi was born. She can’t remember ever seeing her father’s face, but she’s been informed that he looked at her at least once when she was in the creche. Her mother tried to be with her as often as she could, but her visits came less often as Gridgi developed into her person. The wild young girl wasn’t the pretty, pliable girl her mother had hoped for. Eventually, she was left completely to the care of the creche.

From a young age, Gridgi knew she would serve her weyr in whatever way possible. She hoped to serve them as a dragonrider most of all. She began her training young. She would emulate the boys when she saw them doing exercises to strengthen their bodies. After a short time, one of the other boys took pity on her. She began training with him and developed a friendship.

Life is precious to the Istans and Gridgi knew she’d be expected to bear at least one child to bolster the population. The sea is a hard mistress and she constantly chooses to take young strong Istans from their families. She chose a friend she cared for and they enjoyed trying over and over again. Eventually, she became pregnant and gave birth to a baby boy named Granadan. As soon as possible, she placed her son in the creche.

Shortly after that, one of the Queen dragons laid a Clutch on the Sands and she was able to stand for the first time. Green Avaterith took very little time in claiming her new rider. The moment she Hatched she waddled her way straight to Gridgi and claimed her by accidentally slashing open her thigh. The greenrider still has the scars to prove it.

Gridgi sailed through weyrling training and expected to do the same thing in her first Fall. She still has trouble talking about that horrifying time. She proved herself to be a good rider, able to make decisions on the fly. With all the deaths of what seemed to be capable riders, the weyrleaders decided that the next generation had better be trained to the point of perfection. Gridgi was promoted to Assistant Weyrling Master. She’s ready to face the new challenge even though she’s a bit nervous at facing so many children.




G'dan, Rider of Green Wuffryth
L'han, Rider of Bronze Orowenth


Shangi, Brat
Gaitiri. Brat


Unnamed Lovers

Former Lovers

V'lada, Rider of Green Plawinth





Gridgi's Dragon: Green Avaterith

Dragon Name: Avaterith
Colour: Green
Age: 19
Weyr of Origin: Ista
Weyrling Class: 8.431.7.13
Wing: Queens Wing


Avaterith isn’t exactly the image of draconic beauty. Her body’s much more compact than other green dragons and she doesn’t seem to have ever lost her baby fat. She’s round and pudgy. You’d never think she could make it off the ground. Her wings are perfectly proportionate to her body if a trifle large. While on the ground, her gait is still a little ungainly as if she’s still learning how to walk. If you pay close attention, you’ll notice her left back leg is actually a bit shorter than the others.

Her base color might have been a dark forest green, but she looks like a dropped painting. Her coloring appears to have been smudged together with varying shades of green ranging from darkest green to palest green.

When Avaterith meets the air, all other preconceived notions fly away. She’s so fast it might make your eyes hurt. Her body’s so small she can perform feats that would leave another dizzy. She whips back and forth across the sky, turning on barely a moment’s notice.


Avaterith has never noticed anything wrong with her appearance. She’s a beautiful green and any male would be honored to win her flights. If anyone ever denies this, they’ll most likely end up on the ground wondering how Gridgi’s fist connected with their face.

She bubbled out of her shell as a hatchling, full of joy and spirit. She hasn’t changed much since then. She’s obscenely happy in the mornings according to her rider. Most mornings Avaterith wakes before Gridgi does and she spends ten minutes nudging her awake.

Unlike Gridgi, Avaterith spends at least half of her time flirting. After all, she can talk and fly or eat or bathe. It’s not as if she’s neglecting her duties anyway. Avaterith loves male dragons and is constantly trying to get her rider interested in someone. She’ll constantly be pointing out attributes she think her rider might enjoy.

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