Character Type: Weyrbrat
Rank: Brat
Age: 12
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Not quite paying much attention yet


Girittan and Sander are not identical twins, but they do share a lot of physical similarities as any other siblings might: the same tanned skin, the same wild chestnut hair, the same general small and wiry build. Girittan is quick to point out their differences, though. He's a bit more solid than his brother, with a somewhat rounder face, darker eyes, and less curl to his hair. He likes to keep his hair short – a couple of inches at most – and tends to be a bit fussy about his clothes, occasionally getting upset if they're too wrinkly or stained. (Like most kids, though, this attitude comes and goes when it's convenient for him – if he's playing and having a good time he'll ignore messiness, but when he's getting dressed in the morning it can turn into a big dramatic issue.)


Like his brother, Girittan is smart – perhaps a bit too smart for his own good. Unlike his brother, however, he embraced his intelligence (or rather, the idea of being intelligent), from an early age. He enjoys being physical, too, and is just as sensitive about being labelled a “nerd”, but rather than pretend not to be as smart as he is to avoid this, he has instead learned to use his brains as a weapon to fight back with.

Or, more precisely, to beat people down with.

He has an answer for everything. He's the kid in class who throws his hand up in response to every question, even if he just barely knows what he's talking about. (With each passing turn, he's getting better and better at first-class bullshitting, likely as a natural outgrowth of this.) He's the kid who writes extra on his classwork just so everybody can tell at a glance that he had a lot to say, because of course he knows a lot. He's the first one to jump up and correct someone when they're wrong, or even when they just might be wrong, or sometimes even when he just thinks they should be. He's the first to taunt others for being stupid, to do whatever he has to to prove that he's smarter than they are, to go out of his way to belittle others if it will make him seem that much more impressive in comparison. It always feels to him as if he's not quite as smart as he needs to be in order to be the best – he's not a genius, he's just a relatively clever kid who puts a lot of work into making himself seem even smarter, like a lizard that inflates its throat to make itself seem too large for predators to bother with. Only in his quest to both stand out and ward off teasing, Girittan has become a bit of a predator and a bully himself.

It's likely that he overheard someone call him smart at some point – maybe one of the harpers, maybe one of his parents – and he took the praise to heart, grabbing onto something that seemed to make him special, to set him apart from other children. (He has probably conveniently forgotten the fact that Sander was labelled smart as a young child, too, because Sander has spent so long pretending not to be.) Being seen as a unique person is very important to him, and he seems to have taken his hatred of being born as one of a set – of always having to share everything with Sander and always being referred to as if you can't have one without the other – to such a degree that he can't even stand to be seen as a blended part of any group. On some level, at least, he would rather be hated than be invisible, which often clashes with his normal human desire to fit in and be accepted. In typical over-dramatic childish fashion he often claims to hate his brother (and occasionally his whole family), but it's really just the stupid twin-ness that he hates. Like any siblings of close age they spend most of their time bickering, but in the end Sander is still his closest friend, and he really wouldn't know what to do without him.


Girittan was born at Ista Weyr alongside his twin Sander, raised by their guard parents along with their older sister and younger brother. Nothing much of note has happened in his life yet; he has always done well in his harper classes, but his parents have frequently been told that his attitude leaves a lot to be desired. When he's not reading something just so he can say he learned something new that most people don't know, he's running around playing rough with the other children, or bickering with his brother and tormenting his sister – or possibly all of the above. Like most weyrbrats he's planning on riding a dragon someday, but he's not quite old enough to become a candidate yet.



Father: Gillander, Guard Captain
Mother: Sanoset, guard lieutenant
Sister: NPC (+2)
Brothers: Sander (twin), Grindley (-10)

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