Character type: Guard
Rank: Captain
Age: 44
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Sanoset


Gillander is so thoroughly Istan that there’s no second-guessing his heritage ever. With deeply tanned, weather-beaten skin he looks like he just walked off the deck of a fishing boat. Which isn’t completely untrue as he’s spent his fair share aboard various vessels. He’s a tall, muscular man with a thorough solidness to him that makes alot of people think twice about pushing his buttons too much. There is a distinctive gentleness to him. A soft smile, big brown eyes and a way of carrying himself that suggests he’s ready to open his arms and give anyone around a bone-crushing hug.

There’s something impressive on its own about his beard. Thick and bristly, almost more dense than seems possible but somehow is incredibly soft. Its just one of those mysteries of life, but he would almost die before he parts with the thing. His hair is quite silvered and pretty much always kept in a small tail at the base of his neck, then covered with some sort of hat or bandana.


Gillander is certainly as friendly as he looks, but he is not at all the pushover many folk take him for. It might seem like he has no backbone and lets his woman rule the roost, but there are two very important things to remember about this man:

1. He *is* Captain of the guard for some very good reasons.
2. and more importantly, he is mated and lives every say with Sanoset.

Both are incredibly solid reasons never to doubt his strength. A kind and stoic man does not by any means equal a weak man.

Gill is a very compassionate person with the uncanny ability to look at life from all angles. Sometimes to the point of being infuriating in his frequent role of devil’s advocate. Its a rare thing to see this man lose his tempter, though its not unheard of. It just takes the right kind of pushing to really set him off. Generally, he’s patient and slow to act, slow to make decisions and tends to speak carefully with full thought. Its these qualities that help make him so good at his job. He tends to get people, taking the time to read into their body languages and he’s made an art of figuring out what people are *really* saying behind their words.

He struggles a bit with handing out appropriate punishments, always taking a little extra time to deliberate. Erring on the side of compassion is always his first instinct, and he truly does believe in second chances whenever possible. That said, he’s gotten good at knowing the difference between a person who truly and honestly regrets their actions, and someone who doesn’t. If he can rehabilitate he’ll go for that option, but woe to someone who takes this offer and screws up again. There’s second chances, but this happens only once.

Because if there’s anything that Gillander hates more than anything is someone who abuses his kindness and generosity. There’s really no coming back from trying to take advantage of this man. And this is without counting Sanoset in the picture.

Like his lover, he tends toward being incredibly possessive and protective. A person simply does not mess with his family. Not with his work and not with his crew. Just don’t do it, end of story.

On a personal level Gill suffers a bit from OCD. There are certain, sometimes odd things that will set him off. His patrols have to be out for an exact amount of time or he’ll assume they did it wrong. Push-ups are done in even numbers only. Sweeps are done left to right every time. There are plenty of things that his recruits just get used to. Because a stressed out Captain is not an enjoyable Captain for anyone.

Perhaps it spurns from the focus and work it takes to keep him from the bottle. His battle with alcoholism is a very regular struggle, though its one that hasn’t beat him for almost twenty turns. It gets to him once in a while though and Gill is prone to bouts of depression, often drawing into himself. Luckily he has a partner that has no problem beating this out of him when its needed.

Sanoset is truly the star of his whole universe, if he wants to be poetic about it all. He loves her and the children she gave him so thoroughly that the idea of being without any of them makes his heart stop. They compliment each other perfectly both a working and professional relationship. Its the sort of ideal romance that he knows many folks dream of and since getting sober he’s never taken it for granted.

He keeps a good relationship up with his guards as well. After all, happy men and women work harder, no? He takes care of them, treats them fairly and show appreciation for them. Really, they’re an extension of his family and he won’t ever stand for anyone treating them poorly, no matter who they are. These are also the few people that truly understand what a strong man he is. While other Weyrfolk might scoff at a kind fellow who lets his woman wear the pants, his own guards learn very quickly that this doesn’t mean he doesn’t have balls too. Its always a great game to watch the new recruits try to mess with their ‘spineless leader’ before they learn.

Birthdate: 01. 01


Gillander was born into the life of a guard. Most of his family were guards that grew up in a small hold right at the top of the island that turned out the best guards on Ista. They trained hard, specializing in search and rescue operations. Ista Island isn’t the most hospital place between the storms, seas and jungles so there’s always someone needed to go looking for some poor lost souls.

Gill spent his childhood tramping along after his parents, learning what he could until he was allowed to formally recruit in the force. He did well, as anyone could expect and, more importantly, he had the compassion *and* the strength to do the work. Things were moving along smoothly until he was sixteen and a dragon came by just before he was up for promotion. Even though he loved the life he had, the chance to impress a dragon was too much of a temptation.

Moving to the Weyr was an enjoyable experience, and Gill settled into the barracks comfortably. Being a candidate wasn’t much different from being a cadet, often even easier than his previous training. He made plenty of friends, one young woman in particular he grew close to. He didn’t realize that he had very strong feelings for Sanoset until they were almost too old to be allowed to Stand any more, and once they aged out their shared disappointment brought them together. It was his idea that they join up with the guards and he was thrilled to be able to share this with Sanoset.

No one really realized that his habit of drinking was a problem for quite some time. Gillander was never going to admit this, that was for sure. It turned out that drinking brought out the gaming side of him and gradually he gambled away his savings. And then other people’s savings. And then started skimming from the Weyr. He was caught, of course, dismissed from the guard force and set to working the crappiest and most humiliating jobs in the Weyr. No punishment could even compare to how Sanoset reacted though. She left. She actually left, disappearing for a few days. Her not being able to look at him broke his heart and made him want to fix up his life more than when she came back and tore a whole lot of strips off of him.

From here the only place to go was up. Gill paid his dues and after a couple of turns was allowed back on the guard where he excelled, eventually being promoted to Captain. He and Sanoset repaired their relationship, though it took a long time to get to where they are now. It wasn’t until he hit thirty that he could convince her to have children, but they were blessed with a beautiful little girl. And a couple turns later were cursed with two little demon children. It was a long while before they had another, but their third son proved to be less difficult. Thank Faranth.



Father: Guard Tandan, Mother: Guard Eldig, Siblings: Somewhere

Most favourite woman that ever existed: Sanoset (HOT)


Daughter: __ (14)

Sons: Sander and Girittan (11), Grindley (2)

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