Character type: Candidate
Rank: Candidate
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual


For all her verbal flair and drama, Gennore is unfortunately rather plain to look at. Her hair is boring brown and stick-straight. Her height is utterly average. Her skin, a nice shade of medium brown, has been marred by repeated bouts of teenage acne. Even when she lines them with far too much kohl, her brown eyes aren't nearly as large as she'd like them to be; her nose is entirely *too* large, and she hates that little bump it has on the bridge. The only things she really likes about her face are her pronounced cheekbones and her teeth, which are straight and even.

Ever since she reached puberty, Gennore has never been able to shake an extra twenty pounds, most of it carried on her hips and thighs. She's tried every kind of dramatic clothing alteration possible, but no matter what color or cut she tries it just seems to make her behind look even bigger.


Gennore suffers from an incurable case of a broken filter. Every trivial insignificant thought that crosses her mind is shared, with great gusto and drama, with everyone in the vicinity. It's not that she's stupid, really, she just loves to hear the sound of her own voice. Why the heck wouldn't everyone else feel the same way?

For all that she can be annoying at times, Gennore can also be a blast to have around. The world is her party, and she can improvise any situation into a more enjoyable one if people are willing to work with her. Her favorite thing in the world is to try to draw introverts out of their corners (much to the dismay of the introverts) and to "solve their problems" by meddling in their lives and trying to hook them up with one of her many friends. She absolutely adores "solving" other peoples' problems by offering them her often overly simplistic view of life. Whether or not her solutions do any good, offering them always makes Gennore feel better about herself. The sad thing is that all the sexual conquests she touts when offering other people advice are actually all in her head. She's kissed boys for sure, but hasn't had the nerve yet to lose her virginity.

With Gennore, you're either her best friend or her worst enemy. For people she considers friends, she is unfailingly generous, willing to go cross oceans for their cause. Admittedly, this generosity stems in part from her desire to always be the center of attention, and she's found that the more she gives the more she tends to receive. She's generally open-minded and accepting of most people; there's nothing Gennore would enjoy more than turning the world into a great herd of admirers, all following her around with adoring gazes. Once someone has crossed her, however, there's practically nothing that can convince her to change her mind.

Even though Gennore hates being restricted to *other peoples'* schedules and routines and ideas of organization, within her own personal space everything must be just so. She has a real skill for choosing flattering colors and deciding which wine would pair best with that spiced herdbeast dish. She has a taste for the finer things in life, though her tendency to live purely in the present moment often results in her getting herself into trouble and drawing the worst duties or simply not having the foresight to plan ahead and work her way into a better position in life.


Birthplace : Ista Weyr, 8.435.6.14

The result of a kitchen assistant's tryst with a visiting Journeyman Baker, Gennore had a typical weyrbrat childhood. Her mother visited her in the creche as often as work allowed, but was perfectly content to allow others to raise her child. Gennore was always the bossy one out of every group, trying to force all the other children to play *her* game by *her* rules, which meant she was always the Lady Holder who got rescued by a heroic Harper. Despite being Weyrbred and growing up around dragons her whole life, all Gennore ever wanted was to be the Lady Holder of Fort or Ruatha or somewhere northern and exotic and wear fancy dresses and be the guest of honor at Gathers.

Not having an immediate family member who rode a dragon, she didn't have more than the usual casual contact with them and honestly never considered dragonriding as a possibility. Although she'd always known that a weyrbred nobody like herself had about as much chance of being chosen to be some Lord's Lady as a wherry winning a goldflight, some stupid part of her still clung to the idea until she was well into her teenage years. Next she fantasized about being a Harper, traveling to the great Gathers and wowing the crowds with her amazing voice. That dream ended when she tentatively asked the Weyrharper and was told she was too old to begin training. She even tried to practice her singing in private so that she could wow him and change his mind, but one of the stupid boys caught her at it and teased her so mercilessly she decided never to sing again.

Not having any real talents to speak of, Gennore settled into life as a kitchen assistant beside her mother, dreaming of Gathers and rich men as she scrubbed pots or kneaded dough. Throughout her teenage years she managed to into and out of trouble on countless occasions, almost lost her virginity twice but lost her nerve and backed out at the last minute both times, made a few enemies and many friends, and was generally restless.

When Tameketh produced a Queen egg, Gennore decided to take her chances and become a Candidate. Like everything else she'd done in her life, the choice was made on a whim and without any serious consideration. Whatever happened, it had to beat peeling tubers for the rest of her life.



Parents: Mother Enora, Father Gavrin
Siblings: There are some half siblings running around out there.

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