Character Type: Dragonrider
Rank: Wingrider
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference:

Basic Information

G'rellan, Bluerider Tamrel's youngest child, struggled from the beginning. He didn't have his brother T'lenen's golden first-born status, or T'berli's self-confidence, or J'borrel's simple contentment with just playing his role, or even the spoiling that youngest children of a large brood often get. Tamrel wasn't interested in babies, and his older brothers were bigger and stronger and moving on to candidacy and other interesting things before him, and if his brothers often wished their mother would divert her attentions and just leave them to the crecheworkers like the other children, G'rellan was the one child of the bunch who craved the attention — perhaps because he was the one who got the least of it. That didn't mean he was under much less pressure, really, and being the youngest in such a physical, disorderly brood was difficult, and as young G'rellan was bullied by his brothers and sister and mother, so he took to bullying any child younger or weaker than himself. To make matters worse, all of his older siblings Impressed fairly young, while G'rellan himself hung on in the barracks for a few extra turns, left out and mostly forgotten, well aware of the unspoken implication that he was a nobody, a non-entity if he wasn't going to Impress. It made him an even angrier teen, always swaggering, always trying too hard to establish himself as the strongest and fastest and best at everything (even his lessons, and he studied hard and became surprisingly well-read and educated in contrast to his siblings, who tended to snooze through lectures and copy others' homework to pass), and even when he finally Impressed blue Lucoryth he never got the celebration he felt he deserved — it still wasn't enough for Tamrel or anyone else it seemed, and he's spent his entire life trying to catch that elusive, shining moment of pride and recognition from someone.

Many Istans will readily describe him as the meanest of the whole bunch, forever trying to assert himself and still trying to prove he's worth something, always going about getting attention in all the wrong ways. He's hungry and resentful and physically dominating, with a glaring Oedipus complex that his mother is completely oblivious to. Beneath all that lies an intelligent man who doesn't really use his brain because he's never been taught to value using it, a fiercely loyal Istan, and a man with a strong sense of responsibility to his wingmates, to his elders, and to his own young children and their mothers.

And, perhaps ironically, he is a phenomenally talented wingrider, and his Lucoryth a phenomenally talented dragon, both worthy of the praise they seek… only Tamrel has never noticed.


Mother: Tamrel, rider of blue Riffith
Father: G'berl, rider of green Willith

Half-brother: T'lenen, rider of bronze Saboroth (+13)
Half-sister: Tyenza, rider of green Brecheth (+9)
Brother: T'berli, rider of brown Mondagarth (+5)
Half-brother: J'borrel, rider of green Gerdeth (+3)
(Possibly other half-siblings on his father's side, TBD)

A few, still young, TBD

Dragon: Blue Lucoryth

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