Character type: Candidate
Rank: Candidate
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual


Granadan is a good mix of his mother and father. He’s definitely got his mother’s height and then some. He shot straight up to six feet sometime after his fifteenth birthing day. He’s not quite as stocky as his father, but no one can call him skinny. he’s got his own share of muscle and can hold his own in a fight. His dark skin is partly the product of his birth and partly from being out in the sun most of his life. He’s got a scattering of scars, most of them from good intentions. He’s been running with his father for as long as he can remember, not always the safest place for a young boy. He was never in serious danger, but he did collect his own share of broken bones and scars.

The older boy has his father’s dark brown eyes complete with the bushy black eyebrows. He sheared most of his hair off a long time ago. With all the exercising he does, he’d rather not half hang himself by catching it on a tree branch.

When he’s exercising, he wears the worst of his clothing. The pants with the holes in them, the tunic that has been faded to a nondescript brown color. When he’s not exercising, he takes a lot of care with his clothing. He wears bold colors, preferably blues and greens although he’s not above a nice shade or red or purple. Faded clothes get put in the exercising pile or tossed out. He is a symbol of Istan Weyr after all.


Most of Granadan’s friends think he’s at least a little unbalanced. Who in their right mind enjoys running just for the fun of it? He can’t help it though. He loves the feel of the grass under his feet and the wind in his face. Whenever he runs, he feels truly free. For that moment, he’s free. No cares or worries can touch him. His mind goes to a different place and he is at peace. He tried to explain it once but all he got for his efforts were worried looks.

Granadan often joins his father for his exercises. He enjoys it and they are rarely exactly the same. Variety is the spice of life after all. Of course, he also enjoys the contact with his father. The moment V'lada began to show an interest in him, he knew he would do anything to make him proud. It wasn’t hard to train with the greenrider. Gran discovered his love for running early on and V'lada’s exercises are just an extension of that.

Granadan has grown up pretty quickly. Most Istan children do. There just isn’t time to *be* a child in Ista with all the natural dangers they have to deal with. If the wind and rain doesn’t get you, something else will. There are times though when you can tell he isn’t completely finished growing. He’s grown physically, but occasionally his thoughts prove that he’s still got a little growing to do. His job and the physical training, (not to mention his family) don’t always leave him time to be alone with his thoughts.

Even though most children grow up in the creche, raised by the people of the weyr, Granadan made sure he and his siblings grew up knowing they were family. They stuck pretty close while in the creche. He did his best to show his brother how to be a man and to protect his sisters. He always feels a little guilty whenever L'han shows up with another injury. He worries that he pushes the little guy too hard to be a “real man”. Those thoughts don’t stay at the front of his mind very long though. Surely, L'han is just being a boy. He is V’lada’s son after all.

When he’s around other people, Gran always has an easy smile on his face. He’s pretty even tempered, always ready for a good joke. Sometimes he’s a little too ready for a good joke. He’s felt the ire of more than one rider by laughing awkwardly at the worst of moments or trying to make a joke of a solemn occasion.


Birthplace: Ista Weyr, 8.431.5.13

Granadan is the oldest child of Gridgi who is now a greenrider. She gave birth to him shortly before she stood for the Hatching. She handed him over to the creche and didn’t look back. She might have looked back a few times. Just to see what kind of person he had turned out to be and only after he had passed that whiny-screaming-feed-me stage that all babies are born into.

His father actually paid more attention to him than his mother did. As soon as he could run, his father was more than happy to show him how to be a man. Constant exercise to toughen him up was a good part of it. Fortunately, Granadan thrived on that sort of treatment. He was lucky enough to enjoy almost everything his father could throw at him.

He gained muscle and height fairly quickly after he hit puberty. As soon as he was old enough, he petitioned to join the weyrguard as his Candidate craft. Surprisingly or perhaps not considering his extensive training, he was allowed to join the guard at age 17. He still stood for Tameketh’s last clutch, but nothing came of it. He’s still a proud son of Ista and determined to serve his weyr the best way he can. He’ll continue standing until he’s too old. If he never Impresses than he’ll serve his weyr as a weyrguard.

Granadan became G'dan when green Wuffryth chose him.



Mother: Assistant Weyrling Master Gridgi, rider of Green Avaterith
Father: V'lada, rider of green Plawinth
Brother: L'han
Half Sisters: Shangi, Gaitiri

G'dan's Dragon: Green Wuffryth

Dragon Name: Wuffryth
Colour: Green
Age: >1
Weyr of Origin: Ista
Weyrling Class:
Wing: HurricaneHeroes


Though her hide is a beautiful, eye-catching shade of emerald green, as a hatchling Wuffryth is not in the most ideal shape for a fighting dragon. She's small and round, chubby with baby fat, with short legs and stubby-looking little wings that she'll wiggle enthusiastically when she's excited about something. Her face will seem too round, her neck too short, and she may call to mind the image of a plump, happy little bird – adorable, but no threat by any stretch of the imagination. That little body is as awkward as it feels at first, too. Her step will have a bit of a waddle to it, and she'll have trouble keeping up with her siblings; her rider may worry, for a while, that she'll never be able to flap those little wings enough to take to the air with any sort of agility or grace.
As she grows, though, she'll be one of those who really undergoes a metamorphosis. She'll shed that baby fat and tone up to solid strength. Those wings and legs and neck will grow long and sure. Even her chubby little face will even out, her snout lengthening into graceful elegance. By the time she's full grown, it will be hard to believe she's the same dragon at all. While she'll always be small, she'll be a beautiful example of a swift-strike green, with enough speed and agility to perform any maneuver her wingleader may ask of her.


Wuffryth just wants to be a good dragon, that's all. Dragons are hatched knowing their duty, and maybe the problem is that, in searching for a solid direction, she clings to that and takes it a step too far. Whatever the reason, Wuffryth has a very lofty idea of what makes a dragon “good”, and she has a deep need to always know that she's behaving properly. As a hatchling, she'll listen brightly in class, eager to learn, and she'll take every single word said to heart, trusting implicitly in the knowledge of her rider and instructors. She'll try so very hard to do exactly what they say, to the point that she'll have trouble understanding instructions that aren't incredibly specific, and may freeze up when faced with thinking for herself. What if she chooses wrong? What if she does something bad?
Unfortunately, it's hard to be good, especially for Wuffryth. There's a part of her that will always want to be a little wild. She naturally has a lot of energy anyway, and underneath her goody-two-shoes exterior is a wild girl who wishes she could care as little as some other dragons seem to. She wants to jump in the mud, and splash water at people, and run in circles around the Weyrbowl, and bugle at the top of her little lungs, and ditch drills to go out chasing sheep… but… but, that's all so bad! She's a little bit afraid of that happy little dragon inside herself, that side of her that she can't always control. There will be times when she just can't, and that wild side of her personality shows itself, when she can't hold back from leaping and bounding for joy or spitting a little fire (figuratively) when she gets mad. These moments will feel wonderful and liberating to her as they're happening, but afterwards when she realizes she's misbehaved, she'll be absolutely mortified with herself. She'll expect everyone to be angry with her, and she may never realize that she's far harder on herself than most others will ever be, or that her standard of “good” goes far above and beyond what most of her leaders expect of her.
After all, she expects the same out of everyone else! And for all that she's mostly a rather sweet dragon, she can occasionally be judgmental and contemptuous of “bad” dragons who don't act as they should. She tries so hard to behave, and it's frustrating when others don't do the same and never ever seem to suffer for it. She's sure they will someday. She doesn't wish ill on them but, well, when it happens, they better remember that Wuffryth told them so! She may in fact become a thorn in the side of her friends, because she'll prod them relentlessly to do the right thing just to keep the ones she loves most from suffering the same dire Thread-eaten fate as she's sure will fall upon the undiligent.

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