Writer: Rendrian
Character type: Candidate
Rank: none
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Quietly homosexual


Willowy, slender, effeminate, all accurate words to describe the slip of a girly-boy that slipped out of Ista’s lower caverns on his twelfth Nameday to apply to be a candidate. The soft chocolate hair that falls over his hazel eyes gives him a bit of a shy appearance that isn’t too far off the mark at all. His shorter stature, soft doe eyes, and soft skin give him the look of one to either be dominated or protected depending on the outlook of the observer. He likes to dress in baggier clothes that leave some of him to the imagination. Never mind that that adds ambiguity to his gender since no one can tell if he’s flat-chested or not. Foylo’s voice doesn’t help with its soft mewl and quiet suggestions.


Foylo was always a quiet boy, sticking to the shadows and not saying much. He would always be the one in the class that would rather play with a stray kitten than interact with a person. As he got older, though, and with much encouragement from his parents, he steadily grew more social. Foylo preferred the company of girls to boys as he found the latter to be downright terrifying in many ways, especially after puberty hit. He never had an attraction to girls sexually but developed great friendships with them. He was an ear to their troubles and secrets as well as a shoulder to cry on when they needed it. It was through them that he learned of his attraction to boys and that not all boys were big, scary brutes that would beat his ass for being a sissy. He learned through his girl friends that some boys even liked other boys. That relationship type was usually more accepted among dragonriders, though Foylo scoffed quietly at the idea of becoming a rider just for that. The trauma of the First Fall gave him a reason to accept the call, though. Ista needed everyone who could help, especially native Istans. Outsiders, he’d heard and thus grown to believe, would bring disaster worse than Thread to their home, would bring Ista to her knees and strip her bare. Injured and sick Outsiders were one thing, they would leave. But these being sent down to actually live here? Oh no.


Birthplace: Ista Weyr, 8.435.5.22

Born quietly amidst the bustle of the Istan Lower Caverns, Foylo never aspired to much beyond the steady work his parents did. He wasn’t an only child, hardly, but he was neither the eldest nor youngest and so thus went largely unnoticed. He was adequate at his studies in history and the arts, though he truly excelled in number figuring. Disliking boasting, Foylo kept that fact to himself. His teachers took note of it, though, but at his quiet request didn’t bring it to light. Foylo wanted to live a quiet life of a caverns worker and was quite happy with the prospect. That was, of course, until the First Fall. He was as sickened by the rest of the Weyr and mourned the losses his people suffered. His family had no riders in it and thus hadn’t lost anything of their own but, as everyone knew, in the Weyr, riders were everyone’s priority.

The quiet child thought about it and made up his mind when the Outsiders started to arrive. He approached V’lada and applied to be a candidate the day he was able to and began his new life as an Istan hopeful for an Istan dragon. Over the Turns, he developed quiet feelings for some of the others that he would never disclose. Birsalen, Kelhelias, Liulfer, Rafivel, all those he’s developed crushes on to some extent or another. Likely, those will never, ever be exposed to daylight, for he’s not even truly told any of the girls he’s drawn close to about them.



Forlge, father, lower caverns worker
Lorenia, mother, lower caverns inhabitant
Numerous siblings
Uncle: T'mah

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