Fort Clutches
Bronzes Browns Blues Greens
8.450.1.8 I'lya, rider of Blue Terith F'lynx, rider of Green Nirith
8.449.3.17 K'she, rider of Brown Ionath
8.445.7.22 S'ryll, rider of Bronze Vastolth Katora, rider of Green Saoirth
8.442.4.1 K'vrel, rider of brown Sengroth Kadra, rider of Blue Sorrenth S'keldri, rider of Green Fidianth
8.438.5.27 K'ron, rider of Blue Gryth
Nialan, rider of Blue Thiuth
8.434.2.12 N'krel, rider of Blue Shrelth
8.433.6.13 T'tavri, rider of Bronze Kaliath
8.421.3.22 L'giln, rider of Bronze Basrath
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