Location Ista Weyr
Position Candidate
Birthdate 8.437.8.17 (17)
Birthplace Cothold near Nerat
Sexuality Bicurious
Played-By Megan Follows
Player Siarna

Faranna is a small girl, standing at 5’2’’ and absolutely hates the way she looks. She should have grown more, not stayed a small and skinny child. Her skin should be a dark brown that could stand in the sun, with sleek black hair and coy brown eyes that would make all the boys fall madly in love with her. She can imagine away the fair, freckled skin and inquisitive green eyes, but she can’t imagine away the thick, long locks of red that tumble down her back. As such, as pulls it up into a bun or piles of braids where she can’t see it. Sometimes she’ll tuck it into her wide-brimmed hat, a straw woven thing with a little pink ribbon, given to her by her parents some few turns ago. Her face is expressive, going from fantastical cheer to the drastic sorrow in seconds. Her clothes are threadbare but precious, mostly dresses with full skirts and shawls for cool nights. They are conservative holder-girl clothes but she loves them anyway- and besides, the Weyrfolk dresscode is a little too outrageous for her yet. She blushes at the mere thought of the Weyr’s beach, or of fellow candidates shucking layers in the middle of hard chores.

As she ages a bit more her body will end up lithe but for now she’s just plain skinny. There’s no meat on her bones just yet, from her family’s hard work to teenage metabolism. She’ll pack on a bit of weight over her first few months in the Weyr. There’s more food on the table than she’s ever seen, and she’ll take good advantage of it! She’s still filling out, and one day might look the part of a young lady instead of a scrawny child.


Faranna is one of those kids that would be labelled ‘exceedingly bright’ if she actually did any work properly. One of those children that would excel if she could simple get her head out of those clouds. As such, her head probably is lost in some clouds somewhere, as she’s a girl that lives in her own mind. She’s a dreamer, a hopeless romantic, waiting for a tall, dark haired bachelor to swoop her off her feet with promises of true love and dragon wings. She draws calligraphy instead of writing, ever wasting precious hides with flowery words that she’s only recently learned the meaning. She’ll be constantly lost in her fantasies, of which she is all too eager to share with others. Tilling a field easily became exploring a dense jungle (nevermind that she has never seen a jungle).

She’s lucky that she has a natural charm to her. Her talkativeness is endearing though sometimes annoying, but she’s eager to please and quick to learn once she’s focused on a task. But in the big, bustling Weyr, there’s always something to read, someone to meet, something that needs doing or watching or experiencing. Weyrstaff in particular will get overly annoyed with Faranna. Because of her overactive imagination, she’s not the one to listen fully to what others are saying. She will never remember curfew or understand orders the first time around. She does especially poorly in outside classrooms. Who could possibly focus on anything when there are DRAGONS nearby?

A dragon to her is the most romantic creature in the entire world. She’s romanticized every piece of Weyr life, from shovelling shit to Lower Caverns chores are all for The Cause of keeping the dragons and riders happy and healthy, for the sake of Pern. She, because she’s helping serve food or bag firestone, is helping the dragonriders achieve their goals! She’s fallen in love with every dragon that flies across the Weyrbowl. She desperately wants to experience dragons: minds bonded to minds, ‘kindred spirits’ meeting for the first time. She will be a blubbery mess at every single hatching at just the romanceo f it all, whether or not she impresses. She’ll be in the depths of despair later, however, in the barracks where she can’t ruin the day of the new pairs.

Faranna is still holdbred through and through, and though she considered herself open-minded before she arrived at the Weyr. Nothing could have prepared her for the different culture of the weyrfolk. Everything is so painfully new and different that she’ll bounce between pretending to know and wide-eyed curiosity. She’ll be a bit lost for a good while yet, as she settles in. The culture shock might lessen but never really leave.


Faranna was born in Morae Cothold, an unremarkable cothold in the farmland of Nerat. She was the eldest child of a lovestruck couple, gifted a small hold to them as a wedding dowry. They were given the staples of a farm: a few animals, seeds, and tools. But the cothold was isolated. Being a candlemark’s walk from the nearest neighbour, the two had to make do on their own. It was hard work, but good work, and they revelled in their new freedom. After a few turns of trying, they were delighted to welcome their little girl into the world. She became especially cossetted as she grew older, as her mother only had more boys.

Harpers only visited once or twice a turn, but Faranna excelled in her learnings. Her parents tried to teach her as much as they could in the interim between harpers, but they were only semi-literate themselves and she quickly surpassed them. Faranna took to old wives tales like a fish to water, and the harpers were only too pleased to indulge her in little tales of olden days. Of the golden Faranth, her namesake, and of Moreta and the brave dragonriders. It set her to dreaming of dragon eggs and she set one eye to the sky, waiting and hoping for the legendary riders to come on Search. She caught sight of a few dragons in the sky, doing routine sweeps or transports, but no matter how much she shouted or waved her arms they never came down.

The family in the next cothold over also had young children, a few of which were around Faranna’s age. She especially bonded with a girl name Catrin, who was only a turn older than she and was a biddable girl, often joining in Faranna’s daydreaming or imaginary adventures. But while Faranna dreamed of dragons and flying, Catrin was down-to-earth and practical. The games were fun while her parents allowed her such fancies, but the day would come when she had to do her duty and work hard, or marry well, or both. She tried to convince Faranna to look towards such duties with pride, but Faranna just couldn’t. There were too many places to explore and things to do. She didn’t want to get married to some hidebound old man (for she was certain that was exactly what would happen) and birth a horde of babies. It was even worse when Catrin did get betrothed to a young man, as part of some trade agreement her parents made. Faranna was furious that her friend was betraying her, even though the marriage wouldn’t happen for a few turns and Catrin seemed genuinely happy with the young man.

Faranna despaired that would happen to her soon enough.

Luck shone on her, thankfully, because soon after her father decided to take her out on the long journey to Nerat Hold. They needed supplies that they could not make at home, and, he told her with a wink, that they wanted her to find love, and she certainly wasn’t finding it at home. She despaired that her parents may try to force some silly connection on her. They arrived just in time for a Search party to descend, and her father sent her into the crowd of youngsters with a firm nudge.

And, lo and behold, a dragon picked her! It was a handsome blue and simply perfect, and his rider was tall and sophisticated and graceful. She even told him so when her meager belongings were being hoisted up onto his back. And he laughed, a glorious rumble and a merry laugh that bounced across her temples. IT WAS AWESOME. So she was packed up and sent to the Weyr without any further ado, with a sad farewell to her father and a growing despair that she may never see her mother or siblings or Catrin again. That despair quickly melted away at the glory of the Weyr and the sophistication of all the people. There are more people in the candidate barracks than she’s ever met! Of course, their customs are a little queer and their clothing a bit lacking, but it’s fascinating all the same! Her learning is a bit sub-par, despite her family’s best efforts, so she needs a bit of remedial learning, but she’ll catch up awful quick.


tons of brothers, younger

Catrin, best friend forever, unknown cothold in Nerat
Bertaula, best friend forever that has found her kindred spirit

Fake Names

Everenda Joy

Craft (Candidate)

Craft: Harper
Rank: Apprentice


Title Characters Summary
Belle (Reprise) Faranna Faranna realizes that her Mom has other ideas about her future
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