Character type: Dragonrider
Rank: Weyrling
Age: 12
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Asexual


F’lynx has dark auburn hair from his mother’s side of the family, but that’s where the resemblance ends. His hair is cut short and has been since he was old enough to grow hair. He’s been groomed to be a rider all his life. Every bit of his appearance showed the little rider that his parent expected and demanded from him.
He’s still a little guy. He’s shorter than most of the other weyrlings, even the ones his age. He’s still growing (He’s only 12, after all), but its not very likely that he’ll ever be very tall. He’s okay with that. He doesn’t need height to succeed.

For such a young boy, F’lynx has very striking eyes. They’re hazel eyes, dark green and brown mixed together. Most of the time there seems to be more brown than green. He has a tendency to stare directly at the person he’s talking to. Some people consider it rude or shocking, but he likes to look directly at people when he talks. It might be from his training, the constant admonitions to “Be strong” or “Toughen up”.


F’lynx has had his life run for him for most of his short life. The few times he’s not been under harsh expectations were the stolen moments with Uncle N’krel. He adores his uncle. He feels guilty now for thoughts like that. His parents are dead and gone. What if he somehow wished them away? He’s dealing with the guilt and sorrow as best he can, but he’s still just a little boy. He hasn’t learned to process those feelings very well. Most times, they’re just funneled out into rage and hate towards the more ordinary pains in everyday life.

F’lynx doesn’t have many friends. Well, he really only has one friend at the moment. He feels distanced from most of the other weyrlings. He hasn’t bonded with them like he should have. He and I’lya have been friends for a while. They know each other and understand more than they realize. I’lya’s stuck with him through thick and thin and he’s not likely to forget that.

Before his parent’s deaths, F’lynx didn’t decide much on his own. His parents had a very clear picture of what they wanted for him and he was just along for the ride. Since their deaths, he’s been able to choose almost anything for himself (inside the weyrling rules, of course). His newfound freedom has gone to his head a bit. He’s more likely to make foolish decisions just because he can.


Birthplace: Fort Weyr, 8.438.4.28

F’lynx was born to Krishji and J’nix, both proud dragonriders of Fort Weyr. Even though they sent him off to the creche just like any other dragonriders, they watched him closely. There were daily visits with daily instructions to the crecheworkers. Even though Falloralynx was an innocent child, the crecheworkers tended to take out their irritations on him. They didn’t go as far as to hit him over it, but they made him feel unwanted.

The young boy was lucky enough to become close friends with I’lya while they were still children. Around F’lynx’s tenth birthday, his parents were killed in an accident while flying drills. His uncle, N’krel began to visit him more often and take a closer interest in him. Not close enough to be a surrogate father, but close enough that he felt like he still had family.

At age 12 he and I’lya both stood for a clutch and managed to Impress. F’lynx had almost lost hope of Impressing, but bright little Nirith burst out of the last egg to hatch a few moments before they were ready to leave.

Weyrlinghood was difficult for F’lynx. It would have been unbearable if it hadn’t been I’lya’s presence. Some of the older candidates he’d grown up with were in his class. They didn’t care for him in the first place and Impressing Nirith did not improve their attitudes. He put up with it for a long time, but it simmered underneath his skin. He longed to lash out at them, but he held back because of Nirith and because they were so much bigger thann he was. Around their seventh month, F’lynx decided he had the perfect way to get back at them without hurting any of the dragons. He’d just set fire to their things. He managed to set fire to three cots and get away without anyone catching him. He got his share of dirty looks and suspicions, but nothing could be proved.

After the fire, he wasn’t teased quite as much. Maybe they were too busy, maybe the others were scared. Whatever the reason, F’lynx was just happy not to have to listen to them anymore. Shortly after they all were able to move into their own weyrs, the teasing started back in full force. It was even worse than before. Both the boys had their own way of dealing with it. The only problem was this time they got caught. To make matters worse, I’lya confessed to helping F’lynx. Now not only is F’lynx being shipped off to another weyr, he’s racked with guilt for causing his best friend to be shipped off as well.



Father: J'nix, rider of ? ?
Mother: Krishji, rider of ? ?

Uncle: N'krel, rider of Blue Shrelth


Friend: I'lya, Rider of Blue Terith

F'lynx's Dragon: Green Nirith

Colour: Green
Age: 10 months
Weyr of Origin: Fort


Nirith is small for a green, even for one so young. She hasn’t reached her full growth yet, but she’s not going to get much bigger than she is now. She doesn’t see anything wrong with her size. It’s perfect for dashing across the sky with her rider in tow.

Nirith’s hide is a bright green color with darker green spots mottled across her sides. She seems like a perfect dragon if a bit small until you take a closer look. A close observer will notice she was born with an extra toe on each foot. Each time she sees a dragon with the proper amount of toes, she’s likely to remark how sad they must be to lack the proper amount of toes.


Nirith was one of the last eggs to hatch on the Sands. After she hatched, a few of the weyrlingmasters briefly wondered if she should have ever hatched at all. She’s not the brightest of dragons. Her attention often wanders from topic to topic. It’s difficult for her to remember what she talked about an hour ago. Her rider is going to have to get used to telling her the same things every morning until the information worms her way into her long term memory.

The one thing Nirith has never had a problem with is flying. She loves to fly. Every aspect of flying seems to be purely instinctual on her part. She will be able to remember flying patterns after flying them only once or twice. She won’t remember actually learning them. She’ll just assume she’s always known them and won’t understand why other, younger dragons must be taught.

The young green dragon will always remember who her friends are. She might not remember how she met them or why she likes them, but she will remember that they are her friends. Although she enjoys flying by herself, she’ll be ecstatic to be able to fly with other dragons, especially her friends. Her rider will need to spend a few extra minutes calming her down before flying off to drills or even preparing to fight thread. Her desire to fight Thread will sometimes war with her happiness to be around her friends and she won’t know whether to talk or fly.

Nirith will never quite understand taunts or insults. She’ll take words at face value and not understand the meaning beneath the actual words. She might be puzzled over the tone at times, but that won’t last long. Unless the other person keeps it up for a while, she’ll have forgotten the words in no time at all.

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