Writer: Rendrian
Name: F'liau
Character type: Dragonrider
Rank: Wingrider
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Bisexual


Small, quiet, out-of-the-way, useful. All words usable to describe F'liau by most that see him. At first glance, and probably for many glances past that, he seems rather usual and plain in appearance. He inherited his mother’s honeyed brown hair and his father’s pale blue eyes. The hair is kept short where it curls just slightly, especially on top. His skin is an even light tan color that doesn’t really deviate. F'liau’s most noticeable characteristic would be his ears that stick out a way from his head. They aren’t huge, but wide enough to have caused him considerable teasing. At the right times, though, those cool blue eyes warm right up and his thin mouth splits into a wide and toothy grin usually accompanied by a silly little laugh. It isn’t often that he does laugh, but when he does it tends to be infectious. Under his clothes, his body is thin and body with some visible muscle at his shoulders, abdomen, thighs, and calves. There’s a sort of frailty about him that’s endearing; this hides the strength that allows him to keep up with his class in both chore and exercise.


F'liau at first seems quiet and unimportant, slated for drudgework at best, but under that blandness is a quick mind that’s capable of subtly manipulating those around him to think like he does, and with some people he’s even capable of getting them to do his bidding. His quite small group of friends is above such petty meddling, but F'liau chose them as friends for a reason. He needed people he could trust without any doubts and who could trust him. They are the only people he would never, ever lie to and who he trusts to never ever lie to him. To rankers, F'liau grudgingly bends and bows without fighting back. A small handful of scars on his back remain from where he tried to play mind games with his bronzerider father before the ‘Fall and the man thoroughly disciplined his son. He is not above doing whatever he must do to make sure that his ambitions are met thoroughly.

As far as Outsiders versus Istans go, F'liau believes that Istans are, by nature, superior, but that Outsiders can be useful. They are often oblivious to how things work in the Weyr and can thus be “convinced” to do things a normal Istan wouldn’t. Of course, these things don’t usually trail back to the quiet little brunette son of the dead bronzerider. He has no real dreams of controlling the Weyr like it seems every other bronzerider get does, but would instead like to ride a fighting dragon in a Wing like any other person has the right to. Let other airheads argue about who really runs the roost or has the best ideas, or even who can win the most fights. How does that even matter? No, F'liau sees more merit in doing one’s work well; if it *happens* to be better than everyone else’s work, well, then, he meant to do that.


Birthdate: 8.437.5.14

Born a flight baby in Ista Weyr of a bronze and a bluerider, Fefiliau was raised like every other child- in the crèche. His mother visited him on a regular basis and got him familiar enough with her dragon. Occasionally, his father would spend time with him and was the iron fist to his mother’s velvet glove. L’lau was where Fefiliau learned discipline and the true hardship of being a rider- he would often exercise with firestone of various sizes once he was old enough and was frequently tasked with helping both of his parents tend their dragons. Both blue and bronze liked the boy enough that it was suggested that he become a Candidate when he was twelve. Before then, Fineri made sure that her son knew how to read and write as well as the basics of figuring numbers. Fefiliau showed a surprising aptitude for figuring as well as a powerful hunger for reading- his writing looked like someone tied an inkstick to a wherry and let it loose. Fefiliau took a passionate interest in historical songs the Harpers could come up with and surprised his mother further by displaying a decent ability to sing. He had little interest in silly ditties about love and frivolity but instead would sing ballads of noble riders and Lords while he prepared for the day and did his chores.

Once Fefiliau did reach twelve Turns, he did as was expected and approached the Candidate Master for a chance to become a dragonrider like his parents. His determination became rock-solid after the disaster of the First ‘Fall that took both of his parents. His father perished immediately while his mother suffered for three days before finally passing away. Fefiliau was left with their legacy as well as a new, painful, and very real knowledge of why humans rode dragons. He felt that, if he had the ability to ride as well, then maybe he could prevent this massacre from happening again. Maybe he could even save his own children one day, should he ever have them. No, no one should ever go without their parents for any length of time. Fefiliau vowed then that he would do whatever it took to make things right again. With this determination he stood for Tameketh and Ronageth’s clutch with a strong heart and will. Those were not enough, it seemed, for he didn't Impress.

The next time that Tameketh flew, though, would bring luck to the young boy. He would be united with Mavenath, a delightfully clever blue who sought knowledge and wisdom from his new partner, F'liau.


Friends: Jorena, Aleya


L’lau, bronzerider father (deceased)
Fineri, bluerider mother (deceased)

F'liau's Dragon: Blue Mavenath

Colour: Blue
Age: 2
Weyr of Origin: Ista Weyr
Wing: Red Tide
Clutch: SunRunners


Mavenath is a very stately sort of blue. He’s not particularly handsome, or flashy, or cute or anything like that, he’s just regal, stately, classic. He’s like a statue of what someone would carve a blue dragon looking as and that air of refinement certainly helps him win attention from the ladies. He’s a slender dragon, built to stroll rather than lumber, with an elegant tail that, when he sits upright, he hooks over his arm like a cane, or suit jacket. He’s very erect, which makes him look larger than he is. In all actuality he’s quite average in build, but his straight back and proud head gives him a good boost over other more casual dragons.

His hide is that deep royal blue, not the bright shade but the more satin version that gleams. There is no variation to it across his hide except for across his head, which has a darker marking, almost like a cap or a helmet. His mind voice is soft, deep and cultured, with that soothing cadence that makes you want to listen to it talk about paint drying.


Mavenath is one of those dragons that hatches older than his turns. He rolls into the world with an air of experience and with an attitude of ‘I think I know a bit more than you do’. To be fair Mavenath is a wise little dragon; his ideas make good sense, he often finds good workable solutions to problems, but he is far from infallible. Sometimes his attitude comes across as a little bit ‘know it all’, a little bit smug about his knowledge and chance to educate you. He doesn’t mean to rub people the wrong way but…sometimes smart guys who share their brains do just that.

He’s not obnoxious though, which is a point in his favour. If he makes a mistake he is more than happy to admit his fault, unless you’re being an asshole about it. Because if there is one thing that Mavenath hates it’s people being rude or disrespectful. He’s a blue of Ista, he’s one of the smartest in his class, in his Wing. He is due respect, or at least the illusion of courtesy and if you do not give him that…well…things will get nasty.

Mavenath has no compunctions about using his brains and wit to embarrass someone who crosses him, to trip them up publically just to get even. He’s a lovely natured little dragon, but sometimes even the loveliest people have a mean streak when they’re crossed.

In all though Mavenath is the dragon you go to when you need a problem solved, when something isn’t working, when you can’t remember some piece of trivia. His mind is perfect for remembering step by step instructions as well as random facts, which he is more than content to share with anyone who asks. He will be intrigued by craftsmen, and will watch how they do things, memorising the steps for his own curiosity, which he can then rattle off to whoever asks.

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