Character type: Dragonrider
Rank: Wingrider
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual


Ephena is quite a lovely young woman to look at, with long dark hair, olive skin, and expressive dark brown eyes. Her facial features are small and delicate, but arresting, and with her bright, charming smile she is attractive. She might wish that she had the body of a siren to match her more exotic face, but instead she is slim. athletic and fit in body and she makes it work for her. She's a rider after all, not a holder girl chasing a good husband any longer. She's not built for strength but definitely has the endurance to last.


This young woman has never lacked for assurance, for confidence in who she is. Some people just thrive on being different, in being seen and admired, and Ephena is one of those people. It's not vanity not in the preening sense, but she enjoys being in the centre of the stage, having her moment. Therefore where other shyer girls, or those unwilling to step outside the mould hesitate or shrink back, Ephena is likely to step forward. The spotlight is a scary place to be…but once she's there she loves it. As such she has no problem just walking up to people and introducing herself, or striking up a conversation. She refuses to be put off when people are rude, and the benefits outweigh the negatives.

She was raised with a strong Istan work ethic coming from a minor hold on the island. Everyone had to do their part, do their share, and she grew up with this mentality. No task is too menial because if everyone does their work then everything gets done and everyone is better for it. As such she has little love for those who shirk or slack off.

Funnily enough she has a terrible fear of tunnelsnakes, to the point of not being able to sleep for imagining them rustling around her weyr. Leobeth and N'than are her comfort and she trusts them to make sure that she doesn't get bitten by the little bastards.

As for the Outsiders, she has little love for these people invading her home. How do they know these new riders will have their backs? What if they don't have the same ethics? What if they are slackers? Ista is her home and she's an islander through and through. The thought of people sneering or mocking that heritage makes her furious. So don't expect her to open her arms to the transfers…but she will be watching them….oh yes.


Birthplace : High Palisades Hold, 8.427.5.17

Ephena was born at High Palisades Hold to a pair of Journeyman Harper parents. Unlike her parents and indeed her other siblings Ephena's voice was never better than passable and she never really showed any interest in improving. She was always a bit of a drifter, always more interested in the local lads than in her studies.

Her life wasn't exceptional. She often looked after her younger sisters. She was passable at her studies but hardworking at her chores. Finally her parents organised a betrothal between her and a sea craft lad Normel. She didn't really mind, not having ever expected anything more but she was saddened when a few sevendays before the wedding he died when his ship was sunk.

At around 17 turns of age she was shocked when a rider from the Weyr, doing a cursory Search of the Holds to supplement the increasing clutches, pronounced her acceptable to a dragon. It had been a tough decision, and she had stayed up half the night with her parents and siblings weighing up the pros and cons of being a dragonrider. It was dangerous, she knew that, heading up towards a Pass, but it also gave her a flutter of excitement, the hint of a purpose, something she had been lacking. After thinking about it, she made her way to the Weyr, taking a ride up with the tithe wagons, clutching the Search token she had been left.

She had expected it to be hard, and she wasn't disappointed. But unlike her Harper lessons which had never really excited her, the lessons she learnt during her Candidacy fascinated her. She knew she was going to be held to a high standard, being a rider was hard work, and she had to be dedicated and tough. She was a woman aiming to ride a dragon, yes…she was going to have to be one of the best. So she worked hard, but always took a little bit of time for herself, to get to know those around her.

A good thing too, because one day she noticed a young man watching her across the common room and introduced herself. His name was Nairthan and from that moment on the two were the best of friends. Along with another young candidate named Erlief, the pair got into all kinds of mischief around the Candidate barracks. Gradually however the pair came to realize their feelings towards one another were more than just the friendly kind, and a tentative romantic attachment was formed.

Of course just after this was when both Nairthan and Erlief Impressed, to a brown and a green respectively, leaving Ephena on her own. However she was not left to her own devices for too long, as just under a turn later she too Impressed to her lovely Leobeth.

Weyrlinghood was harder again than Candidacy, but Ephena was determined to shine, and be a credit to the Weyr that was her home as well as her teachers. Graduating, she became a full rider, and after Leobeth's first mating flight she and N'than became Weyrmates.

When the First Fall Disaster unfolded Ephena counted herself blessed to come out on the other side of it with her dragon and her friends and mate intact. So many had been less fortunate, but she was furious to hear of the call for outside help. Now with her Wing down to 11 riders, she has been absorbed into a new Wing, with new riders, and Outsiders. She's not sure yet how she's going to handle it.



Father: Pollon
Mother: Fresa
Brother: 1 Unnamed
Sisters: 2 Unnamed


Weyrmate: N'than of Brown Masiefth

Former betrothed : Normel of High Palisades Hold


E'lief of Green Belagoth

Ephena's Dragon: Green Leobeth

Dragon Name: Leobeth
Colour: Green
Age: 4
Weyr of Origin: Ista Weyr
Weyrling Class: 8.446.8.9


Leobeth is a dark green and uniform in color for the most part. She's never going to grow into a medium sized green but forever remain on the tiny size. This however makes her ideal for speed, something that is capitalized on in her thread fighting strategy. Sweet looking, this little green doesn't appear to have a odd looking bone in her body. But for all her cuteness, she doesn't enjoy the attention her rider thrives on.


Leobeth will always be an anxious dragon. From the beginning she has been a dragon of nervous ticks, and prone to panic attacks. She needs things to stabilize her, things like her rider, and also funnily enough her riding straps. She always feels at her most secure when she's wearing them. Of course she can't wear them all the time, and when she isn't, like when eating, or bathing, or sunbathing, or even just sleeping, she is prone to flying into fits of panic. Fortunately for everyone Ephena has become quite adept at heading off these freak outs.

For all that Leobeth isn't the most sturdy and emotionally steady dragon she does have smarts and it'll show when she's set to lessons. Once the panicking is under control she'll actually come up with some brilliant ideas and be known among her wing as a very smart dragon. Her smarts will stay with her as she ages and she'll end up being a credit to any wing, even with her eccentricities.

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