Character type: Cook
Rank: Weyrstaff
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual


That she could've been gorgeous were her shape somewhat more prominent drove her into obsessing over her appearance, drove her into competing against anyone more voluptuous. Her almost C-cup cleavage, almost platinum blonde hair and grey, glassy eyes seem rather attractive. The way they're put together onto one person, even the way her hair descends around her face compliments the shape of said face. Otherwise that square jaw would've came across more as handsome than anything remotely female. Even smooth, peach-bronze skin can't quite soften her jaw-line.


Beyond her one, aforementioned, obsession Emmyse is rather steadfast. Even distracting her would've taken some major effort, nor would she skitter from one emotion into another without 'certain mitigating circumstances'. These circumstances include an utter phobia of Thread. For that reason she'll become frustrated over what she considers the 'suicidal Istan vs Outsider foolishness'. Thread won't care where you're from and you're no more than another morsel within whatever savory stew it is currently sampling. Therefore, in her opinion, everyone should focus more on destroying the silver menace and she won't hesitate telling hostile Istans, or Outsiders that're aggravating the Istans, that they're not targeting the proper threat.

She will otherwise come across as someone that'll support those that're undergoing turmoil, no matter what said turmoil maybe. She will even side against Outsiders if they're aggravating the Istans, or side against Istans if they're hostile toward the innocent Outsiders. It'll seem like fairness and justice are her internal nature unless you're someone that's previously taken sides against her, which case she'll hang onto her bias, rather hesitant and vicious about changing it. In several more Turns, once she's more experienced, her scolding will become more motherly.

Nor would she lash out physically but that won't prevent her from shooting some fierce comments toward those enemies. Words are her preferred weapon, which'll make sense once someone becomes aware that she loves writing, aware she's studied what words exist under her father's watchful gaze. It sure explains her proficiency in stringing words together. She has some trouble with insomnia because her mind always starts imagining various adventures once she's laid down, leaving her awake. Emmyse will also prefer salty, spicy foods over anything sweet. That her square face and hair color (because she'll never consider blonde as pretty) has made her alert toward over females. Most female's hair will make her somewhat envious.


Birthplace: Benden Weyr, 8.437.9.21

Emmyse inherited talent from both parents. Her father loved word games and puzzles, feeding her imagination until it'd given her insomnia, but from her mother she could recognize spices, could recognize when she'd put enough in without actually measuring those ingredients. That would've let her become either a fine scribe or cook. She was her father's gem for nearly 3 Turns until he Impress Kagarth, making her 'the first gem', and her mother was rather work oriented so Emmyse spent more time around the creche. She made some friends albeit she grew into a serious young woman, serious but caring about others. None of her half-siblings (from her father) got much attention from their father though, so it drove somewhat of a wedge between her and those siblings. Something her father was doing intentionally.

About when Emmyse became 10 her mother brought her into the kitchens so she could watch her mother work. Emmyse instead ran errands back and forth, bringing the cooks stuff rather than watching what her mother was doing. After that, if she could sneak out from the creche, or away from the crecheworker, she would head for the kitchens… Her father got into the habit of taking her there whenever he visited, these moments kept him within her favor, so it didn't surprise anyone that Emmyse became a cook. Nor that she'd follow her father when he was transferred off to Ista Weyr after that first disasterous Threadfall.



Bronzerider N'frem (father)
Assistant Headwoman Taryse (mother)
2 unnamed half-sisters (from N'frem)
1 unnamed half-brother (from N'frem)
1 unamed half-sister (from Taryse)


Area: Kitchens

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