Character type: Dragonrider
Rank: Wingrider
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference: Sex? Ewww!


Emley is a scrappy little thing, short for her age and bony as a newborn colt. What she lacks in size she makes up for in attitude, her hazel eyes glaring up at anyone who would *dare* to suggest that there's anything in the world she can't do. And when she sticks out her pointy chin and puts her hands on her scrawny little hips, it's hard not to believe her.

Her face is most notable for its abundant covering of freckles, a feature which extends to the rest of her body as well. In some places Emley is more freckle than regular skin. Her hair is a dirty blonde tangle around her face, liberally streaked with lighter blonde from so much time spent in the sun. It's obvious to look at her that trouble just seems to follow this girl around. From bruised knees to scraped elbows to the scar running across her chin to the chip that's missing from one of her overly large front teeth, Emley bears abundant evidence for her love for all things physical, especially dangerous things.


Emley has more bravery than she does sense. From the time she could walk, she's always seemed to find her way into places she shouldn't be. It doesn't even take a dare to get her into trouble, though she'll almost never turn one down; trouble just seems to have an affinity for her. She was just innocently chopping vegetables in the kitchen, and someone decided to throw flour all over her, she really has no idea how it happened! (No, that couldn't be egg in Trelvar's hair…)

As much as she loves a good adventure story, reading has never held that much interest for Emley; she'd much prefer to be out climbing the rigging of her uncle's boat or racing the other kids to the big rock across the cove or pestering the hold's smith to let her swing his hammer. Her kinesthetic fascination with every facet of the world around her does lend Emley a surprising skill in picking up tactile skills after just a couple tries. She can tie knots to beat the crustiest old sailors; swims like a dolphin; can weave her own rope and then scramble up a cliff on it; she's even picked up a rudimentary understanding of smithing from observing (read: pestering) the hold smith, and she just KNOWS she could create the GREATEST STUFF EVER if only she had the strength to wield the hammer.

Emley is an accomplished liar. Most of her lies are fairly harmless, just used to cover her hide when she gets caught doing something she shouldn't. Her lying is mostly to get herself out of awkward situations; she's far too naive about other peoples' motivations to be able to successfully manipulate them. Whether that changes as she gets older remains to be seen.

She also has a very active imagination and loves to tell the MOST EPIC STORIES EVER to her younger foster siblings.Underneath her rambunctious tomboy exterior, thre's a bit of an idealist lurking. Emley has all these *ideas* about how the world *should* be, she just doesn't know how to put them to words much less try to implement them. There's an aspect of her that's almost superstitious in the way that she'll cling to an idea and refuse to let it go. For example, she now feels that dragonriding must be her DESTINY after being denied the last go around, and nothing is going to stop her from pursuing it.

Unlike some girls who spend their tween years just longing to be a grown up woman, Emley is pretty convinced she'd rather just stay a kid. Boys are just great for spitting contests and racing and mud fights, but kissing? That's just gross. Being an adult just seems like too much being *responsible* all the time.

Unfortunately for Emley, life isn't all fun and games, and as she teeters closer to the doom that is adulthood, more and more people keep asking her "what she intends to do with her life." For now, Emley tells them all she's going to join the crew on her uncle's fishing boat, though in her mind the plan changes every day. Crafting is out for sure—what could be more boring than just sitting in one place *making* things all day? No thanks. Her secret little dream that she doesn't tell anyone for fear of luck turning against her is to someday own her own boat and sail around to all the sea holds as a trader.


Birthplace : Ista Hold, 8.438.1.06

Emley's parents both died when she was too young to remember (her mother in childbirth, her father in a fishing accident), and so she grew up as one of a huge brood of foster kids. She always had an established set of parental figures there when she needed them but tended to find herself being mentored by all sorts of people within the Hold. Being raised by the whole village, as it were.

Despite the death of her birth parents, Emley has enjoyed a remarkably happy and care-free childhood, always surrounded by exciting things to do and people who loved her. Growing up at Ista Hold proper instead of some tiny backwater gave her enough contact with the outside world to cultivate an intense curiosity about the rest of Pern and prevented her from becoming too sheltered. Even as a young child she was often sent out by herself to gather mussels and spiderclaws; often as not these excursions became excuses for her to run to the docks and talk to the traders, to catch a glimpse at something exotic if she was lucky.

Once she turned ten, she took up pearl diving along with several of her foster brothers. They rarely found anything of value, but the fun of racing to the bottom with even the remote potential for discovering hidden treasures was enough to keep them going. With her gang of foster siblings to look out for her, Emley mostly managed to escape being bullied. A few certainly tried, and found tunnelsnakes in their beds or fish spines in their food as a result.

One boy in particular, a few years older and much larger than her, didn't seem to appreciate Emley's vengeance. The last time the Weyr visited Ista Hold on Search, her favorite enemy somehow found out before Emley did that dragonriders had arrived. He found her alone in a hallway, shoved her into a storage room, and jammed the door shut. No amount of yelling or banging on the door brought any help, so she had to sit there helplessly while the dragons chose without her. Emley had quite honestly never considered becoming a dragonrider until that very moment, but being denied that possibility made it suddenly the most important thing EVER.

Whether or not the dragons would have wanted her she had no way of knowing, but Emley wasn't going to let that jerk ruin her chances yet again. The next time she would have a plan. The same day that the news reached Ista Hold that Tameketh had clutched again, Emley grabbed the little bundle she'd packed up and started walking.

This was decidedly not her brightest idea. For all that she'd spent hours of her childhood trying to make sense of her foster father's nautical maps and charts, Emley had never actually *been* anywhere and so had little sense of what those distances meant. Luckily, she'd only been walking for half a day when a dragonrider riding sweeps spotted her from the air. She's not sure how she convinced him to take her to the Weyr rather than sending her right back to her family, but here she is! A little dusty, a little sunburned, a little dehydrated, but she made it! Now what the heck does she have to do to get one of those awesome looking green dragons?


Baxes, The awesomest friend ever, who probably hates her now for Impressing without her!


Birth parents are deceased.
She has foster parents and many foster siblings at Ista Hold.


Dragon Name: Sarteth
Colour: Green
Age: Hatchling
Weyr of Origin: Ista


What a sleek little green.

Sarteth is without a doubt one of the most graceful greens to come out of this clutch, but rather than gliding or floating, this green saunters, she prowls. She’s slender, all long sleek limbs and long, thin curving tail. Her headknobs are delicately pointed, and her eyes are slightly more almond than the usual draconic shape. Her hide is lovely too, a very pale green with darker green spots all along it. The darker green also runs a long line down her spine and up over her cheeks to her eyes, lining them in thick dark green lines, giving her an exotic look. She’s not excitable either. Some little dragons exude enthusiasm, but Sarteth is pure languorous movement, steady and purposeful.


From the moment she hatches Sarteth is an independent little dragon, and not in that childish, ‘I do what I want’ way so many others do. She just doesn’t really seem to need anyone and seems perfectly content in her own company, without need of others to talk to or entertain her. That’s not to say that Sarteth doesn’t like company, in fact she does enjoy spending time with other dragons and little candidates, it’s just not something she HAS to have.

It is a shame perhaps that this little dragon is in fact green, rather than gold, simply because she has a wonderful sense of maternal instinct, and would have made a fine mother for Ista’s future dragons. As it is however, she channels these protective, nurturing urges into the little creche brats and the candidates. She has a strong affinity for them, and will often spend her spare sunning time in a patch of sun near where they will be performing their activities. She doesn’t coddle them however, or act adoringly, in fact she’s quite firm, and has a strong sense of what is right and what is wrong. These children, as much as the baby dragons the golds produce, are the future of Ista, and she refuses to coddle them. Because to do so might weaken them, and place them in more danger than if she had been firm to begin with,.

All of this means that when she’s old enough Sarteth will be one of the best Search dragons Ista has to offer, one with that innate, natural talent to spot out potential. And she will, most likely, rarely be wrong.

There is a muted sensuality to Sarteth, a huskier note to her mind voice, a measured, intelligent way of speaking, as well as her lithe movements. She will not discourage male attention, in fact she quite enjoys it, as long as they realise that she is who she is, her own dragon. She will actually have a particular fondness for blues, rather than the bolder, (stupider, she thinks) bronzes. Browns she does not mind, but blues…blues are the ones that make her heart race a little faster. Especially if they can keep up with her mentally.

No one will ever be able to say this is a silly little green, she’s quite smart, and level headed, although she is a ferocious fighter in the air. When she’s fighting thread, all the chilled, smooth calm dissipates and Sarteth becomes a ruthless fighter in the wings.

Nothing will ever be as important to this little green than fufilling her purpose; to protect Pern. It’s a role she takes very seriously and does not take kindly to people treating it like a bit of a joke. There is plenty of time to play after drills after all, why do you have to be so immature and fudge around now! She has a habit of hissing when she’s annoyed and will often glide past and hiss irritably at someone slacking off.

She has to protect her Weyr, this is her home, and it is home to the little ones that she would do anything to keep safe

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