Writer: Claddagh
Name: Ellabei (pron. Ella-bee)
Character type: Lower Caverns Staff
Rank: Server
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual


Ellabei looks nothing like her raven-haired, older sister, Fianlei (pron. Fin-lee) with her dark, seemingly Istan looks. Instead, she has gorgeous long, copper-coloured hair; her one defining feature she is most proud of. Her skin is fair and pale, kept so by working in the Lower Caverns. She has a smattering of freckles across her cheeks and nose, and the kindest, most innocent hazel-green eyes you have ever seen. She is often mistaken (because of her looks) for a Telgari; anyone who has seen Senior Journeyman Braughan and his family with their red hair inadvertently associates her with them, but once people get to know her they soon begin realize she has none of the bluster or temper of Braughan.

While they may look nothing alike in appearance, she and her sister are both tall women; both stand at exactly 5 feet 11 inches. She is thin, small-breasted and lanky. Her body is soft and untoned; the only muscles she has are in her her arms and legs from walking and carrying food and drink back and forth between the kitchens and the Dining Hall.


Ellabei is one of those remarkably good and kind people for no other reason than that she feels the world needs more love and kindness in it. If you’re feeling down, she is the person who would be there to cheer you on to getting back onto your feet. If you need some marks, she is the one who would give you whatever little she has and wouldn’t expect you to repay her with anything other than a smile and a promise to help someone in future. In short, she’s probably the kindest, most gentle person you have ever met before.

She is a shy, self-conscious woman, further differentiating herself from her more fearless and dominant older sister. Most people who get to know them both can easily fall into the habit of defining Ellabei by everything she is not in comparison to her sister. She’s modest and meek, and certainly hasn’t a clue how beautiful she is, either physically or personality-wise. Anyone man or woman who pays her the slightest bit of attention to her of a sexual nature will find her completely oblivious of their intentions unless they spell it out for her.

She likes to think the best of everyone, and would never intentionally hurt anyone or anything.


She had her older sister are born exactly two turns apart, right down to the day. They were incredibly close growing up, Fianlei and Ellabei were incredibly close and did everything together. Like most of the weyrbrats, Fianlei had always wanted to become a dragonrider and had dragged Ellabei into her plans to become a Candidate with her, despite the fact Ellabei didn’t want to be a dragonrider at all. If she’s honest with herself, the beasts frighten her and she couldn’t imagine having to ride one.

By the time Ellabei was 16 turns old, she had learned long before her older sister came to realize it, that they were never going to become dragonriders. There was just a gut feeling she had about it. While Fianlei clung to the belief she’d be able to Impress a dragon, Ellabei quietly went about making sure they would have work amongst the Lower Caverns staff at Igen Weyr. It wouldn’t be glamorous work, but then again, Ellabei had never been one who needed risk, danger or excitement in her life. It was also about this time her elder sister began an intense relationship with a much older female dragonrider, a relationship even Ellabei could see was doomed from the start. Fianlei had fallen too quickly and too deeply for the older woman; it was not a relationship that was going to last. She had hoped when the woman had been transferred out of Igen Weyr to Ista Weyr that the two of them would have the sense to break off the relationship, but alas, they did not. Fianlei had somehow managed to convince her lover (against Ellabei’s advice) to take the both of them with her to Ista Weyr. Ellabei was not happy about the move, but didn’t want to be separated from her sister, and so she had reluctantly gone with her.

It had been a difficult time for the sisters, adjusting to the new weyr. The Istans had not been exactly welcoming or open and friendly to either of them, and while Fianlei had her lover to keep her warm at night, Ellabei had no one. It was around this time that she first met N’jori. She’d been serving him one day in the Dining Hall when she felt something instantly “click” between the two of them and the rest had developed carefully and slowly from there. While she doesn’t know she’s doing it, she currently is one of his best spies, gathering information on those she sees in the Dining Hall and reporting back to him, even though she thinks they’re just having innocent conversations about the riders she sees on a daily basis.

She was secretly relieved when both she and Fianlei aged out of Impressing; she’d never wanted to become a dragonrider anyways. However, without becoming Candidates, they really didn’t have a reason to be in Ista anymore, especially with Fianlei having her disastrous break-up with her lover. It was N’jori who had come to their rescue and secured them places amongst the Lower Caverns staff (how, exactly, he wouldn’t say). While she doesn’t realize it, she is paying him back for his “kindness” by spying on the other riders in the Dining Hall for him, although she thinks she’s just having innocent conversations about the people she sees every day. Perhaps naively, she sees the best in him, and isn’t wary of him, like most other people are. She sees something (but not something she can exactly put into words) about him that no one else does, which might be a good thing, considering she’s just discovered she’s pregnant with his child.


Fianlei (older sister)


Unborn child with N'jori


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