Character type: Healer
Rank: Journeyman
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: So flexible


Eldavari is one of those boy next door types. He’ll never be rugged or chiselled; he looks far too sweet for that. But neither is he one of those painfully cute little delicate boys either, though he has definitely been called ‘pretty’ by at least one of his co-workers. The word to describe him would probably be wholesome; he has one of those faces that you know you can trust. Which is a good thing considering his choice of career. He has tanned light skin, straight brows and defined cheekbones. His eyes are a lovely shade of soft blue green, and his mouth almost seems permanently curled upwards in a smile that leans towards the goofy side. He’s strong, likes to keep himself fit by swimming early in the mornings whenever he can, and so he has the swimmers physique.


This Healer is quite honestly a nice guy. That’s what everyone says about him for the most part, including the people who slept with him and then went on to find something a bit more exciting. And maybe that’s just it, Eldavari is safe, he’s calm, gentle, kind, a bit cheeky, a lot dorky and absolutely a gentleman. And that’s the problem. Most people don’t seem to want safe, sweet and gentle. In a Weyr, where monogamy is a concept most do not ascribe to , and danger and excitement are almost common place…Eldavari seems a little dull. But he really is ‘such a nice guy’. He gets really tired of hearing that.

It’s a good thing he’s quite easy going, and unflappable, simply because the field he chose isn’t really the most manly. Mind healing is often considered for sissies, but Eldavari finds it fascinating. Still his easy going temperament means that he can happily take his colleagues teasing and give a little back without getting his feelings hurt. He struggles with distancing himself emotionally from his patients (he always gets too attached), but he also finds empathising a fascinating experience.

He has a number of interests to help himself wind down at the end of the day, including truly terrible singing and passable guitar playing, reading, whistling, whittling and truly unco-ordinated dancing.

Eldavari never had any desire to be anything more than he is now, he never wanted to ride a dragon, he never chose to stand and he was grateful when he got past those turns without somehow attracting one. He loves what he does, and he loves his patience. He was always meant to be a guider, to help people find their way…and to him, that makes his job important.


Birthplace: Ista Weyr, 8.424.1.14

Eldavari was born at Ista Weyr to a pair of young, young, candidate parents. His mother was the one to choose his name, a bit of a curse for him simply because she’d always dreamed of having a daughter and naming her Eldavari. In her mind, the fact he was born a boy was no obstacle. His care was given to the crèche, but his mother came and visited regularly for about two or three turns until she finally managed to Impress. After that the visits dried up and Eldavari rarely saw her.

He was always a listener more than a doer in the crèche, and while other kids were playing dragonriders and dragons, he was far more interested in watching and listening. When he reached Candidacy age he left the crèche, but instead of going to the barracks he chose the Healers path, and never looked back. He loved his job, although he did sometimes get a little squicked at the blood and guts. He was far more intrigued by the patients stories and by listening to his girl friends and giving them advice.

Finally at age 26 he got his knots and became a journeyman, and one of the healers encouraged him to choose the field of Mind Healing. Intrigued he did so, and now he couldn’t be happier!

It’s hard being a healer in a pass…but Eldavari rather likes the challenge of it all…



Father: B’khoun, rider of blue Ausath
Mother: Elvah, rider of green Versiath

Other half siblings

Friends / Co-workers

Braughan: Eldavari oscillates between wanting to analyse him and wanting to stay out of that brainspace as far as possible. He enjoys getting his own little revenges on Baughan, but he wouldn't classify them as friends….or simply co-workers. Frenemies maybe?

Craft: Healer

Craft: Healer
Rank: Journeyman
Specialisation: Mindhealing

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