Character type: Candidate
Rank: Candidate
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual


Nothing about Eileanorah stands out on first glance. She’s of slightly below average height, with just enough meat on her bones that she’s also averagely built. She is a bit more busty and slimmer in the hips than most women, though, which might be noticeable if she were dressed in a way that emphasized those traits. But, since she usually keeps to plain tunics and skirts, or dresses, all in practical colors, attention is not drawn to any particular part of her shape.

Her hair is what she considers a rather boring medium brown, falls mid-way down her back, and frizzes easily in humidity. But golden and reddish highlights appear in the light of the sun, and waves or curls take easily when she attempts to style it in anything other than her typical simple braid. Time and effort are rarely put into her appearance, and it shows.

She does own a couple of brightly colored, embroidered skirts and dresses— gifts from her husband— and a few bits of jewelry made of bright shells and beads, but these are only brought out for extra special occasions now— if ever. She feels she has no reason to pretty herself up, not when the person she would make the effort for is gone.


Eileanorah finds little joy in the simple things anymore, and lives day to day just carrying out the motions. With her husband lost at sea and presumed dead, and an inability to carry children to term, what more does she have left to live for? Her every childhood dream was to be simply a wife and mother, and with every miscarriage, those hopes were dashed on the rocks like so much wreckage.

Her family has suggested she join a crafthall, or find a new hobby, do something new and exciting. But she has no desire to learn new skills. Those she learned by her mother’s side, what she would need to be able to care for her own family, are all she needs. But they are wasted without a husband and children. She feels she is nothing without those things, that her worth as a woman has been reduced to zero despite the natural talent and ability she brings to the lower caverns at the Weyr. Being able to perform well under pressure and efficiently multitask mean nothing to her, when the stressors aren’t from her own family.

No stranger to hard work, Norah will take on whatever task necessary to get a job done. She’s not squeamish, though she sees no shame in being such. Patient and willing to help others, even if she does so with little conversation, she remains calm when everything seems to be going wrong. She has a good memory for what’s in the storerooms at any given time, both where it’s located and a general idea of how much is available. Given these talents, she serves as a great asset to the lower caverns, whether she Impresses or not.

Though she would never admit to such, Eileanorah certainly feels pangs of jealousy when she sees new mothers, or even those with slightly older young ones— especially those who would be close in age to her own lost babies. She loves the children of her own siblings, who seem to know their aunt is sad and try their hardest to cheer her up. But they aren't the same as having her own, nor of having her husband there to dote on them and love them with her.

Perhaps one day, things will change, and Norah will find a new lease on life. There are times when she lights up, finds something exciting in her work, or some new Candidate lesson, that sparks a bit of her old self into being. But time will only tell if she’ll forever continue on as she is, or move on to a brighter future.

Common Knowledge

- Norah is likely known for her calmness in the face of a storm, as well as her lack of real personality. Some of the other Candidates and lower caverns workers might see her as boring due to her devotion to work and lack of real interest in anything.


Birthdate: July 10, 1993
Birthplace: a cothold beholden to Ista

Eileanorah was married at the age of 18, her husband one of the young men from a neighboring cothold who came courting. She took to her role as wife with everything she had— she loved to garden, to keep house, to cook, and keep her husband happy. Children, she knew, would come in time, and she looked forward to younger versions of herself and her husband to share her love with.

Everything seemed to be going well, and within time, she found out she pregnant. But it wasn't meant to be. As is more common with first-time mothers, she miscarried fairly soon. Saddened and disappointed, she took support from her husband and both of their families, who all reassured her there would be others.

Several months passed, things went back to a more normal state, and she excitedly found herself with child again. She waited a short time to tell anyone her suspicions, and when she had passed the same point where she had lost the previous baby, she finally told her husband and her family. Surely, this one would be carried to term. But again… something went wrong.

Her husband reassured her it was all right, they had plenty of time— there was no rush. They should just enjoy their time with each other for now, and when the time was right, it would all work out.

But Norah seriously began to doubt his words with the next miscarriage, which happened much later in the pregnancy. And almost completely lost hope with the fourth.

What was wrong with her? Why was this happening? The healers could tell her nothing other than sometimes such things occurred. She ate healthy, she got exercise by working around their homestead. She rested and tried to keep things as stress-free as possible. And yet… was she not fit enough to be a mother?

Her husband did everything he could to brighten her spirits, though he was saddened as well. He knew how badly she wanted a child, and wondered if the defectiveness somehow lay within him.

But they carried on, dealing with the losses as best they could, and taking each day as it came.

Until one day, when her husband was out at sea with the fishing boats, and an unexpected storm rolled through.

And he never came home.

It was the final blow that broke Eileanorah’s flagging spirits. She had nothing left, besides her family, who tried to comfort her. But nothing and no one could reach her. She went about in a daze, hardly eating, hardly sleeping, and her parents and siblings wondered just what they could do to give her something to live for. Maybe waiting it out was the answer. Or maybe sending her somewhere else, to new surroundings, with new people, would bring her back to them.

The decision was taken out of their hands, though, when a Searchrider came to call. Norah perked up for the first time in months when the dragon spoke to her, as if something about the mindvoice struck a chord within her. Or perhaps it was the words spoken— she refused later to tell her family what had been said, other than she’d been recognized as a Candidate. Either way, the bit of interest she showed overjoyed her family, who tried their hardest not to influence her decision.

For Eileanorah, when asked if she would accept the call, there was no real choice to be made. There was only one possible answer. So she packed up what few belongings she couldn’t bear to leave behind, and move to the Weyr to see what fated awaited her there.



Father: Eibenor, fisherman near Ista Hold
Mother: Leahnah, fisherman’s wife, house
Siblings: 2 older— 1 brother, 1 sister; 5 younger
Significant Others: husband, fisherman, presumed dead (**who might make a reappearance if anyone's interested in playing him, maybe after she’s Impressed?)



None yet— she’s not ready for any sort of real relationship, despite any possible suitors. Flight shenanigans are potentially possible, provided someone can be convincing enough. :)


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