Character type: Dragonrider
Rank: Wingrider
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Homosexual


E'lief looks like what he is: a good guy. He has soft, scruffy ivory blond hair, light olive skin, and a sensitive mouth, more prone to curling up into a smile then in a pensive frown. His eyes are brown, and expressive, framed by pale lashes. He is a small man, slender but not skinny and he lacks the height of a number of his colleagues. He is full of life though, and it shows in his energetic movements, dancing eyes and his habit of illustrating his conversations with hand movements.


E'lief has grown up into a young man who is comfortable in his skin. He's a sweet, enthusiastic and friendly person, but it is tempered with the maturity gained from having a draconic lifemate and a certain serenity that goes along with it. He'll never be a troublemaker, and he will definitely never be one of those wildchild type riders. He doesn't want to be the centre of attention, he doesn't want to be anything more or less than what he is; the rider of Belagoth, a greenrider of Ista.

Of course when he can relax with friends it's a different story. His jokes are silly, his smile is eternally goofy and he tends to snort when he would rather chuckle. He may be one of those sensitive souls that empathises with every sob story that comes his way, but he isn't one of those effeminate gay men. He's a good guy, listens to people, and doesn't have a mean bone in his body. But…it does make him a little susceptible to being manipulated and played.

He's a reasonably intelligent young man, but he tends to let that sensitive side rule his head more than would perhaps be wise. That doesn't mean he goes around weeping or brooding about how things go wrong, and he certainly doesn't cry like some girl. If things are going wrong, then you just have to try and change them for yourself don't you?


Birthplace : Ista Hold, 8.428.8.8

Erlief was born to Erinor, a Journeyman Smith, and his wife Alera at Ista Hold.

Erinor had accepted Ista Hold as a permenant position a turn before his eldest son's birth when the cold of Telgar became too much for his lungs. To both his and Alera's joy she concieved Erlief soon after they transferred. Other children followed soon after, with Erlief ending up the eldest of eight siblings, five sons, and three daughters.

His childhood was not an interesting one, being as he was happy with his family and content in following his fathers footsteps in the Smith craft. His small build, and pretty face did attract some negative attention from the larger lads at the Hold, especially since he did not fulfill the stereotype of a Smith.

Then he was searched at age 16 for Ista Weyr to help supplement the Candidate numbers with the large number of clutches heading into a Pass. Erlief accepted eagerly, having always dreamed of dragons. Of course once he got to the Weyr he realized that being a Rider was so much more than he had ever thought, but to his surprise he took to it like a duck to water. He stood for just a turn but he made fast friends with fellow Candidates Ephena and Nairthan. And when he did Impress to his beloved patchwork green Belagoth, he was delighted that Nairthan Impressed with him.

Weyrlinghood was hard work, but something that E'lief thrived on, and he and Belagoth graduated with a good recommendation from the Weyrling staff.

Turns passed, and the First Fall disaster unfolded, and E'lief, while thankful that he and his friends made it out safely, was grieved by the heavy losses sustained. Now the Outsiders have arrived and E'lief wonders how long it will be before something blows up.



Father: Erinor, Smith, Ista Hold
Mother: Alena, Ista Hold
4 Brothers
3 sisters


N'than, rider of Brown Masiefth
Ephena, rider of Green Leobeth.

E'lief's Dragon: Green Belagoth.

Dragon name: Belagoth
Colour: Green
Age: 5
Weyr of Origin: Ista
Weyrling Class: 8.445.3.27


Belagoth is a multipatched colored green. Much like a quilt she is made of a patchwork of greens from the lightest green possible to the darkest green possible and everywhere in between. This pattern covers her body from the tip of her toes to the top of her headknobs and the farthest reaches of her wings. It's really a striking pattern and very unique. As for her size, she will be average sized and weight, neither too big, nor too small. In fact she will be rather average other than her coloring. She will have to work hard for candlemarks and candelmarks extra a day to gain any extra muscle and it will be nearly impossible to make herself gain any extra weight.


Belagoth will is a storyteller, however her stories will be more of the mudane sort. She'd much rather talk about the boring day to day life of a regular green dragon or a support staff than a gold dragon or Mastercrafter. She will be an expert at spinning details of these quiet, simple lives and will relish passing these details on whether people care or not.

Belagoth is also be a watcher and easily entertained. Perhaps this is where she gets her details for stories, perhaps it's natural. Either way, when she's not spinning a tale, she's quietly observing everything going on around her. Very little will escape her view. And even the most boring of incident might find her entertained for candlemarks.

Multitalented, Belagoth is agile in the air and relatively smart for a green. Once she finds something she wants to learn she will put her mind to it and learn the basics quiet easily. Eventually she will find some talent that she will enjoy the most and spend most of her time pursuing that talent while learning other things will fall by the wayside.

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