Writer: Aaron

Character type: Dragonrider
Rank: Wingrider
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Heteroflexible


E'ben is tall, broad, and hard. His chest is broad, and his arms and legs are like tree trunks, his fingers each practically as big as sausages. He has the look of a man who could lift a child into the air by palming his head. His hands are calloused and rough,and he sports a well-groomed, thick, mahogany brown beard. His hair is as straight as his beard, and though it is thinning a bit at the top, it is just as thick around the back and sides of his head.

E'ben's eyes are gray blue, and despite his thinning hair and bearish stature, if he were to shave clean, he might be mistaken for a young man ten years his junior. He has boyish features, smallish, round ears, a blunted but not quite round chin and a broad but not quite button nose. His voice is striking, a deep bass that rumbles when he speaks, like a faraway thunder of a retreating storm, when the sound of the rain on the ledge outside lulls a man to sleep. On the rare occasions when he becomes angry, the storm advances. E'ben has never had much care for fashion or clothing and tends to wear what is practical.


E'ben fits the gentle giant stereotype. He forces himself to think on everything before he acts, or even before he speaks. He is often slow to answer andeven slower to speak first. He has a temper buried deep inside, though he has long kept it concealed under his rank and station and the need to be careful not to harm those smaller than himself. E'ben is sweet and most usually placid by nature - it takes much prodding to stir his anger, and he usually only angers when pushed or when he feels betrayed. E'ben often spends his free time breaking firestone. It may be only a Candidate's menial chore to most, but E'ben has always found the work cathartic. It gives him time to think. If he had ever received the necessary training, he would have made a good blacksmith.

E'ben favors emotional fidelity far above sexual fidelity, and he is loyally dedicated to his friends and lovers. He is interested in long term romantic relationships only with women, but he will bed a man for the simple sexual pleasure of the act. All the while he is in love with only one, he might find himself bedding men and women to sate his physical desires. He expects no different from his lovers, and he is wholly unfamiliar with jealousy.


Birthplace : Ista Weyr, 8.419.9.12

Estaben was born and raised in Ista Weyr. His father was a bluerider, and his mother a scullery worker. He saw little of either of them and was raised in the creche once he was old enough to be weaned. He never expected much from them beyond an occasional visit and recognition, and they never gave it. Estaben had two brothers and three sisters, all by different mothers or different fathers. Of the lot of them, he was the only one of his full stature. The boy grew up being lectured about having a care when it came to roughhousing, as though it was common for boys to scrap, Estaben's size made it easy for him to accidentally seriously injure the other boys in even while play wrestling. He gained a reputation for being slow of wit, as he rarely said a word without giving it some measure of thought before hand, and when the others discovered that he was slow to fight back as well, he became the butt of some insults. Still, many were hesitant to insult him to his face once they saw him breaking firestone, a task he attacked with gusto.

Estaben matured a bit earlier than some of the other boys and was already quite experienced with the ladies when he Impressed at the late age of twenty-one. It was a shock to him to see the little green nuzzling his leg. Did this mean he was supposed to like boys? He was confused… And then, she was so tiny in comparison, he wondered how he would ever be able to ride her. He spent most of his formative time with Covalath silent to the world, though thoughts passed between them without even taking the time to form words. They answered each other's worries and soothed each other's fears. They were like one mind, and of the class, he was among the best when it came to being in sync with and controlling his dragon. E'ben feared Covalath's maiden flight most, but by the time it came and went, he realized there was really nothing to fear.



Father, E'bar (Bluerider, 51)
Mother, Sarenne (Scullery Drudge, 48)
Brothers (2), open
Sisters (3), open

E'ben's Dragon: Covalath

Dragon Name: Covalath
Colour: Green
Age: 11
Weyr of Origin: Ista
Weyrling Class: 8.439.3.2
Wing: Stormriders


Covalath is neither big, nor small for her color. She is stocky, sturdy, and strong, but she is not overly dense. Her endurance is enviable, and unlike most greens, she could last for nearly an entire fall if she pushed herself to the limit. She is not as agile or limber as some greens, nor is she as quick. Her wings are broad and short, and her tail is thick and stubby. She is not a terribly attractive green, being more reminiscent of a hairy fetlocked draft horse than a nimble racer. The pattern of lighter green color, in contrast to her mostly dark, beryl hide, about her neck, down her tail, and on her legs even looks somewhat like long, equine hair.


Covalath forms bonds very quickly and easily, and those bonds are not easily broken - even if the others would rather push her away. She is almost always sweet and kind, though she, like her rider, has an explosive temper that can be brought out in the right conditions. Even with other dragons, her speech tends to take the form of sharing complete thoughts and images rather than words, and she gravitates toward offering support and structure to anyone in need. Under pressure and under fire, she becomes hard as steel, resolute and iron-willed until the task is completed.

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