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The Malevolent Sea Egg


There is something a little disturbing about this egg.

Perhaps it is because it reminds the viewers of something, because it has a touch of familiarity about it. The grey islands look rather like an archipelago from the air, but they look dead and lifeless, and the surrounds, what should be water, are a bright luminous green. To touch, the green is especially smooth, almost silky like highly polished glass and it invites you to keep running your fingertips along its burnished surface. This shining green seems almost to shine, like there is a glow within this egg, lighting it from within.

And that gives the Candidates who approach it hope. Yes the colours make them feel a little ineasy, but that green is so bright, so beautiful a shade. And how it glows…surely no egg that does that could be so bad right?


Blue Simodoth - S'rindal

Simodoth is a dragon which attracts attention for all the wrong reasons. The color of his hide is a sickly, pale blue grey, with just enough color in it to prove to the world that yes, he is a blue. But that's not what will garner the most attention. Immediately it will become apparent that something very wrong happened to him while he was inside his egg: there's a large lump of bone and muscle at the base of his neck that's caused his shoulders to be permanently hunched. As a result he walks with a limping gait, feet shuffling in the dirt as he moves along. In the air this won't prove to be a handicap against him as he can fly and flame like the best of them.

His left eye ridge is also noticeably pronounced, engulfing his eye as though swollen. This will be the only obstacle he has in Threadfall as it limits his vision considerably. Lastly, the tip of his nose is flattened, as though smashed against glass, which does little else than make his breathing sound labored.

The first thing most people notice about Simodoth, ironically, is that he's hardly noticeable at all. He has a penchant for lurking in the darkest fringes where he can quietly observe, partly out of habit and partly out of a desire not to put himself in the limelight. Even as a fully grown dragon he will take to shying away from the center of the room, as it were, leaving his rider the one to be beneath everyone's eyes. Well aware that there's something wrong with him, he doesn't want people to see him if he can help it, which will be quite the challenge for his rider from the very start. The world seems so very far away from him, taunting him with a happiness that he'll never truly obtain because he had the gall to be born differently.

However, there is a definite kindness in his heart. Simodoth feels no resentment or bitterness toward the world for its normalcy, putting every ounce of energy he has into charity and small acts of kindness that might brighten someone's day. He will never envy anyone nor want more than his lot in life. This is a dragon who will have no trouble speaking to other people and may someday develop the talent for Searching, especially once he learns that the world isn't so cruel after all. He will need a lot of encouragement from his rider to get past the crippling emotional barriers that hold him back.

The only thing that will really get his goat up is bullying. He cannot sit idly by and watch anyone be mocked or tortured for who or what they are — though as soon as the attention is turned to him, he may very well turn tail and run.

The Ripple of Time Egg


What’s interesting about the Ripple Of Time Egg is this. It appears so smooth, the shell almost reflective in its smoothness but tracing over it like a meandering river, is something like a chasm or canyon. It’s not logical, and it isn’t regulated and the comparison of smooth shell with sharp valley is a jarring one.

But this egg somehow still seems to compel attention. Maybe it’s the chasm itself, maybe it’s the lovely blue colour like the sea in the shallows. Maybe it’s the prominence, sitting a little forward and on the right flank of the clustered eggs. Maybe it’s the way it almost begs you to touch it, to smooth your fingers over the glossy shell and dip your fingers into the canyon.

…when you put it like that, maybe it’s because this is kind of a sensual egg.

Green Myriath - Z'san

From the moment she hatches there will be no doubts that Myriath is a classy and rather beautiful young green. She’s built long and lithe, not curvaceous like some greens, but rather every limb and line is long, elegant and sleek. She’s fine boned, almost delicate in the slenderness of her body, neck, tail and legs, and she moves with purposeful grace in a prowling, sensual little sashay. Her bone structure renders her larger, in terms of length, than other greens, but she lacks much of the bulk that they others may have. Her hide is the colour of slate green and metallic, gleaming even before she’s given a coating of oil. The slate green fades in a curving wave towards her head, the shifts in shade so faint that it’s almost a shock when you realise that the green has faded to the most pastel of soft new growth greens at her head. Her wings are perfectly in proportion, elegantly curved, as are her headknobs.

This green is absolutely a little lady. Her voice is a little husky, warm in tone, and even when she’s angry she doesn’t raise it; it simply acquires a sharp, biting edge. There is nothing she likes better than spirited discussion, she loves debating things, asking questions, knowing about things, and finding out other people’s thoughts and positions on things. Fiercely intelligent, Myriath will soak up learning like a sponge, and will likely drive her rider relentlessly to find her, and them, more and more things to learn. As she grows older her debates with male dragons may take on a flirtatious edge, but she is at heart a seeker of knowledge and truth. She knows her limits though and while she will never apologise, even if she knows she is completely in the wrong, she will seek every way to make amends, and even…make things even better.

Myriath is a dragon of intelligence over brawn, and while this doesn’t mean she’s hopeless when it comes to the physical aspects of being a fighting dragon, it does mean she leans towards the lower side of average in performance. She’s just not a physical dragon, and it frustrates her when she sees her siblings, or other dragons able to succeed so…effortlessly. Her greatest tool is her mind, and while that is keen and will make tactics, memory and information gathering a breeze for her, she hates feeling inferior simply because she is not as fast or strong as another dragon. Surprisingly Myriath will almost do better in harsher weather conditions than she does in stable ones. This is because she is able to compensate using her intelligence, measuring speed, wind and therefore manage to navigate beautifully. She also finds the storms thrilling, the lightning, the snapping winds, the biting rains…it’s….electrifying.

If Myriath has a weakness for anything, it’s for power. She’s fascinated by powerful things, by dragons and riders who wield power or are naturally powerful and even by the forceful power of nature. She’s not awed by it, she’s not drawn to it because she craves direction or subjugation, rather she finds it attractive, exciting, thrilling. She understands it’s not really in her nature to be powerful herself, she’s secure in her own gifts and her abilities, but she cannot help but be drawn to it. Her intelligence makes her the mental equal or even superior of other dragons, and could earn her a place in the high regard of a bronze or a brown, and when she’s old enough for such things, she will favour the larger dragons who chase her. She will undoubtedly be a dragon to push her rider to be the consort of a Weyrleader or Wingleader, and she too will pursue the dragons of such men and women. Of course she will never pant after them in a desperate way….desperation is such an ugly trait…don’t you agree? She’d much rather be alluring, and lure them in, her way.

The Hay There Egg


When first glancing at the eggs someone might get excited by the small sight of yellow. It’s only brief however as the Hay There Egg is revealed. It’s yellow is not the bright gold that so many treasure, but rather the softer green yellow of fresh hay. The subtle shifts of colour along its shell only add to this illusion of a field far away, and the swirls streaming across it from the side bring to mind the breezes that can ripple a field in the summer.

For those coming from the more rural and pastoral setting of Nerat, or other farming holds, this egg may be painfully familiar and even perhaps evoke feelings of longing and homesickness. The good news is this egg is welcoming, inviting you to come along, touch its shell gently and tell it all your problems.

If ever there was an egg to remind you of a good ol’ warm family farmhold and the mother you left behind, it’s this one.

Green Nalmuth - N'wen

When first glancing over the class or even just the greens of the class it could be quite easy to overlook Nalmuth, simply because her colouring is not as bold and attention grabbing as some of her other siblings. Her hide is made up of soft pastel, spring greens, the kind that make you think of new growth and pale dawns before the heat of the day. There are four shades, and her hide is split into four, square shapes of consistent colour. She’s on the small side for a green and rather delicate in build. Compared to other, more voluptuous greens, Nalmuth has a more androgynous form, although fine boned and light, rather than stocky. Her legs are longer than is proportionate for her body, but suits her leggy, tomboyish frame well. That being said there is something incredibly and naturally beautiful about Nalmuth.

Unlike some of her more passionate and fiery sisters, Nalmuth is a far more serene kind of green dragon. That's not to say she doesn't have an opinion, or sits back while others take action. She gets the job done, she just doesn't rub everyone's nose in it so they notice and praise her for it. The pleasure she gets when someone notices her work because it's done well, rather than because she pointed it out, far surpasses any fleeting feelings she might have gotten from telling people about it first.

She's not a natural threadfighter, her first few months will be filled with a great many disappointments as she struggles with training. She won't be strong enough, or have stamina enough, she won't be agile enough, or fast enough. In fact it will feel like she can't do anything right in those first five months and she will feel, bitterly, that she's failing her rider and her class. She will put in candlemarks upon candlemarks of extra work, but sadly, nothing will seem to work. However at around month 6 something will click, some instinct or determination or some kind of muscle memory, and from then on all her hard work will start really paying off. Everything will start being easier, and she'll go from one of the worst, to one of the best. She will also be delighted to discover a talent in improvisation. Never will she be left floundering in a situation, uncertain of what to do. If there isn't a plan in place, Nalmuth will wing it and 9 times out of ten…it will work.

For all she is a rather natural beauty Nalmuth will never be a vain dragon. Nor will she particularly value beauty in others. Suitors who wish to pursue her would have a great deal more luck if they got to know her before hand, or treated her like an equal rather than a weaker female. Anyone who states an opinion like that, that female dragons aren't as capable as male dragons, are sure to get a cold steely stare and a firm, but poilite, 'go away, I want nothing to do with you'. It is hard to make Nalmuth lose her cool, to make her snap, or shout. Generally she's a serene dragon, opinionated, but very, very polite. She instinctively knows when she should put her head down and follow orders, and when it's permissable to question. And although sometimes her zeal and passion make her step out of line, she genuinely hates breaking the rules. But nothing is more important to her than doing what she thinks is right.

The All Too Fragile Egg


There are some things that just seem too fragile for this world, too delicate, too insubstantial, like a harsh word or puff of wind could blow them away. This egg is one of those things.

It kind of looks like a floating bubble from a perfumed bath. It shimmers there, the soft pinks, purples and blues glistening over the shell. But it also looks almost transparent in its translucence. It might make Candidates afraid to touch it incase the bubble pops, disappearing from the hatching grounds and leaving them in big trouble.

Perhaps there is a delicate little green in here, as feminine as her egg. Or maybe a strong brown defying expectations. Bronze or blue, no matter the colour it will be interesting to meet the dragon from this lovely egg.

Green Pykrioth - B'salen

Pykrioth is one of those lovely naturally athletic dragons that come along every so often. She’s built on slim, but still feminine lines, not exactly elegant but undeniably graceful. She’s of an average size for a green but she makes up for her less-than-commanding size by being a larger than life personality and always on the move. She’ll never be one to know how to use her looks to get her way, at least not sensually, but she does have her own kind of charm, and a killer pair of big, sad puppy dog eyes, that can convince almost everyone to do what it is she wants from them. Her hide is like camouflage material, with all the different shades of green within it including pastel and lime green.

There are some dragons who are driven to achieve. Pykrioth is one of these.

It’s not just ambition, although Pykrioth has that in spades, it’s also the competitive edge and a need to be constantly doing something rather than just chilling out and relaxing. Pykrioth always wants to be the best, to excel and to be on top, and she will drive herself into the ground to achieve it, unless her rider formulates some strict ground rules early on. Even so, you can be sure that this proactive and determined little dragon will start looking for ways around the rules as well as exploiting any exceptions her rider allows through. It’s not that she’s a bad dragon, in fact she’s very good, she just figures rules are hindrances trying to stop her being awesome. She will also be a dragon that will need less sleep than others, even as a young dragon, although at that stage her ‘less’ will still be far more than the average adult. Her rider can be sure of being woken up bright and early by an insistent little green in their head, and then be go go go for as long as she is awake.

All that dedication will pay off however, as Pykrioth moves through weyrlinghood and then through the wings. She’ll always be a standout performer, using her speed, natural agility and precision to be an almost perfect aerial combatant. She will never stop working hard though, from day 1 until the day she disappears between forever, you can be sure that Pykrioth will keep up her excersises and studies. It’s one thing to become the best after all….and another to stay there. She has no intention of ever getting sloppy.

In another dragon this almost obsessive need to be doing, and achieving might alienate them from the others socially. Not Pykrioth. If she is obsessive about her studies and being the most awesome threadfighter then she is as equally obsessive about being /liked/. Her need to be popular is like her need to be the best, it drives her. It’s another case in which her rider will need to be the one to put the brakes on, to ground her and remind her that being the best isn’t everything. She can be so focused on her goals that she can miss signals, and hurt people, but once she realises what has happened she will go out of her way to make it up to them. It won’t be easy for Pykrioth to admit to making mistakes, or to apologise, but eventually you can be sure that she will grudgingly do so. She takes loss hard, either losing to someone, or losing someone. And she will need the support of friends and loved ones to help her get through it.

Fortunately for Pykrioth she is quite a charming dragon, with plenty of bubbly energy and friendly enthusiasm, and you can be sure that if you’re her friend she will go out of her way to help you out and stand between you and danger. Of course when it comes to male dragons, Pykrioth isn’t exactly the smoothest. She’s all confidence and grace the rest of the time, but put a handsome male that she’s interested in in front of her and Pykrioth will go quiet, shy and almost nonsensical. She’ll have a thing for the bigger muscled dragons, a part of her longs for a big strong, gorgeous male to show off to all her green friends. After all she likes to be and have the best. But this will always war with her desire for affection and to be treasured. A part of her hates that her focus on her awesomeness can be so quickly derailed by thoughts of a /male/ but in the end she will love nothing better than curling up with another girl dragon, and talking about guys.

The Imperfect Mirror Egg


This egg looks like a mirror that has been a little warped, like little air bubbles of metal have bobbled up all over its surface. It’s still quite reflective, the sands can be seen and the cavern around it as well. However anyone who approaches the egg will find they do not appear reflected in its shell. For all its appearances, this egg remains imperfect.

The lack of reflection, may startle some, even disconcert others. It is a strange sensation to approach a mirror and not appear within it. The egg, when touched by daring candidates is cooler than some of the others, not cool enough to cause concern for the little dragon within, but just that it is cooler.

Candidates my find this egg and its mysteries and illusions fascinating, or strange. Some may be distracted by the pretty patterns of some of the other eggs scattered around. But some will likely enjoy the eggs beauty and wonder at what hatching day may reveal behind the mirror.

Bronze Lephiroth - G'vas

There is no doubt that this young bronze is quite a handsome young dragon. He's built lithely for his colour, with the size of a bronze but not the stereotypical bulk along with it. He's built to be rather agile and fast, very fast, which can be very useful in a larger dragon. He's well muscled, toned rather than bulked up and just looks like a pleasant sort of fellow, the kind you'd want to hang around with. His hide has a subtle gleam to it a dull, metallic sheen, not bright and brassy like some bronzes. The colour also is duller, an ashen bronze that gradiates from dark at his tail up to a soft pale ash bronze at his head. All in all this will be a handsome bronze, beloved of the lady dragons, and perhaps even by a few of the male ones too.

What makes someone charming? Is it confidence? Humour? A certain joie de vivre? Well Lephiroth has all three of these, and he is certainly extremely charming. He's also a bit wicked, in that he likes to push the envelope and then slide on out of trouble when things get a little heated. He's an expert at dodging punishments, he has every reason and excuse under the sun, every alibi, every bluster you can think of to squirm out of the firing line. And when all else fails he turns to either flirting or plaintive puppy eyes. He's constantly looking for a way around the rules to get to what he wants, and if that means a few of them need to be bent in various ways then so be it. He never wants anyone to get hurt by his rule-bending, his desires are purely selfish rather than malicious, and on the odd occasion someone he cares for, or likes, or even just thinks is a good person, get pulled up because of something he did, he feels terribly guilty. He won't confess to get them out of it, but you can be sure he will concoct some story that makes it clear that while he didn't do it, neither did they.

In fact that ability of his, that gift of the gab, the ability to spin anything and weave an almost credible backstory around it, is useful in other ways. If he’d been born human he might well have been a harper, but as it is he contents himself with being a storyteller. His fellow dragons may find themselves listening as he weaves a daring tale, one of heroes and villains and funny friends and adventure. Some may even openly come to listen to his stories, enjoying his theatrics. Others may think it frivolous or a waste of time. Frankly…Lephiroth doesn’t care, and just enjoys entertaining the audience he has.

He's a likable dragon, and very social with a gift of the gab, but he's not naive. In fact he's quite cynical and loves to share those points of view with dry sarcastic comments. He /wants/ to trust you, but really he kind of doubts that your intentions are that good. Still, it doesn't take too much effort to win him over. Betrayal will hit Lephiroth hard however, as will death, and he will heavily rely on the love of his rider to get him through those times.

Lephiroth is not a natural leader, but the potential is there for him to learn those skills. He may never learn to curb his playful, wicked ways. Or his flare for the dramatic, but he does have a desire to be better. With the support of a rider who will nurture his foibles and love him for who he is, Lephiroth could be a definite asset to Ista Weyr, at least socially or politically. He's never going to be a standout warrior…he's far better wielding his tongue than his flame.

The Beautiful But Deadly Egg


There appears to be some kind of great cosmic battle going on in this egg, and it’s kind of bizzare. The lightning isn’t white or blue, it’s a shocking shade of green, and the clouds are purple. The effect is slightly other worldly, like a half remembered dream when you’ve eaten too much of something the night before.

There is no denying that the egg is beautiful however. The purple patterns are lovely, almost like purple tinged stone, carved out into whorls. And the green is striking against it, crackling all across the smooth shell.

Touching it, your hand almost seems to tingle, like the egg is almost vibrating at a high frequency, shivering against your fingertips. Candidates will be drawn to this eggs natural magnetism, and striking colours, but will they be prepared for whatever may emerge from within?

Brown Raskhath - C'tonnel

Raskhath will never win any contests for beauty. He's a little smaller than average for a brown, and he's lean, angular. Some might say he's downright knobbly. There appears to be no excess flesh on him anywhere at all, no padding or softness, and his markings only seem to emphasise the appearance of bonyness. His hide is a dark brown, like burnt cocoa or mud after a heavy rain. There is no shine to it at all, even when he's oiled, it will seem to seep into his hide, making it appear darker…but never gleam. He has a stripe down his neck, from his head to the place where neck joins body, which is a brown so dark it almost appears black. This colour appears again on the tip of his tail, and around his face like a frame, or a helmet. His face itself is the lighter brown, but it is surrounded by the almost-black brown. His wings are a touch longer than usual and his headknobs, following the angular nature of the rest of his form are pointy.

From the moment he hatches, Raskhath will be keenly aware of his physical limitations. He's not the biggest, brawniest dragon in the bunch, he's brown not bronze, and he's not exactly the dragon most of the ladies will fawn over. He accepts these facts, he can't do anything about them, but he will not accept that these mean that he cannot achieve what he wants. He knows he'll just have to rely on different tools to get him there, rather than physical prowess.

One of those tools is his cunning. Raskhath is a very shrewd dragon, capable of great manipulation and deception if it benefits him. You'll never see him taking a step back because of honour or because good manners say that you should. When he grows up to be old enough for mating flights you can be sure he will do anything to win…anything that doesn't incriminate him…that is. That includes bribing a lackey, with an extra herdbeast from his meal to crash into a fierce competitor. Or even taking off early and getting ahead, saving energy and time. After all if he played by the rules, he'd never win. The strong dragons would win every time, and he'd have nothing.

To have nothing is Raskhath's greatest fear. He wants so much, particularly power, prestige, respect, that the idea of being a nobody terrifies him. He's capable of so much more! To be a nothing would be a waste! He craves control, the feeling of being able to give orders and be obeyed, but unfortunately he's not a particularly good leader. He has a tendency to ignore the bigger picture when he's in power, focusing on the now and immediate pleasures. He lacks the understanding that good leaders are as beholden to those they lead, as they are to him. He rewards those who follow him of their own free will, as long as they are useful to him, but when the chips fall, you can be sure that Raskhath will look after himself first, and then perhaps some others…if they are lucky.

It's a good thing for him that he happens to have a bit of a silver tongue. He will very quickly develop a tendency towards self deprecation, so as to avoid suspicion or anger. How could he have done that? Haven't you seen how stupidly knobbly his knees are? Smooth and eloquent, with dry, sarcastic humour Raskhath is an excellent conversationalist and a rather charming flirt. It is this, rather than his looks that may win him the attention of the lovely greens and even golds that he chooses to lavish his attention on. He's exceptionally choosy about the ladies he chooses to court, but if he does choose you, you can be sure that he will be a perfect gentleman…as long as you don't look at another male while he's interested in you. Jealous and possessive, Raskhath can be vicious if he thinks he's been rejected for another.

If his scheming and cunning mind could be turned towards fighting thread, Raskhath could become a powerful force in Ista's wings. However he will always crave an ascent to power, and those ahead of him will always be in his sights to find a way to slide past them, and advance himself.

The Life of the Party Egg


This is, without a doubt, the boldest egg of the clutch. It's so uniform and the colours are bright and eye catching like pennants at a Gather. Bright blue, burning yellow, searing red and glaring green are striped across the shell in thick diagonal ribboned bands. They aren't just bursting with colour however, as they seem to have a metallic sheen to them, like coloured metal rather than paint itself.

Interestingly the egg seems to be split in half, one half are bands of blue and yellow, the other green and red. One might expect the colours to end abruptly and then begin again anew. However they do not, and this little bit of determined disorganisation is a little jarring, especially in comparison to the rest of the uniform egg.

Candidates may well be drawn to the bold colours of this louder than life egg, and their young minds may not find the glaring colours changing jarring, where older and more set ones may do. Many will wonder though if the dragon to come from this egg will be as bright and bold as its shell…and as determinedly rebellious as the change in colour.

Blue Ormondiath - A'lion

This blue is huge. No really, he's the size of a slightly under the average brown, and he's solid, built large all over like a solid stone building. His musculature is impressive in its size and definition, even from hatching, and with time and training he will grow even more in bulk. He's also a handsome blue, with a chiseled face, which often carries a smile on it. His hide is midnight blue with slashes of bright, neon blue through it and his wings are a little thicker and wider to compensate for the bulk it needs to lift into the air.

From the moment Ormondiath hatches people will see him as the big, dumb blue. They will call him stupid, thick some will even say moronic. The thing is, Ormondiath isn’t really stupid, but he doesn’t come across as a smart dragon at all simply because the things that this blue focuses on and is captivated by, are not the things that everyone else wants him to be attentive to. He will always have far more interest in hanging around the lower caverns than fighting thread, and he adores firelizards. The little creatures captivate him, and his adoring attention often rewards him with their affection as well. He also absolutely loves children and will often be found near the creche kids, playing with them if he can. He’ll also spend time to chill out with the Candidates, having that natural knack with the young. In time he will prove to have the aptitude to be a Search dragon, although he may well be distracted by sad stories rather than always focusing on his feelings.

One of the most memorable things about Ormandiath is that he is a literal dragon. No really, he takes everything completely literally. If you say you could eat a whole herdbeast for dinner? You may just find one in your wallow. If you say you’re so tired you could sleep for a week, he would be distressed at not having you around for that long,. and are you prepared for such a long nap? Sarcasm is completely lost on him, as is deception, it goes over his head faster than a dragon in a mating flight, and he will take the statements at purely face value. Also when faced with tough decisions Ormondiath will talk to himself, arguing between the two sides of his opinion, to try and see who has the best reasoning. He doesn’t always keep these conversations to himself, which…can look a little batty.

Ormondiath will never lack for friends however, for all his eccentricities he’s a harmless, good hearted guy, and it’s obvious from every word out of his mouth. He does have the unfortunate ability to put his trust in everyone, which means people can lead him down the wrong road, but at the end of the day he’s good, and any morally dubious things passing him by will earn a hurt and loud objection. His enthusiasm for everything, and zest for life make him a lovable blue, and his innocence and naivete will make many want to protect him from those who would use his natural innocence to their advantage.

If he’s made to focus on fighting thread, Ormondiath will prove to be a good and steady fighter, although he will never love it. He’s far more of a gentle soul, preferring other pursuits to combat, but he’s keenly aware of his duty. The last thing he ever wants is to let someone down, to fail someone and have them disappointed, or hurt because of him. It would break his heart to see it happen. Every time Ormondiath loses someone from his class or his wing, he will be inconsolable, desolate at the loss. He will always be a friendly, sensitive and loving dragon, and the greens who are chased and caught by him will find themselves with a shy, bumbling, and attentive weyrmate.

The Eternal Winter Egg


Maybe, at another Weyr, this egg might immediately call to mind things foreign to so many of the young Istan minds most likely to take an interest in it. Maybe candidates from outside the Weyr, or those lucky enough to have a dragonrider interested enough to take them traveling extensively, will see something different in this egg, too. Could it be something frozen, icy winter captured inside a fragile shell? It’s difficult to describe the color of ice. Is it white? Clear? Tones of blue? A bit of all of the above?

Whatever it is, this egg seems to have all of that, so it’s not so difficult to imagine a beautiful snowfall occurring within, perhaps just on the other side of the shell. The Pernese have no real use for glass windows, so will anyone who lays eyes on this egg likely be lucky enough to draw the comparison of ice upon a frosted window? Perhaps not, but a creative mind might be able to imagine something similar, even so.

Maybe Istan eyes will see something different — seafoam churning up in tropical waters as a wave breaks and rolls in on the sand — but a select few will see and understand a different kind of beauty.

Bronze Dumacth - J'tasin

Dumacth is a short bronze, squat and stocky, not much larger than his brown brothers. He doesn’t have bulging muscles or anything so impressive, he’s just solid, densely-built — a lean mid-size bronze squished down to fit into a small bronze package. His head is broad, his wings rather short — short enough, even, that he may be the butt of “stubby wings” jokes as he grows, though his lack of speed and agility in the air is due more to the way his entire package is constructed, not just because of his wings. Physically, he is not well-equipped to be a particularly impressive performer in the air: he’s not fast, he’s not particularly maneuverable, and his staying power is merely average. However, he’s a smart enough dragon to realize his own shortcomings and learn to work around them and leverage his other strengths in ‘Fall, and is more than capable of outperforming plenty of more physically-gifted dragons through this adaptability and determination alone. His hide is a medium shade of bronze, deep and rich, with a darker overlay dusted across his back from about mid-neck to mid-tail. He has two darker markings on his face, as well, one on either cheek, beginning and each corner of his mouth and starbursting outward towards the back of his jaw.

The only “entitlement” that Dumacth believes in is the just rewards earned by those who work harder and smarter than everyone else. He couldn’t care less that his hide happens to be bronze — that doesn’t give him any more rights to anything than anyone else. He couldn’t care less that his neighbor’s hide is green — that doesn’t give her any less rights to anything than anyone else, but it also doesn’t excuse her from the obligation to work for what she wants. In fact, he may have trouble understanding why others expect greatness out of him (or worse, want to confer special privileges or status upon him) just because he’s bronze. The circumstances of his birth don’t make him who he is, his work ethic does, and it’s positively insulting to downplay his deeds in favor of something he and everyone else have no control over.

Make no mistake, though: Dumacth is ambitious. It’s less about proving something or outdoing someone else than it is about just being the best Dumacth that he can be. He will go as far as he can possibly take himself, and he’s willing to work as hard and learn as much as he has to in order to get there. He’s good at examining problems, connecting the pieces, and making the plans required to get what he wants — and, most importantly, he always follows through, and he always follows through honestly. He’s not out to use others, or manipulate them. He won’t hesitate to outsmart them, but he’s no cheater! It’s not really pushing himself and winning on his own merits if he feels like he has to handicap someone else, after all.

This is a dragon who doesn’t do anything halfway. He’s unbelievably stubborn, and refuses to give up on his goals once he has them in his sights — sometimes to the point of having tunnel vision, and losing sight of other important things that may be going on around him. He’s so driven, so competitive, and so focused that he may also not realize what his ambitions are doing to himself, or those around him, and he can often be temperamental and unpleasant when he’s dug his heels in and is working towards a goal. He’s impatient with anyone who slows him down, or shows a lack of motivation or effort, though he doesn’t feel any particular responsibility to correct those people when they’re not impeding him or actively hurting anyone. They want to be losers? Fine, that’s their choice — it just means there’s more slices of pie for him, and he’s not about to waste his valuable time on bailing out a sinking ship (though he may grumble about them excessively).

When he’s not overly-focused on something, he can be a perfectly fine, nice fellow, even a bit playful. What good is all that work if you never take the time to celebrate your accomplishments and enjoy the fruits of your labor, after all? He does care a lot about those under his charge, but he’s not always the best at showing it. They’re not going to get any special treatment, and he’s not likely to slip and admit he cares except perhaps when he’s in an unusually good mood. His fuse is short, and his temper explosive, and the only thing that he enjoys almost as much as succeeding at his goals is seeing those who have impeded him, or outright wronged him, get their just desserts. In the heat of competition he can be downright spiteful, and though he’s a dragon who believes strongly that hard work pays off and that cheaters never prosper, he won’t hesitate to indulge his mischievous side in order to help karma along a little bit for those scoundrels whom he feels deserve it.

The As Yet Clueless Egg


The As Yet Clueless egg is an odd one, not only for the illusion of funny raised parts over the shell but also the fact that the colouring scheme seems to have little to do with them at all. The base colour is a normal, neutral, boring grey, uniform and definitely uninteresting. However someone seems to have gone along and splattered colour over it like rain. Blue and aqua for the top and orange in the middle.

This colouring suggests confusion, or indecision. Perhaps Varaswith wasn’t sure about this one, or maybe the little dragon inside wasn’t at all certain what he or she wanted to be like when they hatched. The result is a conflicted egg that many will eye with confusion and shake their heads at slowly.

Candidates might be drawn in by the colours. Or by the raised parts. Or they might be drawn in by the combination. One or two may even like that the base is so settled and neutral. And some of the candidates might like that the dragon out of this egg is even more of a mystery!

Green Rekkith - Bertaula

Rekkith is a very thick dragon, the kind of bulk that will often be mistaken for fat. In size she easily rivals most blues (and jokingly, a few browns); never will anyone find her feminine or dainty. The worst of it are her hands, which are noticeably, disproportionately large. Because of them she walks with heavy, stomping steps in a motion best described as "lumbering", with seemingly no sense of where her limbs are, possessing all the grace of a lame herdbeast. She’ll grow into them as she ages, but in her youth she will always possess that strange, plodding gait. Her hide is a bright, almost neon green color, with a single strap of darker green running from her right shoulder diagonally across her chest.

From the moment she breaks her shell, Rekkith will be on a quest — especially when she catches word that greens are supposed to be this or that. For her the status quo is not something to just accept as face value, not when there is so much of the world out there she has yet to experience! Concepts like rank and the pecking order will constantly confuse her. She will frequently take issue with those who claim they are her superiors — not in a way that’s directly disrespectful, of course. Instead she’ll plot behind the scenes, scheming and dreaming her way into something bigger and better. If someone would just give her the opportunity to show what she's made of then they would see that she's not just a green; she is capable of so much more.

But she's not really capable of anything noteworthy or spectacular. She doesn't have the charisma to be a leader, she doesn’t have the usual speed of her color, nor does she have the kind of intelligence that lends itself to strategizing. Rekkith is for all intents and purposes nothing more than a wingmate, a Threadfighter. Discovering this will be a long and potentially painful process for her as she desperately tries to find a niche that suits her varying tastes. One day she may decide that she'd make a better watchwher; the next, she's Ista newest and greatest Harper. Inevitably she fails at most of her ludicrous ventures, leaving in her wake a trail of mayhem and destruction.

Truly the only thing she'll really excel at is destruction,a fact that she will bitterly rebel against. In the air this makes her a hell of a Threadfighter with a powerful, long flame and the stamina to last for hours. On the ground, she's more of a bull in a china shop. For someone with such an enormous and bulky body she seems to have no idea of how much space she really occupies, frequently knocking over furniture, smashing down trees, leaving noticeable cracks in walls, and so on. Luckily she can withstand a lot of these blows, meaning her rider won't need to visit the infirmary too too often.

More than anything, Rekkith yearns to be a beloved friend and companion. Her rider will provide a lot of that for her, but when it comes to others she hopes to become someone that they can call friend. Every insult, no matter how minor, will upset her to the point of tantrums. If they’re going to call her names then she’s going to live up to them!

When she finally learns to be content with her lot in life, she will find a lot of reward in doing her part for the Weyr. She'll learn to be more friendly and less hot-headed. Until then, it will be a constant uphill battle for her rider to remind her that she's not Ista's next Weyrleader.

The Softest Hug Egg


This is a egg to trick the eyes. It looks like an egg made of many layers of thick fabric, full of cutaways. It //looks like it would be soft to the touch. There is no reflection to it, or even a hint of the smoothness that an egg should have, and yet somehow…it works!

This egg looks like a warm blanket on a cool night, a soft mattress to fall into after a long day’s toils. It looks safe, and contented, and it invites you to join it. It wants you to be safe and warm and comfortable too you know. It really does.

Candidates homesick for a family beyond a weyr, or ones longing for love and acceptance of any kind may find themselves drawn to this nurturing egg, and to the promise of care it exudes.

Green Elleth

There will never be any mistaking when Elleth is around. She's as bright and vivacious as her personality, with her bright green hide and her bouncy, full of life body language. When she walks she does so with a spring in her step; this is a dragon that will constantly be in motion. The front of her muzzle has a spattering of darker green freckles, and along her back runs a darker stripe of green that begins at the base of her head and stops at the tip of her tail. Her wingsails are a paler shade of spring green.

Some realize that morale is just as important as strategy, and Elleth will be one of those minds. Her heart is filled to the brim with hopeless optimism from the very moment she bounces forth out of her egg and into the world. Nothing will seem out of reach for this darling little green. When things turn out at their worst, she'll be the one to encourage everyone to put their best foot forward and just keep going — her motto, in fact. There's always a calm at the end of the storm. Even her mating flights will be events of happiness and endurance as she encourages her suitors to try their hardest. She'll never choose a winner, however. She'll always be caught.

That doesn't mean she's particularly good at rallying anyone into action or realizing when it's best to be her quirky, optimistic self. Stereotypically "green" in nature, she'll never really understand when things are irreparably bad nor will she ever grasp the severity of situations. Why can't injuries be laughed off? Laughter is the best medicine! It also comes as more difficult for her to remember things, suffering from a memory loss worse than most dragons have. Her rider will have to keep close tabs on her to make sure that she's not only paying attention to her lessons but that they stick, because without the proper guidance she'll find it more apt to abandon Threadfall to perform a cheerful song and dance number for the Wing, or she'll just forget altogether what to do.

With the right direction, Elleth will grow into a reliable, if not mildly grating dragon to have in a wing, one who can flame as well as the rest of them while cheering everyone on. At her core she's the most loyal and kind friend that anyone could ever have, the kind you would want to have at your back, even if all she'll do there is cheer you on and wish you the best of luck.

The Promise of Pleasure Egg


This egg looks like everything that is good and yummy in this world all swirled in one delicious looking egg. Warm, rich klah with milk added in, just enough to give you that awesome energy hit at the beginning of the day. Or that cocoa sweet chocolate that tastes so good after you’ve had your dinner. Or a warm cocoa drink, warm on a cool evenings night. This egg has nothing but good things to offer.

Some Candidates may approach it, and be tempted to lick or dip a finger in. It looks like it’s being mixed, like the liquid goodness is swirling around, just waiting to be consumed by whoever wants it. But to touch of course it will just feel like a warm little egg.

Although…come to think about it…maybe you do feel just a little warmer when you move away…

Brown Culbeth - R'khus

It is unlikely that in the history of browns, that there has ever been one more handsome than Culbeth. He’s a true beauty of a dragon and will be from the moment he hatches, from his colouring to his graceful form. He’ll be large for a brown, able to match even the bronzes in size, sleek and well formed without the hefty bulk his colour is renowned for. Hie every movement seems effortless which might be helped by the fact many will think his head is entirely lost up in the clouds. His colouring is gorgeous, a reddish, chestnut, shade which is shaded with softer paler shades of tawny. The overall effect renders him with a look like the sun is always touching him, gilding him in just that little way as to make him glow and shine.

What a sweetheart this brown is. No really, he really is that nice, it’s not an act, or a scam. He’s a gentle soul, very careful not to hurt anyone either physically or emotionally. Even as a clumsy hatchling he will be very cautious around his classmates and riders. He would hate to hurt them by accident! That would be dreadful! He’s also got impeccable manners, always a ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ and ‘oh excuse me’ and ‘I’m terribly sorry’. Even when he’s uncomfortable or unsure, you can be sure that Culbeth will fall back on being endlessly polite. Somehow he doesn’t get shoehorned into doing something he doesn’t wish to though. Although he wants to be polite, and kind, and help people out as much as he can, you can be sure that Culbeth will do what he thinks is the right thing, and damn the consequences.

This unfortunately leads to a rather self sacrificing habit. He would gladly give up his own happiness if it meant that someone he loved was happy, he’d do it in a heartbeat. If he thinks that’s the right thing to do, then shells help anyone try to convince him otherwise. He’s not naive, he won’t be guilted out of things, or fleeced by conniving siblings, but if one of his friends is sad, then he will offer them his portion of the herdbeast, or space in his wallow, or someone to cuddle with in the sun. As he gets older he will find more and more ways to help them cheer up, or to stand between them and trouble.

Culbeth has a great facility for learning. He has a fascination with hides and will in fact ask his rider to read them to him endlessly. And not only the thread hides either. He’ll acquire stories and hide records from everywhere and have them read to him. And when he finds a favourite tale, one perhaps written by one of the lower caverns workers, or one by the harpers of an old story, well he will want that read and re-read to him often. He’s got an extensive vocabulary and rather enjoys using important sounding words, embracing the new sounds of them.

When it comes to chasing, Culbeth won’t go for the obvious greens, the flashy showy ones. He loves the forgotten ones, or the ugly duckling ones. He enjoys getting to know them, to talking to them in the lead up to their flights. Prickly pins don’t scare him off easily, and he rather enjoys having a small circle of greens that he adores above all others. As a large brown, being the mate of a gold is also an option, and he can only hope his innate sweetness, and his down to earth nature would be enough to secure him a haughty gold’s love.

He’ll never be the best threadfighter, but he’s good. Perfectly average at it, not overly athletic or strong or fast. He’s steady, just like his colour is supposed to be, and he’s got a good head on his shoulder. He’ll never be an innovative leader or second…but he will be steady and dependable. And right now? Maybe that’s what Ista needs.

The Shells Is That Bright Egg



No that’s not your eyes malfunctioning this egg is really that blinding a colour. It’s not that it’s red. It’s RED, that kind of neon red that just…it’s bright okay? Really bright.

It’s not uniform though, that bright colour. It’s sort of textured looking like the egg is made of some kind of material, maybe cloth or food or something, and was either dyed to be that colour or somehow came about it naturally. Most will doubt the naturalness, even in the tropics of Ista, how natural is that shade? Not very is the answer.

Candidates full of fun or personality or energy to burn may find this unapologetically out there egg appealing. It makes no apologies, barely has a shadow and is one of the larger eggs of this clutch. Perhaps there could be a dragon in there as wild as it’s egg? Only Hatching Day will tell.

Blue Wenklith - L'par

Wenklith is a long, slender, and sleek blue from head to tail tip, able to fly and whip through the air with an agility that will be unmatched in other dragons his size. He's a dragon built for quick manoeuvres and short, rapid bursts of flame, and with a bright azure blue hide like his his acts of swiftness aren't going to go unnoticed. When on the ground, however, his graceful gait turns into a bow-legged waddle. It may earn him a place as the butt of some jokes, but he's no less dexterous. Both of his unusually slender headknobs curve outward from his head like an odd set of horns.

Straight out of his egg Wenklith will have an affinity for keeping things in their particular order. Everything has a place that it's meant to be, a square peg for a square hole, and preserving this natural order is what makes him feel the most comfortable. Breaking or bending rules, thinking outside of box, and taking risks are things that Wenklith not only hates but completely avoids; the very idea of doing something reckless and dangerous makes him incredibly anxious. Everyone around him will be strongly encouraged to follow the rules as they're laid out, especially his rider — but if anyone should actually bend the rules, they can trust that Wenklith won't tattle on them. Instead, he'll plod along behind them, feeling that it's his duty to make sure things are set back in the correct motion. Eventually everything will work itself out.

As a Threadfighter he'll be meticulous in his execution. Though his methods will seem random they will be flawless in action, as he will have it no other way. His mind is an incredibly analytical one, as much as it can be for a dragon. Overthinking things is second nature to him, and his rider will have to be patient with him as he grows and learns efficiency without sacrificing speed.

Curiously he will have a penchant for collecting gadgets and gizmos that pique his interest. This can be anything from simple silverware to tools which his rider must use. Fortunately, his habit of collecting things for “study” will fade out as he grows and realizes that his enormous size is incapable of borrowing — and it is always /borrowing/, because stealing is /wrong/, and he would /never/!

He'll always have an unusual curiosity toward the animal life on Pern. From herdbeasts to grubs, fish to VTOLs, Wenklith will take it upon himself to carefully study and document every one that he sees, and with his poor memory it's guaranteed that he'll never run out of things to learn about. His rider will be encouraged to keep pets of all kinds, be they firelizards or runners, and he'll always be distraught to hear that it's impossible to have a veritable museum of fauna in his weyr.

The Infinite Possibilities Egg



Of course to the people of Ista Weyr, and to Pern as a whole, space itself is a distant concept known by their early ancestors, the first to arrive on their planet from worlds far away. Some might find the marks across this egg rather like the stars that litter the heavens at night, but the true beauty of the celestial is lost on them.

Still they do not need to understand it to appreciate the beauty of this egg. There is something deep and unfathomable about it, something mysterious. This egg is the meaning of the word enigma, and on top of that it’s beautiful. The purple and blue colouring…the brightness and the deep mysteries. Candidates and riders alike could spend hours contemplating the subtleness of this egg, and yet every time they return to gaze again they will find more to love and look upon.

Many will swear that only a bronze could come from such an egg. Others say only a mysterious and beautiful green. Others say an adventurous blue. And yet more say a brown, as deep as the night sky. Come hatching day some will be right…

Blue Kalmorth

You just can’t help but look at Kalmorth when he enters the scene. Everything about his body language speaks of precision and discipline. He carries himself with confidence, walks with careful, planned steps, and holds his head high; you'll never catch him slouching or lazing about like some fat contented housecat. This is a dragon that effortlessly stands out among others in spite of his otherwise unremarkable appearance. He will never grow to be more than average in size and his dark, denim blue hide, completely uniform in color, will never draw the eye on its own merits, though his rider will find it frustrating when they discover that no matter how hard they wash Kalmorth, he always looks dirty and mussed up.

Never will Pern find a more self-confident and dedicated soul than Kalmorth. All dragons are hatched knowing their purpose in the world, but Kalmorth approaches it with an intense level of discipline that few achieve straight from the shell, and he'll expect the very same out of others. He'll meet every lesson and practice drill head-on, pushing not only himself but those around him to not only succeed, but to excel. There is no room for error and failure is never an option. All work and no play makes Kalmorth very, very happy.

The biggest problem he faces is authority — that is to say, authority that doesn't suit him. Were there a phrase to summarize Kalmorth it would be “lead, follow, or get out of the way.” If someone isn't strategic or charismatic enough to lead them fiercely into the black, then they earn no respect from Kalmorth, and anyone who fails to earn his respect fails to earn his attention. He will never hesitate to take charge where he thinks it’s necessary, color ranking be damned. It’s the only protocol he would dare break.

Somewhere down in all of that rough and tumble attitude is a softie, though it's a side often reserved solely for his rider. Even though he barks orders and tosses insults as easy as most people breathe doesn't mean he's trying to hurt anyone. Quite the opposite, as he sees it: he's just trying to get you to get the job done with as few casualties as possible. Death and dismay always breaks his heart, especially when he struggles so hard to prevent it, though he'll always hide his emotions behind a stoic look. Very rarely will he keen or will his eyes flash colors of sorrow, uncharacteristic among dragons.

The Tropical Fruit Egg


Compared to the other eggs around it, this one is kind of a bit pedestrian. It’s tropical, like one of the many fruit that Istans enjoy all year round, green and gold patterned across it. There is also something a little metallic, or glistening about it however, like there is a touch of the iridescent, or the exotic there hidden behind it’s boring facade. Most people won’t hang around long enough to see that though.

Candidates may itch to reach out and touch, perhaps hoping to feel the smooth bumps, almost like the warm scales of some great creature of yesteryear. But most candidates will simply pass it by, dismissing it as boring…especially when compared to the brighter, flashier ones.

There is beauty here though…maybe someone…anyone…just needs to see it for its potential.

Green Lulaboth - T'vren

Lulaboth is a big green, tall and heavy —“curvy” one might say, if one were being polite, though whether her lines are graceful enough to qualify as “voluptuous” is probably a matter of debate. She’s thick all over, particularly around the bottom area where her hips are wide and her booty is, er, well-padded, and her back legs are a bit shorter than the front, giving her an odd sort of bopping amble when she walks. Her tail is short and thick, too, but always seems to be in motion, swaying to and fro. She’s a dragon built to last, with very little of the speed her color is known for (though, to be fair, this may also be because Lulaboth never seems to be in a hurry) and an extra helping of strength and endurance. Her hide is a darker shade of green, dull and foresty like the color of shed pine needles on the forest floor, with a lighter shade of the same color covering her belly and her face from the tip of the nose to the stop of the muzzle. She’s not likely to tell you, but that light-colored belly of hers will prove to be ticklish, and she privately believes these two facts are connected somehow.

Lulaboth is a dragon who is happy being exactly who and what she is, and will never understand those who are unhappy with their lot in life. Why shouldn’t she enjoy herself? She’s a dragon, she has plenty to eat, plenty of friends, an entire world at her disposal, and a lifemate to share it all with. So occasionally she has to fly up into certain danger to flame Thread, what about it? Most of her life is pretty great, and there’s nothing she likes better than enjoying every moment of it that she can.

Some might call Lulaboth lazy, and they would be right. In fact, she has practically turned sloth, and the skill of shirking responsibility, into a well-developed art form. She’s all about skating by with only the bare minimum that she can get away with: she’ll show up, eventually, and she’ll do exactly what you ask of her (probably), but don’t ever count on getting any more than that. She just doesn’t see the point. Why stress yourself, and waste extra time, trying to do something better when just doing it at all is enough? What good is it to do more, or go the distance, when just finishing serves just as well? There’s a definite effort-versus-reward debate inherent in everything Lulaboth decides to do (or not do), and if she thinks it’s going to be more trouble than it’s worth, well, it can be someone else’s problem.

Being lazy doesn’t mean she spends her days lying around doing nothing, though. Sure, she does take naps if that’s what she feels like doing, but Lulaboth is definitely playing her entire life by ear. She follows her desires, and her instincts, and lets them take her wherever they will — and, more importantly, she enjoys every moment of it that she possibly can. She appreciates the warmth of curling up in the sun, and the relief knowing that she has nowhere to be anytime soon. But she also loves the thrill of stretching her wings to fly on a windy day, or diving into the sea to splash and play. She enjoys the excitement of her mating flights and the pleasure of their expected end, and the exhilaration of chasing down her prey, and even appreciates the different taste of different types of game and may decide she only wants wherry this sevenday, when fish or herdbeast was perfect last sevenday. She loves music, loves moving, loves being physical with her clutchmates, wingmates, and mates in general — but it’s all about doing what she wants when she wants to do it, not a moment before, and with as little resistance as possible.

Underneath her lazy, hedonistic exterior lies a dragon who’s a lot more clever than she initially appears. She is certainly adaptable, and good at finding ways to get what she wants and avoid what she doesn’t want, and it’s almost a shame that such a sharp mind will likely never be used for anything more than that. She is a caring dragon, though, protective of her friends and quick to offer them comfort or protection if they need it, and her lack of effort is less about selfishness and more about a life philosophy. She doesn’t expect others to pick up her slack, she wants them all to relax, too, and just have fun in her world the same way she does! If there’s one thing she will spend effort on, it’s trying to get others to just learn to enjoy life, though admittedly she may have a little too much fun prodding and teasing the more uptight among her friends. She’s certainly not zen — she can be riled, and won’t hesitate to speak up for herself or argue her points when she feels that she (or her desires) are being threatened, and she doesn’t always show a lot of tact or restraint in her words. Lulaboth might be lazy, but she’s no coward, and those she flies with may occasionally be surprised at how fierce she can be when she puts her mind to it.

The Sapphire Eye Egg


The Sapphire Eye is one of those amazing eggs that comes along once in a while that everyone notices and the initial reaction is a soft ‘ooooh’ of approval. It’s not particularly fancy, nor is it patterned or sparkly or fluffy. What it does have going for it is the colour. It’s a bright, vibrant metallic sapphire, so blue it almost puts the gemstones of Ista to shame. It’s a beautiful colour, and it would be appealing even if there wasn’t a marking.

However there is.

The Sapphire Eye egg seems to be an egg within an egg, and the effect is one that will bemuse and befuddle a few people, but also enchant them. Candidates will line up to touch it, to smooth that warm shell and wonder at the dragon within. What could it be? Only time will tell.

Blue Teparith

Slightly smaller than average, this blue is built for flying. Even straight after hatching, somehow he’ll seem to bounce and then glide, or flutter a few paces before landing and bouncing again. He’s never tied to the ground, it seems almost like grounding him would be the most terrible of punishments for him. He’s lithe and kind of pointed, not knobbly as such, but his headknobs end in points, his toes do, his tail long and thin, his face too. If a dragon could look a little fae or elfin this one would. His hide is made up of all those bright blues splashed across his hide in strokes, like a painting. Teparith is clearly built for speed, and for agility, and judging by his physical make up, he’s going to be hard to beat in the air.

Sure enough Teparith is a natural flier, he’s born to be in the air. During those classes he will be a pro almost immediately and he will look forward to them as an opportunity to show off. Indeed the problem is that there isn’t an ounce of humility in Teparith; he’s full of childish overconfidence and braggartly self praise, something which is bound to annoy at least some of the people around him. It translates to his flying too. He flies with confidence, with the assurance that nothing can truly hurt him. Others may fall but that’s because they are them, and he is Teparith. To him fighting thread is a game, the best game, and he throws himself into it with a whoop and a laugh as he flames it. He doesn’t see it as a duty, or a responsibility, Teparith doesn’t even know what those are. To him this is fun, and life is meant to be fun.

He will bitterly resent people who try to shape him, or change him, or make him do something he doesn’t want to and he will resist change with every fibre of his being. Change is bad in his eyes, when people change, and grow up and be more responsible they are no longer fun. They do things because they have to, not because they love it. And they get all uptight about it too. Teparith is sure that this will never happen to him, and he is determined to make it so. And when he doesn’t like something he refuses to accept that it is a thing. His stubbornness will be legendary and he will be truly intractable should anyone try to force him to do something he simply does not want to do.

Despite his stubborn pride and vainglorious pursuit of fun, Teparith is a good sort really. He cares about his friends, he adores his rider, and he’s quite a charmer too. He will gather friends to him, needing that social aspect. After all you can’t play a game alone, and without anyone to admire you when you do something particularly awesome…where’s the fun in that! He’ll never be a romantic, the idea of being tied down to a green is quite horrifying to him, but he is charming. He simply can’t be tamed, and will love a great many greens, chasing and catching them and keeping it light and fun. He will be an expert at taking them along on fun little jaunts and games, trying to show them that they don’t need the serious stuff to live their lives to the fullest.

He will love stories, to hear tales of adventures and derring do, and he will particularly love hearing stories about himself. He will pester his rider to tell these tales for him, and maybe even some of the other dragons around him. If someone is a storyteller you can be sure that Teparith will be there, close by to listen to the tales. He will then relay them to his rider, or any friends who might be interested, with a bit of embellishment of course. This will often be a ritual before bed for them, him and his beloved rider. He will ask for…or tell stories himself until, eventually, he drifts off to sleep, to dream of the adventures the new day will bring.

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