Character type: Woodcrafter
Rank: Master
Age: 60
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual… but let’s just say he did some experimenting back in the day.

Basic Information

Dirhaut is a short man, wiry in his youth but now just skinny, chestnut-brown hair now gone grey. He’s craftbred, originally from a family of woodcrafters at Nerat, but was posted to Ista Weyr for a spell as a young journeyman, and fell in love with the place so much that he requested to stay. It’s probably more accurate to say that he fell in love with the lifestyle of the Weyr as much as he did its people; he’s a cheerful, easygoing sort who had a bit of a roving eye once upon a time, and the laidback, open-minded attitude of the Weyr suited him just fine. He’s loyal to the Weyr — perhaps even more-so because it’s his adopted home, he chose it and he’s happy to share his reasons for doing so with anyone who might ask — but, coming from a family of crafters, he’s also deeply loyal to his craftsman brethren and is quick to defend the rights of the tradesman. He’s a lot sharper than he initially appears, well-versed in craft policies and trade laws as they exist across the various Crafthalls and Holds, and occasionally makes himself both a help and a nuisance to the harpers when they’re called upon to mediate a dispute involving a crafter or a crafter’s work. He has a good eye for the market and confidence in the work he produces — both the solid, traditional work demanded of a Weyr-stationed crafter, and the light, airy wicker furniture so popular and unique to Ista and Nerat — and isn’t shy about adjusting his prices accordingly, though he has been known to give a nice discount to anyone who can trounce him at cards. Unfortunately, not many people can, and there’s more than one Istan gambler who owes Dirhaut a fair sum by now.

It’s a standing joke amongst the Weyr woodcrafters that Dirhaut never married because his journeymen have never managed to scour the lands and bring back a suitable bride for him (any time one of them courted a lady themselves he always pretended she was a candidate under his consideration), but the truth is he has always enjoyed his freedom and preferred to share his bed only whenever, and with whomever, he chose. Considering the joking that went on, it’s probably an unfortunate coincidence that, in recent turns, he finally seems to have come to a comfortable arrangement with a woman — the widow of one of his journeymen.

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