Character Type: Dragonrider
Rank: Wingrider
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual


With a wide, pleasant face and a head of dark red hair, Devella looks much more like her mother than her father. Only her brown eyes are any indication that she’s D’veld’s girl, and perhaps her height: for a girl she’s a little on the tall side topping off at 5’9. She’s very particular about her appearance and is rarely seen out of a fresh set of clothes, be it her uniform or something casual to lie about in. It’s equally rare to ever find her not cleaned up and out of the bath unless the person’s lucky enough to keep her for more than a minute after drills.



Devella is an incredibly pragmatic young woman who neither seeks nor believes that she deserves any special treatment; she is undoubtedly a frontrunner for equality among the genders. It’s easy for her to be seen as cold, abrasive, and stubborn, especially when she goes on at great length about her duty to the Weyr. She chooses to pull herself up by her bootstraps instead of rely on others — at least, nothing aside from the teamwork that forms the backbone of a Wing. Part of that stems from her father’s own tough nature, something that was rarely seen in her youth but left formidable impressions on her. It’s important to her that D’veld is proud of her and doesn’t see her as a burden, and by extension her brothers and her Weyr. She understands that the domain of dragonriding is still very much a man’s game, with the occasional female among the ranks, but from the moment she Impressed to Caeruth she has gone out of her way to show that she can pull her own weight. A lot of her behavior seems too mature for her, Turns beyond her age.

She has a penchant for being incredibly tomboyish but only by association. When she’s around the boys she gambles, smokes, and rough-houses, and she fully intends to join her fellows in nightly rounds of drink, all enjoyed in moderation of course. During most of these events she is content to play second fiddle and maintain whatever invisibility is given to her. She’s not one for the limelight.

Most would say that she’s given up any pretense of being feminine but she holds on to it in some aspects: she wears her hair at shoulder length, but braids it and tucks it into her cap for flying; she does have manners, and she knows how to use them; and though she knows it to be unlikely in her position, she does still have something of a motherly instinct and often entertains the idea of giving D’veld a grandchild or two. She is still fussy about her appearance to a point that could be described as anal retentive, going as far as to rise ahead of schedule to have plenty of time to prepare herself and get a fresh start on the day. As the wear and exhaustion of her day works her pristine appearance loose, she yearns more and more for a little R&R. There is little more that relaxes her than a nice bath after a long day of work.

Familiarity doesn’t come easily to her. She addresses everyone as they should be addressed, even her own father, who is never addressed as anything but “Wingleader” or “Sir”. In private, intimate company she may start to open up a little, but this is reserved for people who show the effort to want to be there. Flight partners don’t count. They’re treated the same as any other rider.

Towards those not of Ista she tries to be reasonably polite though sometimes her own stubborn Istan pride can shine through. Most times she acts like she has a chip on her shoulder, and she does. She doesn’t like the idea of needing assistance any more than any other like-minded Istan of the Weyr, but she tries to accept them and be grateful for their help, even those that don’t particularly want to be there.


Birthdate: 8.434.9.17

Being the daughter and the brother of dragonriders — not to mention growing up in the Weyr proper — Devella once believed, as a very young child, that she too was destined to follow in her family’s footsteps and Impress a dragon of her own. While she was not necessarily discouraged from the idea, she was raised to give a stronger eye towards more feminine pursuits, and from as early on as ten she was put to work in some form within the kitchens. She was happy to do it and never once complained about being pigeonholed into such a strong gender role. As far as she was concerned it was her part in Ista Weyr, something she had been raised to take pride in. Her father remained a distant yet strong part of her life but it was her mother who had the most influence, as she was a kitchen worker and had the most contact. By the age of twelve Impression had become only a distant dream in the earlier years of her life, something that was fun to dream about but not quite an achieveable goal. Instead, she chose to hope for her half-brothers, a hope that would pay off some Turns later.

Watching both S’verian and S’vero Impress renewed that dream of Impression in her mind. She was willing to give the hatching sands one shot, justifying it as fulfilling just a different kind of duty to the Weyr. If she failed, she would return to her life in the kitchens and continue pursuing her life as a drudge. As luck would have it, her one shot turned into the only shot she needed: one dapper young blue crossed the sands, announced his name quite loudly to her, and in doing so sealed her fate. She had entered those sands as just another girl of the Weyr and exited them as Devella, rider of blue Caeruth. Determined to show that she had the capability to keep up with not only her brothers but the other weyrlings of her class, Devella threw herself into her weyrlinghood 110%, concentrating more on making sure that she could do her dragon justice. Nine solid months passed without any serious incident, only the typical mistakes and fumbles of a young weyrling in training, much to Caeruth’s chagrin.

Sometime between nine and ten months, a date Devella would like to forget, Thread fell again over Ista Weyr, and as it did it swept over the Weyr like a plague. Her most vivid memories of those times are the loud keening of the dragons, and the sad, weeping faces of family and friends who had lost so many. She counts herself lucky enough that her family survived — not only her father, but her brothers as well — but she sympathizes with those who have lost. If that fateful time has taught her one thing, it’s that she needs to be absolutely and wholly prepared for when she and Caeruth are finally called on to fight Thread.


Grandfather: D'venkel, rider of Green Lidth
Grandmother: Thalda, Lower Caverns Worker, Cook
Father: D'veld, rider of bronze Menorth
Mother: Annva, kitchen worker (NPC/adoptable)
(Half) Brother: S'verian, rider of bronze Oteth
(Half) Brother: S'vero, rider of brown Pazrielth
(Half) Brother: D'koi, rider of brown Yorvandth
Aunt: Velladyn, rider of green Ivanoth
Aunt: Kevahni, Harper/Dragonrider (adoptable)
"Uncle": R'fan, rider of bronze Ronageth

R'thriel, rider of bronze Gavilth; loves him like she would a brother
Zeff, rider of blue Murumbith; kind of wary of her, finds her lazy and inappropriate
Annaca, rider of blue Colstenth; grew up with her, possibly the closest thing she has to a friend

Devella’s Dragon: Blue Caeruth

Dragon Name: Caeruth
Colour: Blue
Age: 4
Weyr of Origin: Ista


Diminutive for a blue, yet sleek and elegant; Caeruth hatched straight from his egg as a gangly dragon who seemed comprised mostly of limbs, and as an adult that look has matured into a body built for speed. He flies swifter and is more manueverable than many dragons of his color, even greens, despite the great length of his wings. His wingspan is awkwardly large in proportion to his frame and has forced him to learn to fly specifically to utilize them efficiently. In total his wings are greater in length than his body from nose to tail-tip. He suffers no direct penalty for it but requires more care and attention from his wingmates.

The dominant color of his hide is a dark slate blue and has a series of darker, jagged stripes running horizontally down his back from the top of his head to the very tip of his tail. The sails of his wings are lacking these stripes and instead look as though each sail has been carefully dipped in lighter, powder blue paint.

He is incredibly accurate with his flame and is quite adept at controlling it. This is a real source of pride for him that he loves to show off whenever he has the opportunity.


Incredibly prim, polite, and just a touch haughty, Caeruth is a dragon with a lot of pride in himself and dignity, a beast who shows more humanity than one would expect of him. Everything he does comes with an air of propriety that seems entirely unnecessary for a dragon: he eats slowly and politely, making as little mess as possible; he refuses to sleep on any dirty surface (it took Devella quite some time to convince him to sleep on his own ledge); and Faranth forbid the topic of mating flights should ever be discussed. While he cannot avoid his own instincts and does fly with some regularity, the details of which are never, ever discussed, not even in broad strokes, nor does he spend time to cuddle and get to know the lucky green after. Such things are well beneath his dignity.

His influence has spread over to Devella just a touch. Though his rider has always been a little fussy about her appearance and her work ethic, Caeruth never hesitates to let her know when she’s slacking in some way. This is most often something to do with his baths — Caeruth can never be too clean — but it also extends to other aspects of her life: even while doing something as simple as sitting around in the dining hall, this blue loves to chime in with a few quick notes about the situation, ever curious about the world around him. Like all dragons he means well for his rider and wants to see her succeed in every way, so he goes out of his way to help her however he can, even if sometimes he comes across as a little snotty.

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