Character Type: Healer
Rank: Jr. Apprentice
Age: 15ish (8.438ish)
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Uncertain

Basic Information

Dersal originally wanted to be a Healer. His plans changed shortly after he arrived in the barracks, at First Fall. He might have shifted in that direction eventually, as puberty has shot him both up and out, and he’s growing into quite the massive human being. Sudaje is encouraging him to take up surgery as a specialization focus (not everyone can handle draconic amputations) but for now he’s just awkward, ungainly Dersal, unsure in a body that’s growing way too fast.

He has an inferiority complex. He’s OBVIOUSLY the second-best, unceremoniously picked up after Sudaje’s old apprentice Impressed blue Nezenth. He knows that he was the second best, after the cream of the crop was taken out of the running. It doesn’t help that he struggles to learn the material, struggles to keep manage his daily schedule. Seinah’s been covering for him, helping him study, helping him manage his time. He’s not looking forward to her walking the tables. He’s not sure what’s worse- being the sole apprentice, being the senior apprentice and managing another, or having a better apprentice completely outshine him.

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