Name: Dellica
Nickname: Dell
Character type: Healer
Rank: Junior Apprentice
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference: Still figuring things out.


Dellica is hard to miss, being unusually tall for a young woman (she always has been). She stands taller than most of the girls (and many of the boys) around her, at 5 foot 10 inches. She is a bit self-conscious about her height, though some of that has abated over the years. Instead of being thin and waif-like, she has grown into her generous curves and has a real solid build (which she has inherited from her smith father). Her brothers tease her about how she is built like a smith, but she did not want to mess up her hair, which is how she ended up joining the Healingcraft.

She would consider her long, wavy, russet-coloured hair to be her best (and favourite) feature about herself. It was the one feature from her younger teen days which remained beautiful while she felt awkward, clumsy and not particularly feminine. Her facial features are strong, but not obtuse and she looks quite pretty, especially when she smiles. She has pale, clear skin, like most Telgari, and light blue eyes.


Dellica has adapted to Ista and its ways quite well; better than most Outsiders due to her having lived at Ista since she was a child. She is not outwardly affected when people still refer to her as an Outsider (due to her Telgari features she still stands out), but it still stings as she feels more Istan than Telgari. Having come from a male-dominated family, she is no stranger to being treated differently and is not as bothered by the obvious sexism of the Infirmary as some of the other girls, like Kerya. She is generally an easy-going sort of person, but that is not to say she is not bothered by the fact that Senior Journeyman Braughan calls her "Man-Tits" (which seems to have stuck among some of the apprentices). Having been craftbred, she understands well that sometimes being an apprentice is hard, and that is just how it is — when you are at the bottom of the totem pole, you take your lumps, do the worst chores and get the worst rotations, and yes, take a lot of insults, but it is all just to make you stronger, right?

She is a level-headed young lady who tries very hard to be respectful and patient and roll with the punches, and knows better than to backtalk senior staff; it is more trouble than it is worth… and she hates to get in trouble. Dellica is the type who is wounded more by the disappointment of her masters than by any tangible punishment, and she is known as a dutiful apprentice with good grades, who usually only gets in trouble when one of her peers irritates her into slipping up. No matter what Kerya might say, Dellica is not a pushover (especially not with her fellow apprentices), and no matter how much she tries to keep herself above petty squabbling, someone eventually manages to provoke her into snapping back.

She is very concerned with what her superiors think of her and she always wants to make a good impression.
She has a close bond with her family (yes, even her annoying older brothers), and that bond is important to her. Her family is very proud she had become a healer, something she has wanted to do ever since she found out her mother was ill (she wanted to be able to help others who were afflicted like her mother). Her mother has been an in-and-out infirmary patient for turns now, and so she is known by a lot of the staff, and always asks Master Paskam to please take care of her Dell.


Dellica’s family are Hallbred, originally coming from the Smithcrafthall at Telgar. Her journeyman father asked to be reassigned somewhere warmer due to his wife's poor health. Her mother had never been the picture of good health (she was a small, frail woman whose lungs never seemed to get the proper amount of air). After four pregnancies, her body became weaker, and raising three boisterous boys, taking care of an equally boisterous husband, her mother was not always well enough to be a proactive figure in her life. And so, her father had put in for a transfer to the warmer climate of Ista on recommendation of their GP at Telgar).


Mother: Unnamed
Father: Unnamed Journeyman, Smith
Siblings: 3 unnamed brothers


Lovers: None currently

Enemies: Kerya

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