Character type: Candidate
Rank: Candidate
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual


Lean but already athletically-toned, Davilion is filling out a little more with each passing Turn. He has a long face, with a straight nose and wide mouth, light brown skin and dark brown eyes. A dimple creases his right cheek when he smiles — and he smiles often. His brown hair is a bit coarse and has a hint of curl to it, but he keeps it quite short so that it stays out of his eyes and off his neck, where he tends to sweat a lot during his frequent outdoor adventures. In dress he favors bright colors, and he has a small weakness for jewelry — nothing fancy or ostentatious or “too much” for a guy, just a hemp necklace here or a small simple bracelet there.


Davilion is proud to be who he is, and he has a remarkably keen sense of who is is for someone so young. He’s Istan weyrbred, first and foremost, which is entirely different than being Istan holdbred or anything else. While he has no real problem with holdbred folks, well, there’s still a little something special about having dragonriding bred into your blood and bones, right? (He conveniently overlooks the fact that his own father was holdbred. No, he was born in the Weyr and his mother has a long family history at Ista Weyr, so he is different — and his father agrees and reinforces the notion. Whatever genetic anomaly or quirk-of-brain that made Dad suitable to dragons was clearly passed on. Clearly.) He’s healthy, known among his agemates as an athlete to be reckoned with, and he’s a bit cocky about his abilities on the field in whatever game they might be playing. He’s outgoing and social, unafraid to approach or reach out to people, but not always understanding of or respectful of the personal space of people who prefer to have more of it. Why would anyone want to be /alone/, or be afraid to just talk? He can’t fathom it. C’mon, shy kid, you can be on his team — he’ll teach you how to play if you don’t know.

Obviously he’s an active young man, and he honestly enjoys being busy and having something to do. Of course, if given the choice he’d prefer keeping active with sports or games or an activity of his own choosing, but work is still better than having nothing to do at all! He gets bored and restless easily, so it’s just as well that there are chores and lessons and sometimes homework to fill up his days. He’s an early riser, shows up for class or work on time, and is good at getting a lot done in a little bit of time even while carrying on a full conversation or two at the same time. He’d be flabbergasted (and a little offended) if anyone suggested that he’s a workaholic or something crazy like that — no, of course not, he just likes doing things! If you’re going to be stuck doing chores or crafts all afternoon, after all, may as well try to enjoy them.

That same impatience that leads him to stay active, though, tends to permeate everything he does. He finds it hard to wait for anything, and tends to leap in without thinking. Saving his marks, for instance, is something he just can’t seem to do — it just burns a hole in his pocket,the very knowledge that he has it leading him to look for a reason to spend it as soon as possible. Sometimes he does things just for the thrill of it, sometimes he doesn’t look beyond his own selfish needs. There’s a certain sense of entitlement in him that sometimes leads him to disregard how people around him might be affected by his actions. He’s special — and special doesn’t mean destined for bronze, or holding rank someday necessarily. It just means being Davilion,and being damned good at it.


Birthdate: 07.24

Davilion’s history starts back before he was born — before he was even thought of, in fact — in a place that he’s never personally been and doesn’t care to go. The man who would someday become his father was, back then, just a ragged little dock-dwelling urchin at Red Sands Hold. Davinain’s parents were unmarried and his mother was not his father’s only “girl”; dad was a sailor who spent the vast majority of his time at sea and the cast majority of his port-time drinking and cavorting away the marks he’d made on the job. Davinain’s mother worked in the hold kitchens and, despite constantly complaining about her baby-daddy’s low-life ways and lack of support of her and her two children by him, was nonetheless all over him when he was in port (at least when she wasn’t entertaining a different boyfriend of the moment). And Davinain, well… he grew up as such children often do: left to his own devices far too often, out of lessons more often than he was in them (what good was history and music going to do a future scullery boy or ship’s grunt?), and generally destined for a brutal and early introduction to his father’s life by way of being picked up as a cabin boy for one of the less-reputable ships in port.

As it turned out, life had something different in mind for Davinain. One turn during a chillier-than-usual, storm-ridden winter on the northern tip of Ista Island, Ista Weyr came on Search. It was a rare enough occurrence during the Interval that everyone paused in their work to watch curiously as the Hold’s children lined up for inspection; even the dirty dock brats came running, suspicious but unable to resist the opportunity to offer themselves to become someone special. Of them all, the dragons only chose one: Davinain. His father wasn’t even in port to see it; his mother, whom he hadn’t actually seen in three days at that point as he rarely went home anymore, seemed surprised that her permission was even asked. (“A formality,” the dashing bluerider explained with a tip of his helmet to her and a smile like a fox.) She gave it — how could she not, if it would get at least one kid out of her hair — and Davinain was off.

Davinain ultimately Impressed a fine Istan green — and while that was certainly a defining point in his life, there was so much more to it that he can’t even properly articulate. He came to love the Weyr; not just the bounty and privilege it provided him, but the sense of purpose and camaraderie. For the first time in his life, he was someone he could be proud of, and he hadn’t even realized he needed that until he became one. (Maybe, given time, he’d have found that same sense of belonging with a ship’s crew, but since he never made it that far, he naturally assumes not.) Even better, D’nain could ensure that any children he had would be taken care of, and grow up educated and surrounded by good people with a good purpose. It might not be marks coming out of his own pocket, but it was care bought with the blood, sweat, and tears of himself and his green, and that was nearly the same thing!

And so this is how Davilion came into the world: weyrborn to a weyr-proud greenrider father and an Istan crecheworker mother, raised alongside the Weyr’s other brats, fed and educated in a way that his father never had been. D’nain remained active in his son’s life — while no stranger to working father absenteeism himself, he also remembered how the expectation of a father’s attention had always been there while growing up in the Hold, and vowed to be that father-figure in his son’s life even if he couldn’t be there all the time. His boy, his Davilion, was special — something and someone who had the opportunity and tools to be great from the moment of his birth — while he himself was only an incredibly lucky bastard who’d caught the eye of a beautiful green lady warrior. D’nain swears he isn’t selling himself short. He knows how important his role is at Ista, and takes great pride in it. It’s just that, well, Davilion will surely do so much more, be so much greater, no matter what color he Impresses — and that’s what he imparted to his son from the moment the two could communicate with one another.

It’s no wonder, then, that Davilion grew up strong and confident, maybe a little cocky. He held his own among the other weyrbrats as a child, and joined the majority of them in candidacy as soon as he turned 12. Of course like many confident boys he has vague notions of Impressing bronze and becoming a real mover-and-shaker in the Weyr, but then he reminds himself: he’s going to be a mover-and-shaker no matter what dragon he ends up with. Just try and stop him.



Father: D’nain, greenrider
Mother Taliona, crecheworker

Halfsibs: TBD

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